Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bubblegum Smackin Cute :)

Wow I didn't realize how much work there was to redoing the entire blog... LOL I se that I am going to need a few days to get things ironed out!

In the meantime... I made a little siggy! I wanted my blog to be bubblegum smackin cutsie... tell me whatcha think?? Is it so far that?


Glitter Text Generator

Glitter Text Generator

Friday, January 23, 2009

Changing My blog

Please hang in there.. I am playing with HTML Codes and who knows what may happen! LOL

I am hoping I'll have a cool looking blog soon enough! WINK


Sunday, January 18, 2009

The weekend that Never was - LO Share

So I had this awesome weekend planned and I must say.. it turned out, so not like I had wanted it too... but that is okay.. I ended up enjoying it just the same!

Before I start with my post I had some news .... I was a gallery pick in the LM Newsletter this week! My LO "MY HEAVEN" was there in the newsletter and Almost fel over when I saw it.. thought that was pretty cool! LOL

Here is the entry...

My Heaven By Doodlebug4444

This is a GORGEOUS layout! Such elegant and perfect touches were placed into this layout! And who can not forget the precious photograph!

Angelina has been pretty sick the past few days. I snapped a pic of her yesturday, and then she proceeded to give me shit cuz I was in the way of treehouse. Anyways she has a nasty cold, and is fevered up... we've been medicating her and keeping her in the tub to clear her nose etc..... Katie called me last night to check in, and as we were chatting we secretly admitted to each other, sometimes we secretly relish when our kids get sick. Angie has been the biggest cuddle bear.. SIGH.. I don't get cuddles as much as I use to. She has been having trouble sleeping at night, so we've been up at all hours, sharing some hot chocolate, and watching TV. She is my little girl, and when she is ill like that, I am so in my zone.. I feel like SUPER MOMMY! I know what to do, and I am good at it! I try not to think of the future knowing that she's gonna branch off and be independant, but it's so hard not to! LOL

Here is the pic I snapped of her!

So I missed out on friday night fun, and when I woke on Sat, John wasn't feeling well either. So I ended up missing my scrap class on Saturday! I did however, manage to scrap anyways, with my DD snuggled up next to me either sleeping or watching a movie!

Here is what I created!


So I am part of a challenge over at LM to do an altered journal and I have choosen to do mine in ATC format. Every week, we are given a prompt.. and this week the prompt was "My Personality"!


My sitter Henny takes these pics of the girls by her flower garden every year! I had a field day with all the flowers...LOL This is a 12x12!


I really DISLIKE this LO... LOL I had a pretty sweet image in my head.. and I am not too sure what happened in the process... LMAO Oh well not every piece of work can be your picasso right??? LOL This is a 12x12 aswell!


This is a 12x2 of Angie when she was a little younger! I wanted to make a black and white LO so the colour in the pic would really pop.

So that is about it for now. Today I am not too sure what I am doing. Maybe I'll scrap, but I am definantely going to be watching some more EVERWOOD! That is my latest show I am fascinated with... it's so good! LOL

Have a goood one!


Friday, January 16, 2009

An update and some LOs to share!

I've hardly had anytime to blog this week let alone scrap. I do have a couple of LO's that I did last weekend that I never did get around to sharing!

Here they are!


I have always loved this pic of John and Angie. I got the flower from a swap I was in a while back! This is a 12x12!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this LO. It's a 9x9 of me and my girls taken in 2004. As you can see it's for a sketch challenge (from WF at LM) and it was also for a quote challenge. I painted the word Heaven (one of those old MM metal words) and it was the first time I had used the itty bitty letter stickers in abundance like that!

I am hoping to scrap this weekend. LM has the SF Winter Extreme Crop going on. I am home today! While I had taken it to scrap and rest up, I am on mommy and wifey patrol. Got a call form our sitter yesturday that Angie wasn't feeling well.. and she has gone down from there. I was up with her most of the night, she was really fevered, and so restless.. poor thing. Then this morning John mentions he isn't well, and well he rarely gets ill.. so once again, our home is invaded! Gee I really hate this time of year!

