Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mom and Dad's Xmas Gift!

YUP ... FOR REAL .. 2 DAYS IN A ROW!  BAHAHAHA  Katie  are ya still with me .. did you fall off your chair?  LOL

So now that I have a new point and shoot, I feel much better about posting my work!  The crap thing I had before was wayyyyyyyyyyy too much work!  This camera is much more sensitive though so the slightest shake can distort the pic!  So I am having to readjust and realize I don't need to really push hard to take a pic .. bit of a learning curve!

I made my mom and dad some picture frames for Xmas.  They have tons of pics of their grandbabies but never have displayed any pics of themselves.  With all the travelling they have done .. I thought some great framed pics  over their new decor family room fireplace, would be amazing!

Here they are!

So these are the basic wooden framed that are for sale at Michaels ($1.50 I think).  I had mixed three different kinds of paints to mimic the stain colours on my parents fireplace, and the patterned papers were picked to match the rich mocha/pink/brown hues that they has chosen.  Actually I had a stack of PP and my John picked the ones that he liked .. I think he did a great job!  The rest is Prima flowers, embellishments, beads etc ....  I was so happy with how they turned out .. and my parents faces (especially my mama) was SO WORTH IT!  She was like a little kid in a candy store! 

I was thinking of submitting them to Prima .. whacha think .. should I????  LOL  Regardless felt great to create once again .. and I look forward to much more creating in the future .. (also cuz my TOJO will kick my ass if I don't

Thanks for looking! :)


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My One Little Word

I love that every year Ali Edwards inspires other to choose one word to live by for the year!  It amazes me how a commitment to one word for a year can really encourage positive energy to flow!  This is one bandwagon .. or as my Stechie would say (jump on the hayride that I love being a part of!

So 2010 was a big year for me.  It was a healing year!  2009 really beat me up, but 2010 lifted me back up, bandaged my skinned knees, and let me soar!  2010 was a year of change, and of accomplishments.  I went back to school, I met some great new friends (love you TOJO), made amends with some old ones, I QUIT SMOKING, and just generally nurtured my soul a little!  While there were still bumps to go over, I felt better equipped to deal with them.

Now on to my new word!  2011 is all about HEALTH!  Health of my mind, body and soul!  Time to get back to doing things that make my mind and body strong!  Time to jump in with both feet and make some long term changes!   My dad is pretty sick right now with heart issues. It has come to all of our attention recently that the heart issues that are genetically predisposed in our family, are not something to take lightly.  Actually .. truthfully ... IT SCARED ME!  I am almost 100 pounds overweight right now ... that is 10 bags of 10 pound potatoes that I carry on my body each and every day!  My knees are hurting going up and down stairs, me heartburn gets so painful, I get sick easy, my energy level is usually low, my back hurts, and I get indifferent at times! 

So there you have it!  HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH!  I am researching and mapping out ways to live HEALTHY!  I want my kids to follow this path and I know that if I make these changes, John is right there with me!  I love that my group of friends have already ventured on this path .. so I know the encouragement to do this will be at my fingertips. 

So I have no idea what you have in store for me 2011, but I know what I have in store for you!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Deal Sites Added

Hi guys!  I know I have been MIA .. and I really want to do better with my blogging in the new year!  I just wanted to do a quick post to let whoever reading this know that I have composed a list of Daily Deal sites on the right hand side on my blog.  I have found some amazing deals from some of these sites and I thought I'd share the wealth!  LOL 

Enjoy! :)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You betcha .. I'm a quitter ... and while most of the time this isn't a title I like to express ... this kind of quitting is something that I am VERY PROUD OF!

I can't tell you exactly how many days but it's been at least 3 weeks give a day or two, that I have given up my dear cigarettes.  They were dear to me too!  You see .. I am a freak cuz I REALLY LIKE TO SMOKE!  I like it after a meal, it's my crutch, it's my escape .... and while I think I am awfully considerate to others with regards to my habit .. the straw that broke that camels back was my girls ... when they begged me to stop, and reminded me how horrible of a habit it is, and how it's gonna kill me!  Well when my 7 and 6 y/o girls put it that way .. what's a mama to do!  They teach in school awfully early .. and thank goodness!  This mama decided TO QUIT!

