Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few Amazing Scrappin Weeks and Surgery Update

Well I am at my mom's now healing from my hysterectomy. I have been so relaxed and happy here and I'm really glad that mom pretty much didn't give me a choice in this matter. Once a mommy, always a mommy! LOL

The surgery went really well! The docs and nurses were extremely pleased with how fast I have been healing. I was in the hospital for 3 days, and itching so badly to get out of there. I must say the entire experience was pretty good.. I mean as good as a hysterectomy can be! LOL The nurses were in general kind, and I found myself joking quite a bit with them. That likely added to my recovery!

I got to keep my ovaries (thank gawd as if I hadn't then I would have ended up dead or divorced..lol). They took my uterus, tubes and cervix, and ran thru my bowel/bladder to ensure that they got all the lesions! I guess I had a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary that could of burst at any time. My understanding is that it was quite large and probably would of hurt like a bitch had it not been removed surgically! I guess I can still get them but they will be far and few in between, and certainly not at the caliber (pain wise) as endometriosis. I think I can live with that quite nicely! LOL

I was placed on a PCA morphine pump, and had an epidural right before the surgery! I think it's a somewhat new procedure and is meant to keep the pain at bay directly after the surgery. It also forces you to rest for the first 24 hours, which is crucial to allow your body to compensate for the trauma it has gone thru! I was also knocked out for the entire procedure.. thank goodness! Waking up wasn't too bad, and I was pretty comfortable! I did use my morphine pump quite a bit though the first full day after the surgery! It was well received from my aching body!

Now I am enjoying my time here at mom's! I have been served on, and yelled at when I over did it. The first night home here I just couldn't sleep, and ended up pulling an all nighter! I was quite shocked that my body couldn't fall into a good REM sleep seeing as I hardly got any sleep in the hospital! Well I certainly paid for it the next day. I find that I am tuckered out so easily. Even 10 minutes of moving about really drains me... I was told that but didn't really believe it! LOL Guess I was told huh? LMAO
Anyways enough of that.. thanks to all my cyber pals for the well wishes and prayers. I am so lucky to have you guys!!! I send you BIG HUGS and BIGGER SMOOCHES! LOL

I have had some amazing parcels come in the past couple of weeks... I had to do everything in my power not to goober all over my new goodies! LOL I got me some PRIMA PRIMA PRIMA...lol many of their papers, more flowers, more bling... endless! I am feeling very creative looking at my new yummies... and gee I just may knock some socks off with my stoned masterpieces. Katie be so proud! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I also got my Bad Girls parcel.. and it was jammed pack with the bestest stuff eva! Here is some of what I got!

Here is the Jun 08 Kit called "Malibu Pop Shop"

Here is the add on called "With Sprinkles on Top" that I snagged.. check out that Doodlebug Flocked velvet powder.. OH I CAN"T WAIT TO GIVE THIS WHIRL! LOL

I also got the October 07 Project Kit called "So Girly" I know a tad late, but Bad Girls "Wonderful Wendy" had placed it aside for me, and when I was ready to pay for it, out she came.. SO WORTH IT! It's an acrylic album kit, and a tulle purse to make to store the finished album! I have already picked out my pics! YAYA Anyone? LMAO ;)
So Wendy from Bad Girls held a mini "Pop Quiz" for all the scrappers that are on her message boards and want to play! The quiz was super fun and I have to go back and have a good read at all the answers my fellow Bad Girls posted. Sounds like there may be some real funnies out there...LOL I can't wait to get a good chuckle!!!! :) Anyways, I won the quiz and will have some extra goodies (see pic below) on it's way to me (shipping with my July kit)! YAH ME! HEEHEE
Well that's it for now! I am pretty tuckerd out and in dire need of some snoozerooskies...LOL!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

See ya in a bit!

So I am going under the knife tomorrow. John and I saw the doc today and found out that I am getting an epidural and being knocked out. They'll push some meds thru my central bloodsteam in my spinal column to keep the pain under control. I guess there is alot of work to be done..LOL Regardless... I'll take whatever pain relief they give me..LOL

Anyways, going to my mom's after I am released on Sunday. She's gonna take good care of me and I'll get some great rest there!

So I will be MIA for a bit! I am so hoping that I will be creative this summer and keep producing lots of yummy scrap stuff...LOL

Have a good one and wish me luck!


Sunday, June 15, 2008


A huge HAPPY FATHER's DAY shout out to my hunky hubby and my handsome daddy!! They never read this blog.. but I may have to sneek an e-mail with the link to this! HEEHEE!