I had to cancel on Tanya and Mellisa for our Sexy outing tonight. SORRY GIRLS (I really wanted to do this with you guys) ... I know you'll have a a blast just the same! Be extra naughty for me okay?? LOL

I did get some awesome news though.. Looks like I'll be attending that Vicki Boutin weekend crop in Smith Falls (or is it, someone backed out and I was the first on the waiting list. I was suppose to be in Germany for this, but luck has jumped in!.. I am tres excited about it! Now to get the details so I know what I'll be doing (other than looping it up)! LMAO

Well that is it for now.. here's hoping I have some work to share by the end of the weekend!

Have a good one guys!


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today is my YAYA Mellisa's Birthday! Just wanted to give you a quick shout out and send awesome B-Day happiness and love your way!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Some more work to share!

Before I begin, I would just like to give a shout out to Laurie! It's been a tough week for her and I wanted to scream LUVS YA, and MMMMMMWWWWWWWAAAAAAAA to put a smile on her face!

So.. I have been scrapping and it feels great! I am way ahead of my goals so far, and I have to give credit to Lifetime Moments Winter Scrapfest! I have been doing their summer and winter scrapfests for a couple of years, and this is the best start I have ever had...

So without further ado!


So this 12x12 LO was based on an AD inspiration. I loved all the journaling space and since I am not one to journal, I thought this would force me a bit. I have had this baby pic of Cody for ages, and have always wanted to scrap it.. why not tell a story while I was at it! LOL


I added the close ups just for Steph... LOL So this is a 12x12 of Alexa and I... I love the bright juicy feel to it,and it's been a bit since I have done such a vibrant LO... at least IRL it is VERY vibrant! LOL The inspiration was to journal in bullet format.. 10 bullets. It also fits another challenge to mix fonts in the title! Inspired by Pencil Lines Sketch #91 composed by Janine Boyd and Anna Bowkis!



PG 1&2

PG 3&4

PG 5&6

PG 7&8

PG 9&10

I am so proud of this Mini album cuz it's the first one I have ever done that is completely handmade. I took some cardstock and cut them, glued them back to back, took the Heidi Swapp edge distress tool and went to town. Then spritz heavily with the gold glimmer mist.. SO COOL! I them used the BG Dec kit, some things from my stash and voila. These were all pics that I had taken previous to scrapping.. so they were more everyday keepsakes. I have always wanted to scrap them although most of them are pretty crummy! LOL So here was the place for them... my precious and mine family! LOL

So today I am off of work, just cuz I could take it! I am gonna chill, read some bogs, and of course scrap! Got my tunes on for now, but later will enjoy Season 1 of Medium, my java and when my family gets home... my family!



Friday, January 2, 2009

LO Share

OMG I scrapped! I still need to master the perfect way to post my LO's though. I jump between taking pics and scanning.. Scanning takes so long, and i don't have the patience...LOL So for now, I will post the pics!


My Alexa! This is a 9x9 LO and I am loving the BG Chipboard letters! This was also inspired by the Pencil Lines Sketch #73 designed by Asa Bergstrand!


That's my brother Mike with Angelina when she was a baby.. (remember my list on the post below was to scrap those older pics.. here is an example). This LO is a 9x9 and I used the Bad Girls Oct 08 kit "Studio 54"


This is Angie as a baby with Alexa's precious "Moosie"! I have had this pic in my pic stash for so long and it was time to scrap it already! LOL This is a 12x12, and I used the BG Dec 08 kit "Grannies Attic"! Also inspired by Pencil Lines Sketch #48 designed by Judi VanVilkinburgh


Love the Rouge Paperie line from Making Memories..YUM! This is Alexa getting her hair and make-up done before her ballet recital. A 12x12! This was also inspired by Pencil Lines Sketch #72 designed by Sarah Youde.


