Monday, April 30, 2007

Running around.... feeling very anxious

Okay just had to stop and take a deep breath... I woke this morning in Angelinas bed with her poking me in the face. You see she has been having little "panic attacks" at night. Like she wakes up and realizes I am not around and then starts to cry hard. I guess she is going thru her own adjustments too, and worried that I am going to leave again. It's taking it's toll on me though, the past couple of nights I have spent with her, and while it's okay for now, it's going to get quite exhausting.
So up this morning, coffee made, John at work and I am home alone with the girls. I forgot how overwhelming being a full time mother can be. Now I am not complaining as there is no other job in the world that I would like... but I guess it's just that I have a to do list the length of a football field and with them home with me... nothing can get accomplished.

So after a couple of hours getting some computer stuff done, I start getting the shakes and realize that I need to eat. Fed the kids and forgot about myself this morning. Off I make lunch, manage to get a pan of Rice krispie Squares made, was at the door to receive the 5 boxes I mailed home to myself, my house looks like a bomb went off, I am still in my jammies, and my kids are fighting... a little unlike my time in ALert me

I think today I just need to take a deep breath, make peace that I will not get much accomplished, play with the kids and eat some Rice Krispies Squares. I know they are going to their sitter and back to their routine for the rest of the week. I can get things done then!

Still I feel overwhelmed and anxious.... hope this doesn't last long!

On a fun note here is the pic that my sitter took of my family reunion..


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday Morning findings...

Good morning. I am once again indulging in my morning coffee ritual. I love that I can surf the net and not have to wait for the slow speed of Alert. I also don't have someone asking for their turn to use the computer either. Did I ever mention that I hate sharing my computer?? LOL

Okay... here we go Saturday findings!
1 - Ali Edwards has this mini project on her blog that I just fell in love. I seem to be scrapping mini albums as of late. I just can't get enough of them. It also takes care of the mass of pics that I take per occasion and regardless of if they are good pics or not feel the need to scrap them anyways.....LOL This is a transparency mini album... just gorgeous. If you want a copy of the intructions I have saved them to a word document and can e-mail them to you!!!

2 - HURRY HURRY.... Blueprints has a call out based on a wack of sketches.... They just added four more last minute. You can find the sketches here .... the due date is 30 Apr 07.

3 - I found this mini project on the Around the block blog ...... how absolutely fun... my girls would go nutso for these. This is even easy enough for them to try themselves... may be a bit... errrrr distressed and texturized that shown here but fun just the same. LOL Good way to use up those scraps!!!!

You can find the instructions here ... or again you can e-mail me and let me know if you want the word doc that I have saved!!!

4 - CELEBRATE MOM challenge by KI Memories

5 - Effer dare #65

6 - I love puzzles and mind bogglers.. I especially love BRAINGLE I love getting their daily puzzle. Here is todays.
Title: T M C
Category: Rebus
Can you decipher the following common phrase?

Find the answer here...
7 - Doesn't this look absolutely refreshing? I love Rachael Ray and the recipies she comes up with. If you haven't checked out her site. do yourself a favour and be sure to take some time to do it. In the meantime, you find the receipe for this yummy looking drink here... ENJOY!

"Life doesn't make any sense, and we all pretend it does. Comedy's job is to point out that it doesn't make sense, and that it doesn't make much difference anyway. " Eric Idle

Jenni Bowlin that is.... she is killin me here. These are the papers in her May kit... Oh Katie you lucky duckie... you're gonna make some awesome pages of Kayleigh with these. I am trying not to bite the bullet....LOL

10 - Becky Fleck is making an online stop over at Memories from Scrap, a site that my girl Lucy owns. Be sure to check it out 02 May 07 at 2100 EST and stop in for a chat!
11 -
My scrap friends are at it again. Di and Lucy have been working together on sketches and ideas. Here is their latest creation. For you digi scrappers you can find the digital templates here... Be sure to give credit where credit is due!

12 - I LOVE SCRAPSCENE...nuff said

13 - On it's way to me is the
SUGAR DADDY "Kewl" Kit from
3 Scrappy Boys... OMG I am so excited to get this.... here is the list of what I am getting DROOOOOOLLLL
12 sheets Fancy Pants pattern paper
6 sheets Bazzill Cardstock
3 Heidi Swapp x-tra large Butterfly Ghost Shapes
1 pc Fancy Pants Biggest Board Chipboard (styles will vary per kit)
1 sheet Fancy Pants Rubons
6 Heidi Swapp Writer's Block Circles (styles will vary per kit)
Kewl Ribbon
Heidi Swapp "Play" Clear Word Stamp
Creative Imaginations Gift Card Holder
3 Scrappy Boys Exclusive Stamp Set
Around the Block Shrinkee Alphas
Autumn Leaves French Twist Buttons
Heidi Swapp Bling Crowns
14 - I love taking little quizzes and tests at TICKLE
15 - Playing on my computer right now is Bob Seger... his voice his so sexy and his songs make me feel tingly all over... Time to jump my hubbies bones again!! LOL
Over and OUT!!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Yes it's true... I am home... I am so HAPPY, my heart is just bursting. My babies look go great, and even the past 6 weeks I have seen a difference. My husband did such a great job on his own and I couldn't be prouder of him! The smell of spring is in the air...... which is one of my all time fave things in the world. NO

