Saturday, September 27, 2008

Well it's about time HUH???

What a blogging hiatus I had here huh??? I just haven't been in the mood lately... but there is much going on! So let's get down to business! LOL

On a sad note, I lost my grandma yesturday morning. She had a massive heart attack a month ago and never recovered. After a long heavily medicated month in ICU, the family made the decision to cease her life support and let her go! As sad as this is,I know the logically side of me knows she is much better now and reunited with my grandpa.. she never really was herself after his passing. My brother and I were going to head out to her funeral in Crystal Beach ON (near Niagara Falls), had the car rental set up etc... Mike woke up this am to a sick sick wife and 4 year old. After chatting with my mom and dad, it was determined he'd stay back. I got a call from my dad moments later asking me to not come either, as my parents would worry about me driving alone. I had no problem with it, but considering my parents request to not let them worry, with a heavy heart, I decided to stay back. We aren't the kind of family to say one thing and mean another, so I know if that is what my parents wanted then it's the way it is. I am respecting that! So I'll be holding on to my babies a tad longer today... scrapping and just taking it all in. I haven't been able to cry yet... I imagine I'll cry eventually and probably when I least expect it... I guess I am just a tad more preoccupied with the worry for my folks!

ANYWAYS.... On to happier things......LOL

So we were not too long ago down to one family PC and have graduated to 4.... INSERT BIG EYES. Our family computer (which is the kids gaming computer is from 2001... my old laptop (which I am using now.. gremlins are, John's laptop (which is now and our NEW IMAC!!! I was surprised by my hubby.... it is primarily his computer for his courses and money ventures, but it happily sits in our dining area for my use aswell. I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! LOL

Much going on on my fave site ever... YUP that'd be BAD GIRLS

1 - Top Designer 2008 has taken off and into the third round! I am happy to say that I have made it into the third round..and hoping to go into the 4th...LOL The grandprize is mindblowing... The classes are informative and design oriented and the competitors are BEYOND TALENTED... Truthfully, I would love to win..TEEHEE but I am having as much fun drooling at all the freakin masterpieces that I will be lifting in my near future!!! The fun doesn't stop at the competition itself. Wendy has had awesome sponsership, and is playing games for awesome prizes all competition long. Here are some pics of the grandprize, fun prizes and the entries I've submitted so far....


TD TEACHER's PET (winner will be wo spends the most in the store)

Game #2 - CREATE A STORY (my mom won this.. WAHOOOO)

CLASS #1 - Layering Perspectives (my entry)


CLASS #2 - Mixing Patterns (my entry)


CLASS #3 - Less Is More (my entry)

The background is white CS..LOL

I was the big winner for the AUGUST APRON CHALLENGE at BG's. The challenge was to scrap a goal.. and I scrapped about my desire to quit smoking. Here is the LO I did....


Here is the Apron that I won... made of swarovski crystals.
As I was one of only 12 winners, the deal was that you had to do a photo shoot once you had received your apron. So my lovely YAYA's decided to VAMP ME UP!!! LOL what a process that was. Mellisa did my make-up (and in true Melly style studied the technique on YOU TUBE..loved and Tanya my hair, Mell and Steph did the photos... and the sexy just oozed... LMAO I was extremely umcomfortable.. but after few wooblies, the poses started to come naturally... Here are some of them (FYI - My mom didn't even recognize

We were also celebrating my B-day at Katie's and in true YAYA style.. I got a penis candle cake (which is fitting cuz last year I got a Tanya made penis cake...LOL) I also got to shop with Mellisa at "Aren't we Naughty"!!! Hey give me a break readers... I just lost my uterus and my sex life is "GAME ON"... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

Notice that make-up shit is still all over my face?? Ya, it literally took minutes after that to get it off! LOL

So last weekend we had NAVCAN! Oh how I LOVE NAVCAN! Let's see if I can recap the highlights!

