Friday, May 30, 2008

BG Workshop/LO Share

Finally have a chance to do a little post here! My MIL came into town Tues evening, and we've been pretty busy! Alexa had her ballet recital last night (another one tomorrow too) and I must admit it was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! LOL I'll do my best to try and get some pics posted ASAP!

So I did manage to get some scrapping done last weekend, and I am finally getting around to sharing them! The first one here, was selected for this weeks Lifetime Moments Newsletter sketch challenge. I was so happy...LOL Here is the piece in the newsletter!


By: Jackie Bogert, Cecilie Malling & Sandy Liles

Each Saturday we post a sketch in the Challenge forum of the message board. This sketch is based on a layout by a Design Team member. You have until the following Wednesday to post your layout based on the sketch in that thread. We select one member's layout to feature in LM Style each week!

This sketch was based on Tracy's "Luna Moth" layout from last week's LM Style.

Our Featured Scrapper this week is Doodlebug4444. She used the sketch to create her "Stop and Smell a Flower " layout (shown below) this week!


I used the May Bad Girl Kit for all three of these recent LOs.. I had no self control as I was going to save the kit for this workshop they are hosting this weekend. LOL I am sure however, that I will find something just as suitable in my stash..WINK! LOL



That last one is for this months BG Apron challenge!

Speaking of challenges, be sure to head on over to Bad Girls this weekend for a fabo workshop jammed packed full of fun and scrapping.

Also starting 01 Jun 08, Lifetime Moments starts their Summer Scrapfest. The cost is $12 for the entire summer or you can pay month by month. It is running until end Aug. I always get so inspired by these challenges, and I have won some awesome prizes in the past! So worth it! LOL

On a not so happy note, my pain is almost on full blast. I have been staying pretty low, and plan on curling up in from of the tele with the family and take my meds! I sure hope I can muster up some energy to scrap this weekend!

So about to print off the classes that are posted at BG, and watch the North and South series with my MIL. It's kinda our thing...LOL

Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

TY Katie

So last night I had plans to go to my YAYA Katie's place to FINALLY meet her newest addition Kasey and to do a lil scrapping. Well the way the night ended up we did all but

I got there around 1730, and was greeted at the door by Kayleigh (her other dd) and I got big hugs from her (which is the first time that I I got to peek at Kasey and hold her, and change her bum (amazing how all that just comes back to and coo at her for a bit!

Katie ordered us some ZA and I relaxed with my beer while Kayleigh and I played silly games at the dinner table.

Kasey was on the fussy side most of the evening (I think I'm so we didn't get a chance to actually sit down and attempt any scrapping until 2230.. by then both Katie and I just didn't have much in the sense of creative juices. We did get to relax and laugh and chat and just enjoy eachothers company though.

Thanks Kasey for being so fussy! You may have been a handful but you allowed mommy and I to realize that we do infact have a lot more in common than just scrapping..LOL

Thanks Katie for having me over.. I can't wait for our next date!

So... today I am scrapping.. I got my new May BG KIT (OMG...YUM) and I have already started my first LO with it.. John is taking Alexa to her rehersal today for her dance recital on Thurs and next Sat, and I have to clean a tad as my MIL is coming into town next Tues evening to visit for a week! I am also starting to cramp up pretty good seeing as this is gonna be the week before the pain hits hard! So I have lots to do!

Oh one last thing.. if you haven't seen this movie...

Be sure to check it out... it didn't get much in the sense of reviews but I really enjoyed it... what a beautiful story!

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mini Album and LO Share

Hey readers... I am currently at my moms but wanted to share this mini album that I had finished up last night. It is my fave one ever... and I used the Apr Bad Girl Kit to make it...
I used the Basic Grey chipboard album as the base, adhered and sanded PP to the base and then painted the outside edges. I also painted the journal pages. I distressed with Ranger tea dye ink all over the egdes. Away I went!... LOL

I used some aged paper doileys on the front here. I also took the KI Lace paper and cut it to form the edge of the chipboard album! Then I went nuts!


So I totally went with a hottie theme here...LOL I guess I should mention that this mini is about our first YAYA gethering. On the left is Steph and I, and the right is Mell and I. I used the Bam Pop frames, some Jenni Bowlin letter stickers, burlap from a previous Bad Girl kit and of course odds and ends from Apr Kit!