I am now having my morning coffee and cause it was made in my pot, by my hands (and it's snobby expensive it tastes like the sweetest most yummilicious cup of coffee I have ever had!!!! My sitter Henny made me my fave lemon loaf as a welcome home treat, and matched with my snooty coffee, who needs sex...LOL

Speaking of SEX.... NAH...I won't go there... BAHAHAHAHAHA

I spoke with my mom yesturday and will be spending a few days together in the upcoming weeks as I am off until 14 May. My daddy gave me a welcome home call last night that made my heart just soar. I spoke with my MIL and her voice made me smile and feel warm. Of course I spoke with MY MELLY last night and I can't wait to give her a big hug!!!

Today we are heading out and going SHOPPING... a novelty that I truely missed. I have used the bathroom in my house.... and I used soft TP... BAHAHAHAHA ... until you have tried the standard military TP don't tease me...LMAO Wink.

My fave thing so far though... is sitting on my lazy boy last night, with both my girls on my lap, laughing and joking and snuggling.

Doesn't get any better than that!!!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well tomorrow is the BIG DAY! I am pretty much all packed, my room is so bare. My replacement is on her own and now it's just a matter of time.

We are leaving tomorrow morning at 0500... so I'll be up around 0330.. YUCK but hey I am coming home and can sleep on the plane! There is rumour however that we may be leaving today and spending the night in Greenland after all. I'd like my last night to be here with my friends...

John is meeting me in Trenton, and then we are spending the night. Leaving early Thursday to go and get my babies!

So this will be my last post on here until I am home safe and sound. Send me happy plane vibes


Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's a GREAT DAY!!!

Well it's Sunday and life is grand!!!! I am out of here in 3 days, by the end of today all my stuff will be packed up and I will be wrapping the stuff that needs to go thru CP. My replacement is here, she has been here before so the handover is going very smoothly. we are also great friends which makes things absolutely that much easier. LOL

I am surfing, checking e-mail and here is the list of what tickled my fancy today!

1 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY YAYA STEPH.... you get more beautiful each and every day my sweetie. I'll luv ya always!!! I hope your b-day is full of love and happiness... and of course some FREAKY DEAKY..LOL
I miss you girl, and look forward to getting together and celebrating our YAYA I am off for a couple of weeks when I get home so we'll have to go to that PITA place and have lunch together again!


2 - Do you love Digi Scrapping? I must admit that i have downloaded a bunch of freebie kits but never really learned how to use them. I am sure I would prefer the old fashioned paper, embellishment, messy route, but something intrigues me about digital. Maybe it's the way to go when I am feeling lazy and not wanting to lug all my srap stuff out. But let's be honest.. ig that were the case I'd be a digi scrapper only...LOL anyways I was surfing my fave blogs and came across my girlfriend DI HICKMAN blog. Her latest entry was a review of the website
SHABBY PRINCESS , where you'll find a great assortment of digi kits for sale and for free. You can read her review here .

3 - So those of you that know MY MELLY know how talented she is! So she has posted her latest creation... this is it!! My jaw literally dropped when I saw this. First of all, it's just plain ole amazing... secondly these are colours I never see her use. I am not 100% on what technique she used to texturize this LO but you can rest assured that I will find out. I bet this looks even more gorgeous IRL! Mellisa has this thing about not submitting.... let's nag her to death and see if we can get her to change her INSERT EVIL SMILIE.. Luvs ya girl!!

4 - When I first started scrapping. K&Company was by far my absolute fave company. I loved the papers, the embellishments and of course their albums. Then I got tired of there stuff and ventured off to other companies. Well now I have gone back and am once again admiring K&Coy. I just purchased this album...
K-Ology Hannah 12x12, and must say I am shopping for more K&Coy products!

5 - It seems it's not just scrapbooking that Katie excels at. This woman is creative talent thru and thru. She made a felt bead necklace... find it here
6 - I came across this, surfing. It's experiments to try with your kids. A little over the top for my girls but Cody will be with us soon enough and these are fun things we can so together. Check it out here

7 - I am shopping today at one of my fave e-bayers. She is in the US (Chicago to be exact) but her shipping prices are always fair. I guess I am loyal if I get good customer service. I rarely get hit with customs too. She is Craftfancy

8 - One of my fave newsletters if Splitcoast Stampers. I love all the different techniques and creative ideas for card making there. if you haven't subbed, you may want to consider it!

