Thursday, August 13, 2009

I forgot what 5am looked like!

YAWN! Well the alarm woke me at 0515 so John could get up, and I just couldn't fall back asleep. So I got up and enjoyed a coffee with my hubby, saw him off and then made some oatmeal muffins as a surprise for the girls when they wake up!

I forgot how much I enjoyed this time of the day. When I was working we were out of the house by 0630-0645, and I loved the serenity of the community, the smell of the air, the chirping of the birds, and the play of the squirrels. I sat on my back step this morning and just delighted in all those senses... it was bliss!

Soon enough the kids will be back to school and the rush of morning won't let me enjoy these few minutes of serenity (unless I set my alarm a few minutes earlier ... which in the fall I may do) .. so I will enjoy them while I can!

I can't tell you really just how happy my heart is right now! I am so blessed!

So today is the library (we watched National Geographic yesturday as opposed to going to the library, so I have a ton of knitting books to pick up), a play date at the splash pad with Katie and her girls (it's suppose to be high 20's.. feels like mid 30's), then after that come home and chances are John will already be home, and get a yummy homemade supper of fish and chips with corn on the cob! YUM YUM YUM! HEEHEE

In the meantime I have been meaning to post some pics and some videos of the summer.. so here they are!

Angie really loved her cousin Cyd .. although once Cyd left here, I can't say the feeling was mutual ... LMAO However, here are some sweet pics of the girls snuggling while looking at the laptop .. and then Angie sleeping, and then .. well.. Cyd joining her! LOL

Oh and here are a few more of the Go Kart race track from EastPark in London! SO MUCH FUN!

Angie and Mommy getting ready to burn rubber and beat Daddy and Alexa! LOL

Alexa and Daddy!

Last for now .. and certainly not least ... this one is for Laurie!



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey all! Now that I have some time to blog I have to get this baby rolling! LOL

So my niece left on Sundays with their dad and Oma! Angie has recooped (she had a virus that left canker sores in her mouth), and all is less crazy!

So starts my first week as a SAHM! It has been heavenly! I have said screw the hard housework until the girls go back to school, and have been focusing all my time on them! Between trips to the local library, grocery shopping, park playing, general tidy in the house, back to school workbooks to get them back on school mode (and make the summer to school transition easier for them), cooking healthy meals and homemade everything, laughing and general play with the girls ... I am so tuckered at night, that I gladly leave the bedtime routine to John. With so little to do at night cuz I do it throughout the day, our family time has been an absolute treasure!

Today I am registering the girls in their swimming lessons and I think Alexa is going to do an activity called "Razzle Dazzle Pom Dancing" (at the community center 2 min walk away from my home), and Angelina is going to do a "Chefs R Us" as she is loving helping me with meals and baking! So that'll fill up some time in the fall and up until Xmas and then we'll likely continue with swimming and they can choose another activity to do in the winter! The ages that they are at right now is so much fun .. and while they are in classes I can run a few errands! I have also decided to do all these activities during the week. As Ang is only in half days, afternoon Sr K, we can do her activities in the weekday mornings, and Alexa early evening (means a later supper). This way our weekends are free to do as we like! Last year was a bummer cuz all the classes were on Saturdays, so we didn't get much done .. So we;ll try this out and see how it goes!

I have decided to take a couple of classes myself ... probably in the winter I will take a sewing class, and in the fall I am planning on signing up for a Floral workshop, and a seminar on healthy lunches. Just to get me out of the house and socializing and meeting new people too!

So that is pretty much it on the news ... I have a playdate with Katie and her family tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it! I am looking forward to hooking up with Karen and Dorrie sometime too! Man this summer is just passing by so quick huh? LOL

Have a great one!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Angelina is seriously missing her surrogate mommy! I am missing my dear friend! Hurry home Laurie!

OINK OINK OINK! LMAO I hope this made your day .. !!!!!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


My gal pal Lucy Chesna owns this awesome blog called My Sketch World. She has turned that awesome blog into an awesome Community called My Sketch World. Lucy and her DT are hosting a fun filled ABC SUMMER CROP!

Come on out and join us for some fun challenges and some games, and some good times! I have known Lucy for a few years now, and she has never let me down!

See You THERE!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Internet Findings - This one is for you Steph! LOL

I know that my girl Steph loves these posts and since it's been so long since I have done one, I am dedicating this one to her! LOVE YOU BABE!

Before I begin, it's not one of the happiest days in the Tops residence. Cody is as I type flying home to Halifax... everyone is a little heartbroken! I am glad my nieces are still here for the week to soften to blow for my little girls, but I have a hubby who's pretty down and out right now. If you know my John, you know he doesn't get down and out all that much! I imagine it'll be somewhat of a somber day, but we'll survive. I'll post some funnies in some future posts to highlight some of the happy's we did have together! LOL

So I haven't been scrapping but I have been knitting up a storm! I made this shawl for me to wear in the fall .... it was so much fun to make! The yarn was so soft and colourful! Here are a couple of pics of it!

Some up close look at the stitching!

Found this awesome recipe for an avocado salad! YUMMILICIOUS!

Bad Girls August Kit has been revealed! The name is "Le Rue de Paris"
and here are the pics!

My fave is the bird cage .. oh and the colours of the entire kit and the shabbiness! I can't wait to see the projects that are suggested with the kit! EEEEEKKKKK!

I have decided to scrap my arse off for the month of August ... and get my money's worth of the Lifetime Moments Summer Scrapfest ... LOL I have done horribly this summer so far, and I always look forward to these challenges! So this month I am aiming for 15 LO's! Chant with me .. YOU CAN DO IT! LMAO

I've decided that Laurie has spent enough time in Winnipeg and I need her to come home! MAN I MISS MY GIRL! LOL I am also sending her HUGE CYBER HUGS cuz I am really happy that she had some great news to share! MMMMMMMWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAA Babe!

August Page Maps can be found here!

I came across this site called BookDaily. You get to read the first chapter of new releases, classics and everyday books. Then you can decide whether you would be interested in reading it. I have added so many books to my library request list because of this site. They do give you the option to buy the book, but seeing as I live in cheapville errrr smartville (LOL) now, I don't buy them anymore! I put my big girl panties on and learn patience and waiting for the availability from the library! LOL

So this past week has been a big one in the scrapping world! CHA Summer 09 in Orlando Florida! I have some stuff preordered already, and I thought I'd post some of the yummy's that have just been released!

Let's start with my fave manufacturer EVER!


Can you say OH MY! Steph are ya droolin babycakes??? LOL I SURE AM!

Here is some new BASIC GREY!








How about a lil MAYA ROAD?







I can go on and on and maybe will post a few more in some upcoming posts, but I think that is enough for now! LOL

Katie has been busy scrapping up a storm (no surprise Have a look here!

Steph got her Basic Grey LO put on the Basic Grey site! CONGRATS GIRL! Here are copies of her latest work too ... YUMMY!

Katie we so have to make this this month with the girls ..... HOMEMADE SIDEWALK CHALK! The instructions are here!

Well I am all blogged out for now! I think I have left ya with some good reads! LOL I am looking forward to getting back to normal and establishing a routine with my family! I'll be making my blog part of that routine too!