Yes ... while I was definantely "spoken" to by my girls .. I really was ready in more ways than one!  I was feeling sluggish, coughing too much, headaches ... just not so good.  AND SICK ... my goodness ... was I ever sick (and my latest illness was the jumping stone as it was a nasty chest cold and it hurt to try and smoke) ... so that's it!  Let's see if this makes a difference!

I've been handling it pretty good .. yes I went thru SERIOUS BITCH stage .. YES BITCHIER THAN NORMAL TOJO!  LOL  My poor John having to deal with that!  My cravings seem to come when certain thing happen ... which at this point leads to believe they were derived more from habit.  I have moments when the habit tries to bite me ... but so far so good!  I have been chatted thru some serious ones (thanks friends)! 

I will admit ... I got a little more than loopy on my birthday and I came home and had a smoke ... IT WAS AWFUL .. tasted like ass, and made me cough like crazy!  The next morning I almost threw up because my chest felt horrible and heavy!  Always a good reminder when the habit rears its ugly head!

 For now .. day by day .. hour by hour ... minute by minute!  I say goodbye to a long relied upon "friend" ... you are gonna be missed ... I hate to admit that but better to be honest about it!

On a positive, I am putting away some moula every two weeks .. and maybe I'll just have to treat myself to something pretty big!  WINK!  LOL


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Looking forward to spending the day with you .. we are gonna get our scrap on!  But to tie you over until then ... here are some wishes we want you to see!


From your grandbabies!

From John and I! 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Fun 2010

Morning!  Just thought I'd share a few of my fave pics from this summer!  It really was a great one! :)  Grab a cuppa cuz there are quite a few here!  LOL


Hunky Hubby and I

My brothers gorgeous Chocolate Lab and I having a friendly swim .. LOL
The Tops family getting ready for a Canoe trip
John taking a load off with his girls!
My dad enjoying a glass of vino!
My pretty babygirl!
The CREATURE OF CORDOVA LAKE!  LMAO .. don't tell me I can't poke fun at myself!  LOL
The results of day 1!  OUCH!
Tops Family going for a ride!
My nephew Noah caught this off the dock .. we were all in awe!  He was so proud .. LOL!
My dad and my brother Mike with my dad's much wanted catch! 
My GORGEOUS niece Morgan with my Alexa fooling around with the web cam!
The girls at the Museum
This was only half of the cottage .. there was another building for more sleeping quarters!  I am in complete awe of how gorgeous this place is!
A Little mid day family dock fishing (ppssst .. I caught a fish too!)
Puppy played hard, and rested hard .. LOL
Even in the rain we had  fun!  Toy Story BINGO! :)
When did my babies grow up?  They look so big here!  SIGH
My DIVA DOG wasn't quite sure about all that sand!  LOL
My brother with his first catch
My HANDSOME teen Cody and I .. seriously, he's so not a kid anymore!
I don't know how many times we had to kick them off these chairs .. they'd of spent their entire vacay there if we'd of let them!  LOL

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back TO School!

Oh I have a feeling this is going to be one of my fave times of the year! BACK TO SCHOOL! LOL I must admit that after 2 whole months of my kids 24/7, I am ready for a much needed break (mind you I am heading back to school too ... so not much of a break.. but my day will be free to indulge in my own routine of household stuff, studies and gym Regardless I think you get the idea that I am excited about it all! ;)

It's so great to see the girls excited about all of this. Alexa has assured me that she will take her baby sister Angelina under her wing and make sure that she is shown all the ins, and the tricks of full time school. Angelina is starting Grade 1 and Alexa is Grade 2! Where did the time go?

So I thought I would do a "Back to School" post, to get others in the creative mood .. that and I have found some amazing Back to School printables and/or project ideas, lunch ideas, and a whole wack of other goodies out there, and really wanted to share them! So off we go! :)

Bird Crafts has some FREE images on their blog to download! Here is a peek of a few of them!

Be sure to check out the rest of their blog and store for some other themed ideas and goodies! :)

Here are some sweet little note cards at The Frog Prince Paperie for the kids lunch boxes ... truth be told they can be used anywhere though!