9 - 10 Things to do this weekend..... if you're bored, check out these fun family ideas!!!

10 - What a great saying.... enjoy!
Life Lessons
"Until we learn whichever life lesson we're meant to at the time --Self-acceptance, self-determination, self-discipline, self-esteem,self-forgiveness, self-interest, self-knowledge, self-respect,self-sufficiency or self-worth -- our lessons will keep coming back to us."*
-Sarah Ban Breathnach*

11 - DRRRRROOOOOOOLLLLLLLL.. OMG How yummy does this look???
I got this from Weight Watchers site.. Here is the recipie...

POINTS® Value: 2Servings: 8Preparation Time: 35 minCooking Time: 0 minLevel of Difficulty: Moderate

1 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 tsp lime zest
1/2 tsp sugar
1 cup cooked brown rice, chilled
1 avocado, cut into chunks
3 Tbsp fat-free mayonnaise
2 tsp fresh lime juice
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1/4 tsp table salt
8 piece lettuce, large romaine leaves, split in half lengthwise and center ribs removed
1 small yellow pepper(s), cut into very thin strips
6 oz lump crab meat
1 1/2 cup cilantro, about 16 fresh leaves

Stir vinegar, lime zest and sugar into chilled rice.
Place avocado, mayonnaise, lime juice, cayenne pepper and salt in a food processor; blend until smooth.
Spread equal amounts of avocado mixture onto lettuce leaves; spoon about 1 tablespoon rice mixture over each leaf and spread it to 1 inch from end. Place 3 or 4 pepper strips down centre of each leaf; roll up and secure with a toothpick. Top each with 1 small piece of crabmeat and a cilantro leaf. Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. Yields 2 spring rolls per serving.
Well that is about all for now. Have to get packing.. Happy reading!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


That my replacement is HERE!!!!!!!! OH YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!

She's also been here before so the handover will not have to be crazy!

Please do a Happy Plane dance for me.... regardless if she is here or not next week I am gettin on the plane. Even if I have to be strapped down to the wing... BAHAHAHAHAHA


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

S'mores Cupcakes

I came across these while surfing the net... OH MY they look yummy.. Sorry girls.. I know we are suppose to be good but I couldn't resist!! LMAO!!!! Here is the recipie!!!!!!!

Any kind of chocolate cupcake recipie

1 lb. (4 sticks) butter, room temperature1 lb. (2 cups) confectioner's sugar1/2 tsp. vanilla16 oz. tub of marshmallow cream . Cream the butter on high until it's light and fluffy. Add the confectioner's sugar, 1/4 cup at a time, and beat until fluffy each time. Beat in the vanilla until incorporated. Then dump in the Fluff and mix it up 'til it's all creamy. Transfer to pastry bag (if desired) and pipe onto cupcakes! (You can also cut the corner off a Ziploc bag and use that instead.) The tops are dusted with graham cracker crumbs, and each cupcake is topped with a square of Hershey's chocolate.

Recipie curtosy of this blog


Sunday, April 15, 2007

I so wanna

Well seeing as my last few entries and have been on the rather somber side I thought I'd post happy happy today!! LOL

I SO WANNA SCRAP.... but all my stuff is now boxed up and sent home. I have been knitting my second scarf, and have a X-stitch that I am working on, just to passs the time. I think I'll do some sketches too so I am that much closer to putting a page or two together when I get home!


1. Page Maps is hosting a one year anniversary sketch contest. Starts 15 Apr 07 and ends 23 May 07. That gives everyone lots of time to get it done. HHHMMMM maybe even me!! LOL Details are here

2. Found this quote today and I love it
"Love is a fruit in season at all times,and in reach of every hand."~ Mother Teresa

3. PubCalls April Calender of pub calls and contests

4. Barb got published in Simple Scrapbooks... WAHOO and congrats girlie

5. Love this project from Creative Imaginations, instructions here

6. Be sure to check out A Peek into Yesterdays daily sales. I love this place, and I have always had wonderful customer service

7. LOVE this LO by Tracy Austin.. so feminine and soft. And her dd is absolutely adorable!

8. Saw this on Katies blog this morning and I almost PIMP

"Scrapping is almost like puking. I know, it sounds absurd, but hear me out. Once you feel that urge, your muscles take over and just start contracting, whether you want them to or not. It seems there is nothing that can stop it untill it is out. And that is exactally how I feel about creating. Like it just spews out of me at random. Busting out page after a madwoman. And then it's gone, as quickly as it came. Nothing else left inside. But the warm fuzzy glow of letting it all out. It really is therapy."