John you are my angel! I struck gold the day I met you. You have enriched my life with so much love, intellect, tenderness, support, caring, Big "O's", and humour! LOL You gave me from the get go a beautiful boy to call my own, and then two beautiful girls! You truely are my soulmate, my rock, and most of all my best friend. My life wouldn't be the same without you in it! HUGS AND KISSES (and all that other yummy stuff after my surgery)! HAPPY FATHER's DAY BABIES! I love you!

My Dad... you are probably still cringing at the Big "O" comment.. but let's just pretend it wasn't there okay! LOL HAPPY FATHER's DAY to you aswell... thank you for being that lended ear, and the kick in my arse when I have needed it. Thank you for the snow angels, my sweet 16 spaghetti dinner, and those uncomfortable hugs that we had shared thru trying times. I have grown to appreciate, love and admire all your advice and stubborness throughout the years. Thank you for being PROUD OF ME! I love you!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

LO Share/Surgery Update

I have had these done for a bit now but haven't posted them. Sorry for the crummy pics.. I tried to take these outside last night and well it just didn't work out! LOL I am too lazy to try it again.. so these will just have to do..lol

So this was actually Angelina's 2nd birthday not her 3rd..lol OOPPSSS mommy..! :) That cake was amazing...

I have been on a Prima kick lately.. everything from paper, to flowers ribbon etc! The right corner also has one of the Heidi Swapp mirror butterflies.. I used some Basic Grey rub-ons on it...just beautiful!!

This LO was a really emotional one to put together. This pic was taken in the first few moments that I was reunited with the girls after 4 long months in the Arctic (which I had to go back for another one). It was a very raw moment! You can't tell but I was sniffling a tad! LOL I used the new pink Doodlebug flocked velvet cardstock.. YUMMY! LOL
On a personal note, I was told this am that my surgery has been changed from 26 Jun 08 to 19 Jun 08. A whole week.. and that has really rocked (in not a great way) my world. I was hoping to have the next couple of weeks to relax and get my crap all in order, but now I have just a week.. and while I am frazzled, I know it's an awesome change. I am just trying to take it all in. I am off for remainder of the summer.. and will try to enjoy it as much as I can!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Really should post!! LOL

OMG has it really been over a week since I have posted? LOL

Well I would love to be posting some of my new work but I am so lazy and haven't snapped any pics yet..LOL I am hoping to scrap today too.. wasn't into it too much this past week, as I was pretty out if it half the time!

My anxiety has been pretty high lately. I know it's got to do with going under the knife soon.. and everything sems to be in shambles. So I am going to try and get some stuff sorted out at work and on the home front to ease some of that worry!

I think I may take a drive out to Michaels today and enjoy the fresh air. I have been awfully cooped up lately and I hate that feeling!

So have a great week everyone.. here;s hoping I actually snap some pics of my latest work so I can share! That and get my arse in gear, and get my challenges done for the summer scrapfest over at LM!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Sigh!!! Have you ever seen......

anything as cute as this....???? LOL Proud mommy moment here.. but my Alexa has never been more beautiful as she is in this pic.. and I happen to think she's beautiful all the time.. but this pic takes the cake! LOL

I told ya....HeeHee!!!

So her ballet recital went absolutely amazing. I was wondering how she'd react being on the stage in front of a huge audience. She is truely her Mommy's girl though.. DRAMA QUEEN EXTRAORDINAIRE! She stole the show too.

Her dance was only 1 minute long, and during that time, she got the audience oohhiiiinnnngggg and aawweeeiinnng at her. She was right up in the front, and while dancing was shading her eyes to try and find us in the crowds.. the lights were so bright that she ended up waving to some total strangers on the main floor! I don't know if she thought it was us (we were in the balcony)but she didn't care as she hammed it up for the audience once she realized they were enjoying her performance... My mom and dad, my brother Mike and his wife and son Kari and Noah.. and of course her Oma, Sissy, John and myself, just had tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard.. I am not fibbing either.. I think I actually piddled my pants from laughing so hard.. IT WAS BEYOND PRECIOUS! LOL

Mom and Dad bought her a wrist corsage, and Oma bought her some roses for after the show. She was beaming and so high on all the attention that she was getting, and carried around her flowers showing them off. She was such a big girl!

I sure hope there are more recitals in our future. She was getting a tad restless during her last few classes, but I think that may have been because the weather was nice and she was loving playing outside with the local kids. I tell ya though.. she was singing a different tune once she saw her costume and was able to wear it.

She really was my prima ballerina! I couldn't of been more proud of her!

I also can't wait to scrap that pic! LMAO!