1 - Mellisa came to visit (she had a wedding to go to)
3 - Shopping at Auntie Em's
4 - Watching Katie get shitfaced the first night
5 - Seeing Suzanne's BG style coming out
6 - Listening to Rocky Horror Picture Show
7 - Putting a punk in his place with a shot of tequila
8 - Opening the gift exchange
9 - Getting shitfaced
10 - Stealing a rose for my mom from a bouquet in the lobby..BAHAHAHAHA
11 - Katie in the fountain in her clothes (I didn't see this, but the story alone was enough to make me PIMP
12 - The food was actually good
13 - Scrapping - duh!
14 - Sharing a room with my mommy
15 - The friendly banter (oh it was flying)
16 - Katie's cabbage farts
17 - The masterpieces all displayed on the wall
18 - Smoking with Laurie...HEEHEE
19 - Kare bear NOT smoking (so proud of you)
20 - Taking care of Sandy
21 - The Russian Roulettes that Steph made at the bar...YUM
22 - The face Laurie made when I told her the Sambuca wasn't strong at all... and then she realized after the shot that I was a big fat liar..BAHAHAHA LOVE YA GIRL.. and I know you are so gonna get me back..LMAO
24 - Watching Steph make her Eva Black board book
25 - Tracy's smiling face.. she is just gorgeous!

So much more that I can post but I think 25 is enough...LOL Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that we had a good time! LOL

Here are the LO's I created that weekend!

This is an 8x8 of Ang as a baby using the Sep BG Kit!

A 12x12 of Lexa for one of my DDD challenges! Use 75% Prima products! Also my entry for the PENCIL LINES 101 Sketch!

A 12x12 LO I did for Katie of Kayleigh when she was a day old. Mellisa took the pics!

Yes I spelt GHOULISH wrong.. but I am a dork so deal with it! BAHAHAHAHA A 12x12 of my "monsters" taken last Halloween!

A 12x12 of my girls when they were younger! Using the BG Sep kit!

Well that is about it for now! I promise it won't be a month until my next post... and just for Steph, I'll do an INTERNET FINDINGS post soon! LOL


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Back/LO Share

Well after 3 months off work, and a few months prior to that at half days, today was the first day I was back to work FT! It felt great. I am exhausted tonight, but a productive exhausted. I worked in our GI unit today, put in a bunch of IV's, did some patient monitoring, and then worked in another clinic in the afternoon! Nice to be back treating patients again! I sure missed it!

On another note... I have been scrapping. Got 4 LO's completed with the August Bad Girls kit, and another one almost finished! It wasn't my fave kit, but I used a good chunk of it so I am happy with that!

Here they are!


This LO is my entry into the August BG's Apron Challenge! The idea was to scrap a goal, and this is a habit I am struggling to quit (and with the return of my health a new goal to make me even stonger...WINK)! I used the graphite glitter mist to give it a grunge "nicotine" look, and scrapped my pack of smokes...LOL Hey everything is scrapable right??? LOL


I have always loved this pic of Angelina and I remember thinking she looked so cheeky in this pic. I used some vintage papers I got in my "junk" swap.


CRAP CRAP CRAP....LOL Notice the piece of woodchip that made it's way on my LO....LOL If you notice behind the pic that is where it came from... I can't believe I didn't notice that before I snapped away... I'm such a dork! LMAO ANYWAYS.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this LO turned out. I think it's one of my new faves. It was based on Pencil Lines sketch #97


I had alot of fun with this one. I am not too sure if thus picture of the LO reflects this but I inked the naked tag, and then stickled it to Also used the gold glitter mist on the Beautiful title. I handcut the swirl, that was from the PP. It was a very creative processed LO. I used the Pencil Lines sketch #99

So that is about it for now. Tomorrow John and I take Angelina to meet her JK teacher. Alexa start school on Thursday and Angelina on Monday! I'll post on how that goes at that time.... LOL