Saturday, August 23, 2008


This is a special post to my YAYA Stephanie!

Thursday night I took her chipboard album class. I am going to post my album as soon as I get the journalling done.. I did get my pics on it though! LOL

Anyways, I was going out to support my YAYA as she is teaching at the bestest LSS in town. I know she'd of likely just been ok if I'd of made it without taking the class.. but I thought it was important to be there for her, and to be on a date with my mom!

That being said.. I must admit.. I WAS FLOORED!

Stephanie... you are a FABULOUS TEACHER!!!! I have taken many classes in the past where the instructor just gives you the instructions, and tells ya they'll be around if you need them. Ok I get it that everyone works at different paces but the whole point of taking a class is to be TAUGHT! LOL STEPHANIE TEACHES!

I loved the pace that you went at, it was step by step, and the instruction sheet was there for the faster scrapper. I love how you split the groups up for the painting and inking, and I love your patience as you were ambushed with so many questions. I love how you sold the products without pushing them on people, and most of all I LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY! You are a very jovial and down to earth teacher... I am so happy that you have been recognized for your full potential! The Scrapbox is very lucky to have you!

I have always been your number uno fan.. you know that girl. But truth be told I only took the class to support you. Well now I am taking your passport tag album class because I REALLY ENJOYED YOUR TEACHING!

See you on the 25th... mom and I are both really looking forward to it!!!!!



Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Oh I am lacking so much energy the past couple of days. I am trying to surf to get some inspiration to scrap as I have much to do! LOL

Anyways, while trying to get inspired I have found this awesome site called CRAFTSTYLISH that has tons of amazing craft ideas. If you are a knitter, needlecrafter and/or paper artist.. you'll absolutely go crazy for this place!

Here are some of the projects that really jumped out at me!


Directions can be found here!


Directions here!


Check it out here!


Directions here!


I am not too fancy about this one, but I know I have a seriously awesome ribbon stash that could make a gorgeous piece! LOL Check it out here!


I am loving
Here is the link to get to the directions!

Anyways... you get the idea! LOL I could be on here all day posting some awesome projects! so have a gander at their site..check out their galleries. I know I have just skimmed the top on amazing project ideas!



Sunday, August 10, 2008


WAHOO.. the MOJO is back!

Here are a couple of LOs I did recently!

WHO'S BAD... not me

This pic was taken of me up in Alert. The station took it upon themselves to post it all over the place. It was absolutely hilarious! Anyways, I did this for the Bad Girl Scraplift Challenge! WINK to those that are in the loop! LOL I used the black dresdin (sp?) trim wings as horns, used the RIC RAC martini chipboard cut out and then used angelic words all over! I wanted to portray the title perfectly! LOL


I had a lot of fun with the journalling tags that came in July's Bad Girl add on kit. I did this LO for the Lifetime Moments Summer scrafest, sketch/LO and journalling challenge! These pics are my girls at Henny's campground. Boy did they just have a blast there!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Internet Findings

Hi Ya folks! I have not been the best blogger as of late have I?? LOL Right now I am fighting my second summer cold.. and it sucks serious butt! My YAYA Katie and I are in a battle of the "Who spread the germs" right now...LOL I think it was Kayleigh and she thinks it was Angelina! Truth be told it was probably both! KIDS (insert rolling eyes)!

So I have been scrapping... YUPPERS the mojo is back! I have two LOs completed and a couple of minis started (the base)! I'll be posting pics tomorrow!

My brother is taking my monkeys for a sleep over tonight and John and I are watching the olympics pretty much most of the day! We may go out for dinner tonight depending on how I am feeling (worst case will order in)! So I am parking it on my living room floor and will scrap my heart out! I can't wait!

So how's about a little internet findings. It's been a while since I have done that, and I know it's a fave amongst some of my "regular" readers! LOL

Here we go!

GASP... Have you seen

Ali Edwards latest post? Check out this LO!!! I am so inspired to journal on my photo now!

Heidi Swapp's new website went live today! Here is the link!

My YAYA Katie has just been creating up a storm. Since she has joined Bad Girls I have noticed that she has stepped up her creativity in scrapping! She is one of my all time faves (and no it's not cuz I am just biased..WINK) I love that she uses all kinds of elements and isn't afraid to jump into the deep end! She has posted a challenge on her blog (one that I will happily accept)! Also here is her latest creation! FINE FINE FINE BABYCAKES! KEEP RAWKING IT GIRL!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARLENE! I hope your day is full of fun!


Have you seen the latest Basic Grey Newsletter? YUMMILICIOUS! Some amazing stuff coming form them soon! Here is the link (pdf file)!

Pencil Lines has their #96 sketch posted!

If you look at Katie's LO above you'll see her submission for this sketch! On my list of things to do aswell! LOL

Be sure to check out the PRIMA BLOG. They are always doing give aways, and posting the most amazing work! I tell ya this company has really become my fave by far! Doesn't hurt that a few of their DT members happen to be some of my fave DT at Bad Girls...LOL

Be sure to catch up on PUBCALLS!

HUGE SHOUT OUT to my YAYA Steph! SHE IS PUBLISHED for the FIRST TIME EVA!!!! Here is her blog post! She can't share the LO yet, but if you happen to pass an issue of the Dec 08 Canadian Scrapbooker Mag.. you just may want to pick it up...WINK!

OMG... I am making these with my girls! These are too cute!

Curtosy of Unfurled Blog! Be sure to leave her some love if you like these!

New sketch up at "Sketch Me if You Can"

Thanks Chris for permission to share your sketches. Readers keep in mind that Chris would like you to obtain permission from her before sharing her sketches. Info is posted on her blog. Give credit where credit is due! If you happen to use this sketch, link to her blog, I bet she'd love seeing your work!

Well my DH just got home after dropping the kids off at my brothers! I am going to scrap and chill out! Will be posting my creation tomorrow!


Friday, August 1, 2008

LO Share - Flowers To Grow

Did this LO the night we returned from London but hadn't had the chance to snap a pic of it. Here it is, my brother Mike doing some planting in his garden! The challenge was to junk it up.... I LOVE JUNKING!

I also am just in awe at this JUL Kit and have decided to do a mini using a Maya Road House.... More to follow! LOL