The quote on the left page says
"Each friend represents a world in us. A world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born!" Annis Nin
The right page is my mom and I.

The left side is of Steph and the right side is mom and I


On the left is Steph and on the right is me!

IT BEGAN - PAGE 9 & 10
Journalling for both pages read.
"Yup so it began. The birth of the YAYA's. The first time that Steph, Mell, Katie and I celebrated together. I heard the sounds of horns and hootin and hollerin' of the girls coming up the pathway to my house. We were celebrating my B-Day and John was cooking up a feast of escargot, ceasar salad, spaghetti and chocolate trifle for dessert. We did attempt to watch our YAYA movie but ended up chit chatting so much that none of us really took it in. As we sipped out yummy drinks and wore our tiaras (mom and Alexa joined us too) we posed for these pics. It was a B-day I will always cherish."

IT BEGAN - PAGE 11 & 12

On the left is Katie and on the right is Mellisa

IT BEGAN - PAGE 13 & 14

The quote on the left reads
"Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer." Ed Cunningham
The right is my dd Alexa and I


So I used one of my fave personally made techniques here...LOL I take my stickles and I squeeze it all over everything, then I use kleenex that is impregnated with lotion (you buy them at the supermarket anywhere) and I smear the stickles over everything, giving it a really cool finish... that way the glue from the stickles doesn't goop up either.

These pics really don't do it much justice.. IRL it is so awesome... yes I know TOOT TOOT.. but I am sure there have been projects you have all done where you think you really rawked it.. LOL This one is mine!

I also did a LO a while back that I am finally posting.. just the girls playing on the computer.

Well that is all.. I was just excited to share. LOL I hope everyone has a great long weekend... I know my day is looking much better than it did yesturday. Thanks for the kick in thew arse and the love sent my way... I really needed it! LOL


Saturday, May 17, 2008

When it Rains... IT POURS

I tell ya... I am flippin pissed!

I will keep this short as I am really not in the best of moods... but here we go!

Car... again... time for new one.. in the shop for some kind of squealing sounds.. we think it's the brakes!

Laptop.. had it back yesturday after paying to have it fixed... works great for one night and same problem arises this am when I try to use it... GGGRRRRRR.. so we'll be getting our money back for that or buddy is fixing it for free.. or maybe new laptop.

Printer - tits up! I can't print anything without it looking like it was scribbled by my 3 year old...

Camera.. not looking so good with getting the new one... after all of these things busting on us... no longer on the list of priorities! Old one still working, but I hate it!

Pain is still kicking around and getting worse as each month goes on.. I had only 5 days of relief.. and the cramping is starting again!

My children are the spawns of satan right now, and my poor hubby is barely keeping it together!

Good thing it's the long weekend.. sound like we are going to need it!

Sorry such a shitty post... I always try to look on the bright side of everything.. but right now I am thinking I just really need to be upset.. get it out of my system so that I can deal with everything happening!

I think I'm going to scrap some bright colours today! LOL

Sunday, May 11, 2008





Thanks you for being my supermom... without you I'd be lost! I love you with all my heart!!!!


Friday, May 9, 2008


My goodness I feel like a new woman today! I have a bit of spring in my step.. I am actually smiling. Completely off my meds... and trying to remember that voice in my head telling me to go slow this weekend! I want to get up and run around but that'll take up any extra energy I have and I want to use this energy on enjoying my mother's day with my family! LOL

I have been blog reading and surfing this morning.. and OH MY.. so much to look at! So here are some things that have jumped out at me!

MARLENE... you're blogging again! WAHOO! Ladies this woman takes pics like you've never seen! Here are a couple of examples right from her blog!

Some awesome finds off of SCRAPSCENE recently.. Check these out!

This Butterfly Canvas is gorgeous. Made by Jill Brush... I am so inspired by it. I am going to try my hand at something like this in the future! It's so vibrant and happy.. and let's face it... we can all use some happy happy! LOL

Love this tutorial on how to make 3D paper flowers by Susan Lui

Have to HAVE this book!
Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean! Link here for Canadians! Link here for US!

