Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 1 almost complete!

It's been a great week .. a deliciously tiring, productive week! So much more on the horizon! :)

Our summer fit is going perfectly so far!  We have eased in, enjoyed some together time without over doing it.  The girls have completed all their mind exercises, be it thru math questions or english of some sort.  They have been introduced to new things (kind of nice to be the one to introduce things), and have been enthusiastic throughout the entire week.

Tuesday we spent the day with the Squires and Yorke family.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had a wonderful afternoon full of swimming, snacking and amazing company.  My girls reached some amazing milestones with regards to their swimming too .. both jumped off the diving board and slid down a huge slide for the first time.  A couple hours later, they were peeling off their life jackets and taking on the deeper waters with no fear.  I hate to admit it .. but I think I may have been the one holding them back a little with mommy fear ... they can now officially swim quite nicely!  LOL

Alexa and Mommy!
This pic cracks me up ... the timing is hilarious .. if you know Katie .. you'll get why .. WINK!
Beautiful Riley and Kasey! 
I couldn't believe how well Kayleigh swam all on her own!
My sweet friend Katie
Gabe .. Angelina's new BFF!
First time on a diving board!
Really tried getting Alexa on her fave .. the slide!
Beautiful water ,,,,, HEAVEN!
The group of us here taking in the rays and water!
Amazing shot!

So as you can see .. SO MUCH FUN! 

Wednesday we took it somewhat easy .. we were all dragging from so much sun the day before, and some rain showers made us feel a little lazy, so we indulged in some tele, Wii but not before we danced our rear ends off while cleaning our main floor. We also got on the floor and did many leg scissors which I am still feeling .. think I overdid it on my hip flexors (I have to remember I am not a young in shape soldier anymore) .. LOL

Thursday we had a impromtu date with my friend and neighbour Manon.  She treated us to a breakie and the girls had hair cuts.  We stopped at the book market and the girls picked up a couple of books for their summer reading!  Alexa picked up two goosebump novels by RL Stein, and we read the first chapter together last night (I can't believe her reading right now .. BLOWS ME AWAY)!

Today we are prepping for Angelina's B-day party tomorrow.  Our Summer fit takes us on an Honesty lesson (part of the values aspect).  I think we will engage in an open dialogue about "crying wolf", and how honesty makes you feel better about yourself, and makes you a good person.  We'll see where things go!

One thing I have added to their books, is everyday if they have done a chore or were exceptionally behaved, helped me out etc .. I have written it on the top of the page.  For every entry they receive, they get a quarter for their piggy banks.  This way if they wish to make additional purchases, they are learning the value of earning, and saving for something.

I can HONESTLY say (LOL) that there will be a trip to Dairy Queen on Sunday!  The girls have worked hard and are off to an amazing start to their summer! :)  As a mom, it's been so amazing spending this time with them and we have so much more planned!  I have been watching my eating and drinking more water as well ... just trying to live healthier!  BABY STEPS!



Anonymous said...

Love the pics and so glad you all had a great time...gotta plan another swim day!

Kataroo said...

you guys are going to have healthy minds and bodies and bond as a family. I love this.

PS. I think the unflattering pic of me diving must be payback for all the years of the 'jewelry dress' teasing...dang karma;s a bitch :) LOL

Great post keep them coming :)

HeatherFeather said...

This book series sounds great! Way to go Mom!!! Perfect summer week in my opinion, minus all the leg scissors..... ;) The pool party looked like a blast!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun in that beautiful pool. Man, I wish I had a pool. No, maybe I don't. If I had one then I would have to get a bathing suit and they scare me. Bad enough I wore one pregnant.

Mellisa said...

i love that you are exercising your minds as well as your bodies. what a great start to the summer. and the pool. aaaah the pool. *slobber* oh how I miss mine. looks like you had a blast at Rosa's.