I love this pic of John and I, and it's rare that I scrap us! A 6x12 using BG's Nov 08 kit "Vintage Treasures" This LO is also inspired by Pencil Lines Sketch #11 designed by Kimmy Sonsken


My Alexa, in the Winnie the Pooh dress that would never go away..LOL A 12x12 using BG's Nov 08 kit "Vintage Treasures"


I love this LO.. I love the simplicity and those hot men in that pic are my hubby, his two brothers, and my FIL (who is sadly no longer with us). My MIL is the corner. Being that there are 4 Tops men in our family, title seemed only fitting! LOL A 12x12 using the BG's Nov 08 "Vintage Treasures" kit!

So there ya go.. off to a great start! Have scrapped some older pics, used my stash/kits, used some sketches, but most of all SCRAPPED! Such a great feeling, and I am so inspired to do more!


Thursday, January 1, 2009



Well ends one year and starts another. I must say I am looking forward to this year... I welcome it with open arms. I love the feel of a new start, a clean slate, the future of the unknown! I say BRING IT!

This is going to be a big year for me... first it is the year I am going to retire after 15 years of serving the Canadian Armed Forces. While this is bittersweet, I embrace it as it'll give me the opportunity to focus on what means the most to me. My family!

I look forward to getting together with my BFFs and celebrating womanhood and our love for scrapbooking. I look forward to the laughs, the banter and pranks, the cries of turmoil, the anger of frustration, the ups and downs, and I welcome them!

So I am not a big one on New Years Resolutions, I find that is a set up for failure (as I have failed on many, so this year I am going to adapt to change instead. So here is a list of things I'd like to change in my life!

1 - Adopt a healthier lifestyle (in lieu of dropping weight and kicking the ciggies). Just plain ole eat better, exercise and love my body.

2 - BECOME MORE GIRLIE.. (stop snickering you A holes.. ooppss that's not very lady like is it?? HEEHEE) Seriously, I would like to try and find the sexy inside. I'm not saying I am giving up the scrubs and T's (come on now, I still got to be me), but I would like to learn how to be more fashionable, apply make-up, wear some accessorizing stuff, do my hair. Just put in that effort! Maybe I'll even try to watch my foul mouth.. EEEEKKKKK! LOL

3 - Be a better mommy and wife. If this means being a better cook, a better cleaner, a better story reader a better whatever around the home, then I want to do it. I am going to try and spend a few minutes alone each day that I can with my kids. I also want to habitually romance my hubby. I can't wait to reconnect more with him!

4 - READ MORE! I have recently been reacquainted with my love of books. I got a library card, and have been reading up a it!

5 - Live more thrifty. Cut those corners and not splurge as much as I am use to. With my retirement, I am gonna have to do this soon! HEEHEE

6 - Be the bestest BFF I can be to my YAYAs and friends. Take that extra step if needed and remind myself everyday how lucky I am to have them in my life!

7 - Get my kits made up and get them selling. This is a real big step for me.. and I am thrilled about it!

8 - FINISH WHAT I START.. nuff said! LOL

9 - Experiment with cooking a tad more. I use to LOVE to cook and would LOVE to try different things and have veered away from that since having the kids. So I would like to get back into it.

10 - ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE... I am hoping that this will give me time to do all the above and enable me to stop and take that deep breathe so I don't get overwhelmed as much!


1 - Well this year I am dedicating to sketches. I am attacking the Pencil Lines sketches, and of course the awesome Becky Fleck. I am not going to post any numbers of Lo's that I'd like to do, but expect an influx this year.

2 - STASH STASH STASH.. can I scream that any louder...LMAO My stash is ridiculous!

3 - Scrap various sizes and SUBMIT. I am not a submitter, but think maybe I'd get selected. Well at least I hope I do! The only way to find out is to try right? LOL

4 - Scrap more of my older pics.

5 - Simply, BE CREATIVE!

So there you have it.. my changes. Now Rome wasn't built in a day here folks.. so I don't see all this happening at once..LOL But here's hoping that when we welcome 2010, I'll be able to look back on 2009 with a great feeling of accomplishment and joy!

Tomorrow I will be uploading some LO's that I have done (YES WAHOO.. I so please come back and leave me some love!