Amazing Vintage Blog Alert!!!!

My YAYA's have been busy little bees, creating and having fun! Here are a few things that have jumped out at me!

Mellisa scrapped a pic of herself! She showed me this pick via a Flickr group she belongs to and I fell in love! Not too many pics jump out and actually speak to me (yes korny I know...but true), but this one did. It almost looks like she has a little secret and is savouring it..LOL Anyways.. awesome job scrapping this girl!

Katie just had a baby a month ago.. and is a scrapping machine.. I have lovingly called her a bitch cuz I have no clue how she does it!!! LOL Here is one of my faves... she ended up getting an interesting comment about it (her decision to formula feed VS breastfeed) that kinds stirred things up... so just a quick shout of to my girl that I love ya.. and am happy you made a decision that is best for your family.. Hugs!

Tanya is happy she just wrote a HUGE cheque for a SMALL hole... BAHAHAHAHA.. I seriously LMAO when I read that title girl... she is in the process of moving and the foundation for the new house is starting to go up! Just so she knows that I love her "hole" I'll post it here too...LMAO.. "WHO LUVS YA BABY???"

Last but not least is my Stephanie who I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TOO!!!!

" Congrats for making the Scrapbox DT sweetie!! They sure made the right decision when they hired you! You are going to rawk that place! HUGE HUGS!"

Just so you can see what kind of talent this lady has... check out her latest!

Tomorrow I am browsing my BAD GIRLS blogs... LOL

Well that is enough for now... hard sitting in this chair as my friggin laptop isn't back yet! That and I am feeling inspired now and am going to have my shower and scrap a bit!

Oh on a final note... my new blog look is going to have to wait until my laptop is back! I can't fart and fiddle around on this computer with the banners...LOL So I haven't forgotten and once the new look is out, the winner of the RAK will be announced!

Have a good one everyone!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sigh .. some relief FINALLY

Well I woke up this am (after my first night of decent sleep) feeling a lot better. The pain is now no more than cramping, and certainly consistent with just taking Advil. So I am off the heavy duty meds.. thank gawd.. cause as some of my YAYAs can agree I get pretty spacey and forgetful on them (and I certainly have never needed any help in that department...LMAO). WINK!

So today I am going to blog surf, internet find and actually scrap and relax.. catch up on some Bad Girl reading, and get inspired! My laptop is still at the "laptop fixer upper guy" but I am hoping I will have a definantive answer about it one way or another by this weekend. I get so frustrated using the family computer after being spoiled with my laptop. I hate being stuck in this chair, in front of this screen...LOL

Anyways... off for now.. I will be back to post some of my finds perhaps tomorrow!


Monday, May 5, 2008

MOTOM Bad Girls/LO Share

Hey guys. I have been a lil out of it the past few days waiting for Aunt Flo to start.. well she reered her ugly head last night. The pain is just awful this month. The good news is I see my specialist end May for my consult and then hope I can get my surgery shortly after that.. Cross your fingers for me.

So I missed out on National Scrapbooking Day a tad. There was a local crop with my girlfriends that I couldn't go to... but was there in spirit (I hope anyways...LOL) So I posted a few challenges over at Bad Girls and hope you'll come over and play. I have decided the crop is going to last all week long and each challenge has a due date (some different than Some of the gals are offering up mini gift certificates as RAKS for the winner of each challenge! I thought that was super sweet! I'll also be offering up some goodies aswell!

Big news in my little world. I was featured as the Bad Girl of the Month in the recent BG newsletter. I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to be asked. The talent over there is amazing, and I must admit I was a tad shocked that my work got noticed, as I have never claimed to be at par with a good chunk of the ladies there.

This was my interview!

Bad Girl of the Month: Rachel!
Ahh this month is a great day for all Canadians - see, the Bad Girl of the Month is one of your own - hooray ;)

So - without further ado - say hello to miss doodlebug4444!
Hey chicklets! My name is Rachel Tops, and I am from and live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am a Canadian Soldier (medic), am 33, married to hubby (Johnny T 36) for 7 years, mom of 2 girls (Alexa 5, Angelina almost 4), and stepmom to my handsome boy (Cody 11).

