Monday, July 30, 2007

Challenge Sunday #8 & Daisy D New Products

We had a wonderful BBQ at my parents yesturday, letting the kids go nuts with the water guns and pool. Had some yummy chicken with salad, potatoe, and corn on the cob!!! Was a great time, and truth be told the first chance I have had to really relax since my holidays started.

So I forgot to post my challenges yesturday... and while I do that I'll also post Daisy D's new CHA Summer 07 releases.

Here we go!

So this weeks challenges are based on ADS curtosy of Just Ad Inspirations


Have Fun and I can't wait to see what you create!!!!!


With so many releases that have come out for CHA Summer 2007, I thought I'd highlight a few companies that have made me go OOOHHHH and AAAAAHHHH! No, not all in this specific post (I'd be here, but over the next few posts. I wanted to start with DAISY D as it is one of my fave!!! Please note all pics of products are curtosy of the Daisy D web site.

The Daisy D team was busy creating some wonderful new papers and embellishment, and have also introduced some new products to their infamous company... here are some that have struck me.

One of the things that I absolutely adore about DD is the way they make all their products available to all types of scrappers. Some people love kits, some love individual papers, and then their kits that offer it all.. here are some pics of their latest.

I must admit that I am some what curious about their ape runners that are suppose to mimic the sewing technique. They come in a few styles but the pic below is the fancy border one.

I love that instead of a bunch of letters to create your own titles with, DD has given you words specific and the letters that spell them. No leftover Z or X' This is what they look like!

Of course there is nothing like flowers to make your project The flowers below are fabric flowers.

It seems that buttons are making a grand comeback... did they really leave though?? LOL Here is a pic of the way they are packaged.

Ribbon to match their new papers!

More of their fabo rub-ons that are theme specific. I love the diffent fonts they use for these.

Also a whole bunch of cardstock stickers, using different shapes... amazing! Here are a few examples!

Last but not least... you can't forget the Die

So there you have it. I am loving the vibrant colours that they used to represent fall. I am anxious to see it all in real life and maybe buy a product or two...LOL


Saturday, July 28, 2007

New Look

So I changed the look of my bog a tad?? Whatcha think? I also changed my self portrait... that is me on a Herc heading to Thule Greenland ( did I mention I flew the plane for 5 I also added some more sections on the left for different blogs and such... I will be adding more as I have the time. I also subbed to feedblitz (like I see on tons of blogs) for any of my readers to get an e-mail when I update... Just something fun to add!!! So leave me comments and tell me whacha


Friday, July 27, 2007


I had a super productive day yesturday... I started doing a massive clean sweep on my scrap area, and while I worked 4 hours straight on it, I still have lots left to do.. but once I am done I can't wait to get down there and SCRAP SCRAP SCRAP!! LOL

I am so behind on my blog readings that todays post is dedicated to my catching

So here I go!!!

Heidi Swapp has posted her CLUB HEIDI August kit. Here is a pic and keep in mind it isn't available until 01 Aug.

Sketch Blog Alert... Little Book of Sketches.. I'm in love!!! LOL

I truely adore the multi-photo blog.. I fond it very inspiring and I have been trying to use up as many pics as possible... Check it out for some fun and creative ideas!

Another challenge blog out there. All About Eve

Sketch It blog has new sketches up.. Love her work!

American Crafts Blog has posted a call for their new design team. I know many a talented scrapper who could really contibute.. Come on scrappers... submit! Details are here

ScrapScene is busy as ever I notice.... lol
Here are a few of the things from their site that I found intriguing and FUN..
Sticky Mini Books Contest.. details here
ScrapScene Mini Books Contest... details here
Is this a sin or what?? Stolen Items at CHA... details here

The Journaler's Junction is another amazing challenge blog.. that focuses on.. what else but..... I know many of us need to work on that.

Sketch This... sketch #22

Looks like Robyn's Boy Reeve needs Are ya gonna have to sell some scrap stuf girl?? LOL OH I hope not.. and you're right.. you can't have a handsome boy with crooked teeth. LOL Best of luck hun.. he's handsome no matter what!

