Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scrap Industry .. SLOW DOWN ALREADY!

I am sure I am not alone here ... my wallet has had enough .. there is smoke off my personal maxed credit card (thank goodness hubby is smart to ensure that I have a low credit limit). I can't keep up .. and there is so much I want!

Does anyone else feel like this industry is crazy fast? I am just starting to enjoy the products from the Winter CHA .. and there are already pre-orders all over the net for the summer releases! Ya see truthfully .. if I was smart ... I'd wait for those releases to be placed on sale before I buy them .. it's not like I use em up right away! But I suffer from that "MUST HAVE NOW .. OR I WILL MISS OUT" mentality! I know I am not the only one!

I am going to make a personal pact right now ... and after chatting with my girl Heather this morning ... I think she is on to something! I am only allowed to scrap from my stash .. NOTHING NEW PURCHASED. My friend Katie is really good with this .. she gets product .. she uses it! So I am making a public declaration ... 20 LO's ... from stash .. before I am even allowed to look at anything new! I also have to do a serious inventory check .. and decide what to keep and what to sell/give away!

The old Rachel would of done 2 LO's, then broke her personal pact ... but this new Rachel, is very capable of doing this. Since this is a public announcement ... I am counting on my friends to kick me arse if I waver ..... or better yet THINK of wavering! LMAO

20 LO's is NOTHING .. not even a dent! So it's a small first step .. but a step regardless! :)

Anyways .. let me enable your credit cards .. seeing as I cannot/not allowed to enable my own and post some yummies that are coming way too soon! LOL

GRAPHIC 45 - Halloween in Wonderland


ECHO PARK PAPER - Sweet Summertime

BASIC GREY - Oliver and Olivia


BO BUNNY - 4 New lines

Peacock Lane

Petal Pushers

Sun Kissed

Block Party

That's enough for now .. will post more tomorrow! :) Wish me luck! WINK! LOL