Hello! Say, that's a funny nickname you got there - care to elaborate??
Doodlebug is a nickname I have for my children, and I was a huge Doodlebug Design fanatic when I started to scrap. 4 is my fave number.. so that's 4 four times!

So - a Canadian one - tell us something good and bad about Canada/being a Canadian :p
The BESTEST thing about Canada, is CANADA! I am very patriotic, love this country, love the land, love the diversity, love that we get all four seasons. I love that our country tends to be regarded with admiration. We like to try and keep the peace baby! LOL The WORST thing about be Canadian, is that it takes way too long to get the most recent scrapping products up here. So I'll get dinged with customs every now and then cause when I decide I want it... I GET IT! LMAO well, how did you end up with this hobby?
I have always cringed when asked this as I really don't have a defining moment of when I started. After the birth of my Alexa, I was home on maternity leave for a year, took tons of pics, and discovered scrapbooking. Then I met some local gals and it blossomed from there...LOL

Neat :) And what about Bad Girls? How did you find us?
My YAYA (I'll explain that Katie actually. She pointed me in this direction just before Top Designer 2007 started. I haven't looked back... I mean come on.. a sassy/nasty/naughty place, where you share your love for this hobby, and meet others just as crude, rude, naughty and sassy... MY KIND OF PLACE!

So you're saying you're a true Bad Girl eh? How come?
Cuz I love to give it as much as I take it. If you get to know me on the boards you'll learn that I tend to say it like it is.. I don't sugar coat anything. I don't pretend to be anyone but me!!!!!

And you know we love you for that!!
So, back to scrappy things - tell us - what size are you? Wink wink..
Mostly 12x12, although when I started I was a 8x8 scrapper. I scrap all sizes actually, but my fave is 12x12. I usually stack and then get ticked off with the mess, curse, and then decide it's time to put them away!! My fave albums are truthfully the K & Coy ones... but I have been really eyeing the D Ring American Craft ones... OH WENDY????!!!!

And how do you start a page?
My approach is so different with every page. Sometimes it's a pic I have to scrap right now. Other times, it the products (which is generally the BG Kits...LOL). It could also be challenge driven. You never know with me! HEEHEE

Ooh, an untamed one ;)
So, how is your perfect day when it comes to scrapping?
My John takes the kids out of the house, I have the largest coffee I can find (which is usually the and I scrap in my bed... YES... you read that right. I sit on my bed, throw in a movie, keep my laptop close, and get creative... It's a common joke with the rest of the BG's...LMAO

Scrapping in bed isn't quite as uncommon as one would think methinks :p So - do you have other hobbies?
YUP!!! Pretty much all kinds of general crafts, X-stitch, kint and crochet. I just discovered mixed media on canvas, and have started my first project! I also love to read, shop (, and hang out with my bestest friends the YAYA's. Okay I best explain this. My YAYA's are 4 other scrappers (Katie, Mellisa, Stephanie and Tanya) who I hold in the highest regard. Scrapbooking brought us together, but once we realized we had other things in common, we really bonded. I love these ladies with all my heart.

Now that sounds lovely!
Thank you so much for being our Bad Girl of the month Rachel! Anything else you'd like to tell the Bad Girls out there?
BE YOU! Don't be anything else. Remember scrapbooking is personal. Your art is your art. Don't EVER let anyone tell you how to do it. Be creative and brave, throw out your inhibitions, and mostly HAVE FUN! Oh and sub to the Bad Girls Kits (shameless You'd be surprised just how creative you can get with these kits... I know I was.!

This fun & cheery layout was made with the March main-kit.

Here are the pics of my latest work. I really love the one I did for Katie's 12x12 page (the last LO below)

An 8x8! I used the Apr Bad Girl kit for this one and the yummiest chipboard to ever walk (wait does chipboard walk???LOL) this earth! It's called RIFF RAFF Designs and is a Canadian Company. If you haven't owned any of their cuts yet... ORDER NOW! LOL

A 12x12! This was a scraplift from a challenge over at Lifetime Moments.
Here is the original

And the best for last...LOL
A 6x6! I love this pic of Katie...LOL Tres KOOL!

Well that is about it for now! Being pretty much on bedrest this week, I am hoping to get a few more pages done