Sunday, April 27, 2008

This Year I love the TAX MAN!/LO Share

YUP.. this year the taxman is A "ok" in my eyes. We have a $5000 return coming to us... WAHOOO! So as much as I know that "The Karen" and My Melly will miss my amazingly horrific HP camera, I think it's time I send it to it's grave! LMAO So Mell, I will call you when the return is in, and I am hoping you'll come camera shopping with me??? LOL

Here is some work I have done lately (please,please ignore the amazing quality of photo here... rolling eyes)!

This is a mini 5x5 album that I did using the Bad Girls March Kit. It's all about the shared 3rd B-day Party my DD Angie and my nephew Noah shared last summer. Kinda wild a crazy!


I went a lil nutso here... LMAO I just couldn't stop adding and adding!

I just love this pic of Lexa and I!!!

This was for the April Apron challenge over at Bad Girls. The challenge was called numerology, so I chose some pretty important numbers in my life! This was using the Apr Kit!

This was for another challenge over at BG. It was to use a song title or lryics as a tile using the Apr kit. So I chose this ole honkey tonk song from Paul Petersen called "My Dad". My hubby with Alexa and my brother with Noah!

A LO of my brother Mike... I just love this pic and that smile!

So I have already finished an 8x8 LO using the BG Apr kit, and am starting another mini album. I am not feeling so hot, and imagine that this week will be a slower week for me. Next week is the dreaded monthly week! LOL So might aswell scrap as much as I can for now! LOL

Thanks for stopping by, and I haven't decided on my colours yet, but will announce as soon as possible.. and send out that RAK!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vote for a colour combo!

So I get very bored EASY! I love change, and have decided my poor little blog needs a make over. I have to amend the pic on the top anyways and I am tired of the black and white look!

So here is my blog challenge to you!

Pick my blog colours for me! Leave me a comment with your suggestions, and I will select a random comment to RAK! Come on my fellow Bad Girls especially... I so know you won't let me down! LMAO

Remember, I consider myself, BIG and BOLD, and yes BEAUTIFUL (although right now I am having serious issue with the beautiful part...LMAO) So the colours have to reflect me. If you happen to know of a free digi kit out there that would be awesome on my blog.. let me know!

Thanks so much in advance! Off to scrap!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to the world Kasey Patricia Squires/Odds n' Ends

Hey Hey Hey..... So my sitter has been crazy ill this week, and John had to stay home with the monkeys. Today is my turn.. so I am going to attempt to get them to clean their rooms, and their toys downstairs... Funny how they loose time when they are in the midst of this task. Half the time their rooms get messier! LMAO

On an awesome note, we have a new addition to our YAYA family! My YAYA Katie, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 15 Apr 08, and they named her Kasey Patricia. I have yet to see the littlest Squire member, but I know that Katie is home, resting and I am sure a tad sleep deprived. So a huge congrats to Katie, Ryan and Kayleigh, on their new addition. I love you all, rest well and can't wait to meet Kasey!

So I haven't done much scrapping this past week. I have a mini album that I really need to get pics of and posted. I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I am now anxiously awaiting my Apr 08 Bad Girl Kit, and I really hope it's in today so I can scrap with it this weekend! LOL In the meantime I have some crazy scrap spring cleaning to do... crazy how much stuff I have!

John will be home soon so I am going to get caught up on a few of my friends blogs... and then gonna get me some family time in place! Hope you enjoy the read!

So my YAYA Steph posted her amazing BON JOVI LO recently. Her and Tanya went to the concert together and it sounds like they had an absolute blast! Check it out on Steph's blog here

So one of the DT members over at Bad Girls is one of my absolute fave scrappers (yes I have many, but she sticks out) Her name is Ania! She recently posted this LO on her blog and my jaw dropped... so amazing! If you're english, scroll down after the LO pics, cause she's got some kind of spy talk in her first paragraph...LMAO Luvs Ya Girl!


So my fellow BG Jen, had a great post today. It was a compliment that she got from her hubby and about how she received it. I thought it was insightful!!! I so saw myself in her words!!! Go leave her some love if you want to comment on this too! Here is her post! Thanks for the awesome read Jen!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MISS JENI (AKA PEPSIGIRL) ... she has just become the latest DT member at my fave site BG. This girl is super talented and is as sweet as can be! Congrats sweetie... you rawk and I couldn't be prouder of you! Check out her blog here.... Here are a few of her creations too so you know I am not being over the top...LOL This is nasty/naughty talent.!! LOL

Well that is about all the time that I have right now! Johnny T just got home with a couple of T-Bones and some fresh veggies for our first 2008 BBQ... YUMMILICIOUS! Then we havea couple of flicks to get caught up... I am sure some wine will be ingested, and then who know's what after that.... WINK!

