Monday, March 30, 2009

Here Ya Go Oma.. This One is For You!

Thanks goodness for my very patient and loving MIL! LOL She'd of hung me by my toenails if I made her wait any longer for these video clips of Alexa's 6th birthday party! LOL

This first video is og the girls just having some fun.. and I was trying to figure out how this video camera works... LOL The picture looks really blurred so I am gonna have to check on that to see if I can frig around with the settings!

Here is Angelina signing Xmas Carols...LOL

Alexa opening her B-day gifts!

Cake cake and MORE CAKE! LOL

So, watching these videos has made me realize just how annoying my voice is... LMAO Is that what I sound like everyday? EEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK if it is... BAHAHAHAHA!

Now to get motivated enough to upload some of the LO's I had done a while back! I am hoping my mojo returns soon, cuz I have been a bad bad girl lately and have all kinds of new goodies to play with! I just need a fire under my butt to get moving!

Speaking of mojo.. my mom has been scrapping up a storm! Here is a link to her gallery at Bad Girls. She has also created the most amazing LO she has ever done IMHO... I am rather partial to the pic.. but the creativity that went into it, blew me away! Keep RAWKIN the BG style mommy! You are just starting to come out of your shell.. I suspect and can't wait for you to WOW WOW WOW everyone! LOL

Here is the LO I was just chatting about.. she used the BG March Kit "Windsor Court"! Can we say PRIMA anyone?!

Mom is using this LO to enter in the BG Totebag challenge. The challenge was to use fabric on your LO! I think the way she used it is absolutely genius! She rolled it and made a vase to hold her paper flowers in... LOVE that and certainly not something I'd of ever thought about! Awesome Awesome job mom!

Well on that note.. I am gonna go and rest for a bit! I have an ovarian cyst that is either about to burst or has burst... it quite painful.. Good thing I am taking my HAPPY HAPPY


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Friday, March 27, 2009

Will be updating this weekend!

WINK! My MIL is about to curse me something fierce if I don't get her U Tube videos of Alexa's B-day up

I luv ya Ma... you'll have it by the end of the weekend! LMAO


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PPPSSSTTT I am alive

Hey ya folks.. I am alive.. just have not been feeling the blogs lately... haven't been reading them and haven't been writing on them.. sorry bout that... if I am a regular reader.. I promise to leave the love as soon as I am out of my blog funk!



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