9. Card Positioning System #9 Design - simple and leaves much room for interpretation

10. Guitar Pick Jewlery... I don't know why but I absolutely LOVE THIS!!! Instructions here

11. For all you mini album scrappers check this out!! It's called JAPENESE BOOK BINDING

12. Michelle you are one amazing card maker girl... I love checking out your blog and your gallery. You are so inspiring. Have a look here for some of Michs work.

13. 2008 MMM Contest once again.... details here I know of a few scrappers who best get their butts moving and enter!!! LOL

14. Die Cut Mobile... I have been trying to decide whether I llike this or not. I seem to be retuning to it often, but something about it bugs me too.. What do you think???

15. NEW KIT SITE... The Kits Meow and I love my kits...LOL
Well that's enough for now..... enjoy....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

What a hard week for our Canadian Forces

It has been a hard week for Canada. With the loss earlier this week of 6 of our own soldiers (see entry below), follows another tragedy. Another 2 soldiers were killed and others wounded a few days later. Please pray for their families and loved ones!

RED FRIDAYS is a wonderful site that has been put together in memory of those serving that have died for our country. Please feel free to check it out, and read the memorials of all soldiers that have perished.

As most of you know I am highly passionante about what I do and in time will be one of the many soldiers deploying to Afganistan. I pray and ask your support to the Canadian Forces. Despite how you may feel about this war, your support still means the world to those that serve!!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please Remember...

Kindly take a few minutes today and say a small prayer for those that are suffering today due to our recent loss in Afganistan. The soldiers are now on their way home to their final resting places with their families and loved ones!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What a Weekend

Well I didn't get to enjoy much of an Easter weekend up here, nor did I scrap or participate in any activities (including computer time). I am afraid I was on Patient watch.

Without going into details, we have a mental health issue right now that we are dealing with. Made for a long weekend (no pun intended).

I have 15 days left, have packed every last scrapbook item up and about to mail back home... I have been knitting a scarf and X-stitching to pass time.

It's so sureal... Say it with me 15 DAYS...15 DAYS...15 DAYS...15 DAYS


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Love doing good deeds

Katie... you'd be so proud of me!! LOL

So we have a Padre up here right now to celebrate Easter, and with that came a revamping of his Chapel. As I absolutely adore this man.. (we flew up here together, and are flying home together) and can honestly say I'd bend over backwards for him!

So he knows that I am a non practicing Catholic (meaning I don't go to church) and he asked me to do a reading on Palm Sunday for the service! I did!

Well he asked me to do another reading for Good Friday and Easter Sunday and I happily agreed! With the building of the new chapel here aswell.. I offered to do a quick Cross sticth to hang on his alter, mounted on gold silk fabric. It's gonna be nice!

It's made me remember that doing good deeds just makes you feel warm and tingly all over. I was stitching last night (while watching Nip/Tuck..heehee) and this amazing wamr feeling just completely covered me!!! I smiled!

Do yourself a favour today, just do one good deed for someone today... even if it's someone you don't know! The payback you get from that (just doing the deed), will last you much longer than any thank you!!


Monday, April 2, 2007

Only 3 more Mondays

No not including today but only 3 left until I am home baby! It's so funny how we make up different ways to make home seem that much closer. All in all though as of today I have 23 days left... 23 FREAKIN DAYS.. yehhhaaawwwwww... seems like just a little while ago I had 6 months.. Remember that???

So last week was quite a week for me. I performed my first ever minor surgery (and did pretty TOOT TOOT) and I also got my evaluation on my performance over the past 6 months. WOW WOW WOW... it completely floored me and was way above what I expected. Now I truely know that I am well on my way to my Physician assistants!!! WAHOO!

This weekend we had our Souper des Nobles. It is a fancy dinner for all the personnel departing in the next Month... So as I am departing in Apr, and it was 31 Mar, this was my Souper. There were 11 of us that were seated with the Commanding Officer and our Station Warrant Officer at the head table. We were all given handmade token gifts from our bosses that represented something from our tour. My boss got me pretty good. He made a plaque of sewing stuff and such to represent me being the sewing bitch of CFS Alert... LMAO Every walk down the linkway you can rest assured someone was asking me to sew something... I also had a bunch of batteries glued to it cause I fried one of our medical pieces of equipment.. BAHAHAHA it was only $15000....That's a story for some other time!! Finally I picked up a second gift and had to pause... I was pretty chocked up and then just gave way to the tears in front of my whole unit. My boss had made another plaque of my kids with a "we love you mommy" painted in primary colours.... Once I started to cry a few others shed tears. They all know how much I love my babies and how hard it was to be away! There are also many like me doing the same thing! I ran to my boss and gave hime the biggest hug in front of everybody... Oh Lord, it was nice!

So I am in the midst of packing and getting all ready to come home! I haven't scrapped a page (no time) and now that I am sending everything home I imagine it may be a while till I do... who knows though... I may leave a kit or two back!!

Have a good one!