Have a great one readers!


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cheeseball Day Me Thinks

So I am feeling a little human again today. I have an appetite which is great seeing as I have hardly eaten the past few days.. yes that includes my coffee... can you believe it?? Me.. not wanting coffee?? Just goes to show you how ill I've John is bringing me home a Quiznos Sub for lunch (the perks of him only working 10 min away) and i'll get to have lunch alone with him too. He sounded so happy that I had a bit a spark in my voice again!

So plans today involve, scrapping (as long as my energy lasts), and cheeseball 80's movies that always make me feel so happy! On the top of the list... the YAYA TeeHee (atleast Mell and SIXTEEN CANDLES.

"No more yanky my wanky... the Donger need FOOD"


Here's a little clip for ya (Mell try not to pee your pants ok??LOL)

Okay and one more

OK.. off to start the cheeseball movies... have a good one!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Navcan LO Sharing

Just wanted to post a few of the LOs I did at Navcan this weekend.... There Katie...LOL


Used my March Bad Girls kit here, using the add-on aswell. I painted the cardstock, stickles it to death, and then scrapped on the fabric. Kinda Funky! LOL


Another March Bad Girl kit creation. The girls painting some cookies at their sitters Henny.


This was for my DDD challenge to use a number in your title. I have been meaning to correct my title by matting the black letters on the pic onto white CS to make them pop a tad more. The background is the damask packing tape I got in my Oct Bad Girls Kit, on while CS. Looks cool! That's my gorgeous Alexa!


Ok, so those that were around me when I was creating this LO must of thought I was on I couldn't stop giggling the entire time, as this LO is crazy. I mean really out there for me. LOL I am quite happy with the final result though...LOL Used the March Bad Girls Kit, and that is my Angie having some fun at the park!


I LOVE how this LO came out. The brown bunch of flowers, the word love and the brown hearts are all from the new released 12x12 Big Board Transparencies from Fancy Pants. I alcohol inked them, but found them on the orangy side, so the used the Heidi Swapp Bark paint. then of course my stickles... Loved how they came out. A huge thanks to my YAYAs on this one too, Steph help me with the circle concept, and Mell and Tanya contributed from their stashes to give it that extra uumppphhh! The pic of course is my YAYAs from our latest photo shoot, and the LO was made from a Jenni Bowlin kit.


Another one of my faves this weekend. This is my John and our girls... which is an amazing pic. I used the Jenni Bowlin March kit, used a few items that I got from my vintage junque swap over at Bad girls a few months ago. I got the aged doily from a store in etsy! Used metallic rubs (thanks Mell) to grunge it up and give it a aged look. And bulk embellished on the flower.


This a lift from Heidi Swapp. I can't find the original, as it was in Tanya's scrap journal, but the idea is the exact same. I absolutely love it, and love that it is a page about my gorgeous hubby! LOL Painted the J on the CS, then went crazy with the words. The dragonfly was stickled to death (are ya seeing a trend here...LOL)

I SAY IT AVEC AMOUR (with love)

This is another LO using the March Bad Girls Kit. It is for the recycle challenge that was posted. The idea was to use something from the kit that wouldn't normally be used, and recycle it. So I cut off the top tab of the "Say it with Crystals" and incorporated it into my title. I also used the polka dot backing and sanded around the edges... used it behind my pic. Great challenge!!!

This LO was done by my YAYA Tanya and given to me. We had a challenge amongst us gals to compose a kit with pics, and we drew to se who would have to scrap using it. Then we drew again to see who kept the LO's once they were created. So Tanya drew Steph's kit, and then i drew to keep it. Here is is!


This lady is seriously talented!! Thanks chickie... I love it!

Well that's about all the sharing for now. I have a few lo's started that i had to walk away from bfore I threw them out...LOL Will tackle them some other time when i find the inspiration again. In the meantime, will be scrapping this weekend hopefully.. I am expecting "Aunt Flo" so I'll be in a lot of pain... and the narcs always hlep not just with the pain, but with the creativity too.. Sad hu?

Have a good one and thanks for looking!