One Little Word Blog.. challenge #6 is up! WORD - AUTOMATIC

My YAYA Steph has been creating like crazy and sharing her amazing creations... Check out her latest here

My girlfriend and fellow scrapper Lucy is hosting a sketch contest on her sketch blog this month. Here is the sketch that is due 31 Jul 07

You'll also notice that she has posted a few of her card sketches as bonuses.. ENJOY!

My YAYA Katie has been scrapping up a storm.... Check out her mastering of SHABBY

Another YAYA with news. Tanya's company OH LA LA DESIGNS is going international. I'm so proud of you sweetie!!!!! Read it here

I'VE BEEN INSPIRED... Yes my other YAYA Mellisa inspired me to clean sweep my scrap area!!! Have you seen the post of her clean sweep?? GORGEOUS AREA MY LOVE... see it here

CPS #23

Do you think Nat is happy to be on HOLIDAYS?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

KI MEMORIES has a Black and White challenge up. Looks amazing!!!

Looks like Barbs boy is getting a visit from the toothfairy... he's growing so fast Barb!!!

Michelle has been super busy as I can tell from her blog... check out all kinds of ideas for you card lovers!

Do you love Digi Scrapping? Well my girl Di sure does and I absolutely love the work she does. Check out her work here... and keep in mind she is very open to suggestions and comments.. also makes a good teacher too...LOL

Well I have spent the better half of the day already just reading blogs.. I guess I should get me arse going and actually go back downstairs and work on the clean sweep I have started on! SIGH...but it is vacation... LOL

Have a good one folks!


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings

Good morning everyone!!! Well here I sit on my laptop, with the TV on Tipee and Binoo for my youngest, Cody sitting on the living room floor engrossed in a serious lego set, Alexa is still sleeping (I can't get over that) and John puttering around the house. And what a cup of java I am having... YUMMY!! LOL My mom is due to come over any minute, and we are having a BBQ tonight!!! The sun is shining... It's going to be a beautiful day!!!

On with my fave reads and finds.

Making Memories blog has another of their infamous leave a comment chance to win product.... Isn't that sweet?? LOL Here is the link.. the draw is on Friday! GOOD LUCK!

INNOCENT???? Not likely.. I actually feel pretty bad for Lindsay Lohan... she is in for a big world of hurt if she continues down this path!!! Here is the article today from PEOPLE MAG..

Looking for something fun and new for your kids this summer?? I just came across this..... Take any one of thousand(s) of digi pics you have, and convert it into a colouring page for your kids. THEN SCRAP IT! LOL The link to directions on how to do it is right here.

ELSIE has a new location for her blog.. check out not just her new blog but her releases from CHA summer 2007

Check out PUB CALENDER for the latest DT's, pubs and contests.

Alright that is all I can type for now... my mother is nagging my ears off to go to Michael's and spend that 40% coupon...LOL I just hope My Melly doesn't read this and give me crap for UYS challenge...LOL HHHMMMM wasn't my kits and adhesive my luxery item?? LMAO
Have a good one guys... great to be back!


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good to be back home!!!

Well after two and a half weeks in London, our family was really missing home. We got in around 2000 last night, and just sighed.. While our visit to London was sad and happy at the same time, and it was nice to visit properly, there is nothing like the smell and comforts of home!!!

I am looking forward to getting all caught up on my internet readings, do some scrapping, spend time with my family, do fun excursions, and just sit back and enjoy y holidays. Now that I am no longer on compassionate leave and infact on my summer vacation, I intend to fully enjoy it!! Looking forward to my next entry here too..LOL

Enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A sigh of relief

I am in London ON right now with my family as my beloved FIL has passed away. I am going to make a post dedicated to him soon, in the meantime I haven't the time to post any of my challenges etc. When I get home I will post as per usual!


Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Sorry to those that frequently read my blog. I haven't been able to post for a solid week as I have ben getting the worst headaches ever. I think it's my vision as I have been getting some nasty blur spots. I have an appointment tomorrow with my doc to have them checked out.

I haven't been on the computer in some time as it's too hard to read the screen, and I haven't been able to scrap, knit, X-stitch........... anything. I am so restless it's not even funny!

Anyways, I will be back soon... and probably with