Amazing collection to be downloaded here at Tweedle D Designs!

I plan on keeping track of the girls homework and reading this year, and this is a great craft for them to make so that there is a place to track all of it! LOL

With all the school activities, milk, pizza, hot dog money that exchanges hands, these are a great idea to have as an "everyday carry" in your kids school bag! I know I will certainly be making these this year!

You can't go wrong with a HOMEWORK CHART which can also serve as a daily reading chart

Awesome video tutorial from Angry Chicken, for reusable sandwich, snack bags!

One thing I found last year, was Alexa got really bored of her school lunches. So I had to try and find different things that I knew she'd eat in the small amount of time she had to eat! I did some internet searching for ideas and this is what I found!


ANYTHING 100 Calorie!!!!!!!! Nuff said! LOL

KRAFT has an awesome article with some ideas here!

Companies Coming (some of my fave cookbooks come from them) has a series of kids cookbooks that have amazing school ideas!

Martha has a load of great ideas on her website, here are some that really stuck out to me!


Well my friends that is all I have for now .. will share more if i find it! Hope you enjoyed this read! :)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DONE .. and not doing anymore!

Until the urge strikes ... but I am happy with my busy/kid designed blog!

Thanks for the suggestions friends .... thanks for the actual comment Katie ... I'll have some Rachey treats for ya soon! LOL WINK!


Reconstructing Blog

I am so not happy with anything I am doing here right now .. so if you see funky things going on .. it's likely cuz I have flubbed something up, or I am figuring it out! LMAO!


Don't know about you - WILL YOU HELP?

... but the colour of my header hurts MY EYES! LOL I have been searching for a header that will someone match my new template, but have yet to find anything I may like! This is where will you help comes in! LOL

I have been purging and purging as of late, and have decided to put a lil RAK box together for the person who points me in the right direction and helps me get my header done! If I use what you have suggested then YOU WIN! THAT EASY!

Now the only problem is making sure that this gets out there .. aside from my immediate readers, who happen to be my friends that know I haven't been blogging recently! LOL

Let's see what happens! LOL


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear blog ...

Hi it's me .. I know you are still here waiting for my stories and funny's and crazy's .. but I just popped by to tell you that I am having an amazing summer so far and may not be able to visit you regularly! I do miss you and will be back full force after the summer!


Rachel :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scrap Industry .. SLOW DOWN ALREADY!

I am sure I am not alone here ... my wallet has had enough .. there is smoke off my personal maxed credit card (thank goodness hubby is smart to ensure that I have a low credit limit). I can't keep up .. and there is so much I want!

Does anyone else feel like this industry is crazy fast? I am just starting to enjoy the products from the Winter CHA .. and there are already pre-orders all over the net for the summer releases! Ya see truthfully .. if I was smart ... I'd wait for those releases to be placed on sale before I buy them .. it's not like I use em up right away! But I suffer from that "MUST HAVE NOW .. OR I WILL MISS OUT" mentality! I know I am not the only one!

I am going to make a personal pact right now ... and after chatting with my girl Heather this morning ... I think she is on to something! I am only allowed to scrap from my stash .. NOTHING NEW PURCHASED. My friend Katie is really good with this .. she gets product .. she uses it! So I am making a public declaration ... 20 LO's ... from stash .. before I am even allowed to look at anything new! I also have to do a serious inventory check .. and decide what to keep and what to sell/give away!

The old Rachel would of done 2 LO's, then broke her personal pact ... but this new Rachel, is very capable of doing this. Since this is a public announcement ... I am counting on my friends to kick me arse if I waver ..... or better yet THINK of wavering! LMAO

20 LO's is NOTHING .. not even a dent! So it's a small first step .. but a step regardless! :)

Anyways .. let me enable your credit cards .. seeing as I cannot/not allowed to enable my own and post some yummies that are coming way too soon! LOL

GRAPHIC 45 - Halloween in Wonderland


ECHO PARK PAPER - Sweet Summertime

BASIC GREY - Oliver and Olivia


BO BUNNY - 4 New lines

Peacock Lane

Petal Pushers

Sun Kissed

Block Party

That's enough for now .. will post more tomorrow! :) Wish me luck! WINK! LOL