Thursday, May 27, 2010

LO - Share


It's been so long since I have posted any of my work that I have done lately. Part because I'm lazy, and part because my pics are shitty! LOL But here are a few that I haven't posted and I'll have more in the near future under different light circumstances!

So Heather, Nancy , Natasha (soon to be) and I have formed this little "challenge group". Ultimately it is to get those pages done .. and since we all scrap at the same LSS, we can pretty much gaurentee to see each other once a month. The banter that has been happening at those crops make me wanna PIMP! SERIOUSLY! LOL I have been really productive since we started this (not as productive as I am using some stash! So I have two months to do 14 challenges .... here are some that I have completed!

ABC Challenge - Letter "A" must have two different Alphas on your page

SKETCH CHALLENGE - Stuck Sketch 01 May


SHABBY BINGO Challenge - Pick a line (Noel Mignon)

I picked the vertical "O"
LO - Susie Homemaker

I had a blast doing this LO ... I used the mint chocolate chip glimmer chalk that I won from Tattered Angels ... and HELLO - MELODY ROSS HOMESPUN CHIC .. Sigh .. HAPPY HAPPY! I also must admit.. this LO is going in my Book of Me. I am not Susie Homemaker ... but there is hope! BAHAHAHAHA!

I finished my mom's mini album using the LUSH brown album and the Romantique paper line by Graphic 45 .. and have to get mom to bring it over so I can snap some pics .. but that's another challenge complete! LOL

CHALLENGE - NEW MOON (Noel Mignon again)
This LO had to be about CHANGE (hello .. been there done, had to include the colours black, white and red. Had to have a flower (thanks for the handmade posy Katie), text or book paper (used a JB button), charm and finally bling.
LO - CHANGE (I didn't post the journalling that will be done on this page, it will be written in all the white space on this page. It is going to be very personal and something that I am not ready to share. Consider it therapy! LOL

I have a couple more LO's but can't seem to remember if they were challenge based ... BAHAHAHA ... let me ask my partner in crime .... OH HEATHER? LOL

So that is enough for now ... I will upload some pics of Mother's Day and odds and ends with the kids sometime later this week/weekend!

Life is good ... thanks for popping on by!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Special post for a Special Gal - HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER

Don't worry girl .. no need to grab a tissue .... but I am not letting this day go by without a special shout out to ya! LOL

I am SO HAPPY you came into my life ... you were the biggest gulp of fresh air that I so needed and especially in that time in my life when I felt like I was suffocating! You are funny, sarcastic, brutally honest, shoot from the hip and so my kind of gal. I adore you, your hubby and your boys and I can't wait to see where this friendship takes us!

In the meantime ....


So today I wish you this ...

Even though you are likely feeling like this ....

But don't worry cuz .... I have the perfect solution ..




Friday, May 14, 2010

HAVE U SEEN THIS? Greyson Michael Chance

INSANE TALENT .. he sounds better than Lady GAGA! WOW

This is his You Tube video that took the world by storm! Sorry they are cut off a bit .. I don't know how to fix it! LOL

Here is his Ellen Interview



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The best craft site EVER!

Where have I been???? Check out this awesome site my crafty friends!


Be prepared to stay there for HOURS! Grab a cuppa ... LOL WINK!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I like this Little Bird

So everyday in my e-mail inbox, I find a lil e-mail from Melody Ross's Brave Girl site. Today's affirmation really struck me .... Have a read!

This made me really happy today .. like realizing that it's actually cool to be different and awkward! For someone who is outgoing, I've come to realize in many ways, that I am actually quite socially inept. I can be the loud voice, the laughter, the jokester, but I never seem to find the right words to say in a group setting ... it feels forced and kinda strange. I am a deep intense soul .. and I have been berated and cast aside (and absolutely embraced) in my life because people don't know what to do with that .. or it is too much! I GET IT ... seriously I do ... but that's me. It makes me different .... and that's okay! If you've been inside my heart, you will always have that place ... it's like having some kind of special blocked off place that is yours ... I have lots of these places in my heart, for lots of special people. Sometimes those places get closed off for a while .. and ya know .. that's okay too! I always manage to return in my own privacy and relish that part of my heart (your part), and savour it. It's what has made me .. well ME!

So if you have an odd, strange way about yourself that some people sometimes don't get or appreciate ... LOVE that part of you. Chances are there are many people that love it too .. even though the words don't always come out right!

A tad deep yes ... but a tad happy too! :)


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Just a quick HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my friends and family! To those that are able to hug their children and mothers's and to those that have loved and lost. To memories, love and togetherness!

A Very Special SHOUT OUT to my mama .... without you my life wouldn't be ... without you my babies wouldn't be, without you my life wouldn't make sense half the time. With you I have fun and laughter, with you my heart soars with love, with you my life feels complete. I LOVE YOU MOM ... more and more everyday! XOOX

For my funny mummies!

Have a great day regardless of whatever you are doing!


Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oh I had a blast last night! I went to see the movie DATE NIGHT with Heather last night and I giggled like a school girl! It's certainly a leave your brain out in left field .... and hunky Mark Wahlberg is HOT! So made my evening seeing him on the big screen with no shirt! SIGH!

The trailer can be seen here!

I recommend it if you are in the mood to JUST LAUGH and like I said above "leave your brain out in left field"!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Internet Findings - Odds N Ends!

Hi ya! It has been so long since I have done one of these, and there is so much out there to share .... so this one may be extra long ... LOL

Before I start though, I wanted to give Steph a shout out ... HANG IN GIRL and I LUVS YA! XOOX

Here we go!

I have found a new "I WANNA DO THIS"! I want to do this more than any scrapping cruise, or workshop .. or whatever else scrappy ... It's the Brave Girl Camp by Melody Ross. Just with the place I am in my life .. this would be so healing, creative and such a deep experience! No drawn line, free, inspiring, yummy food, and creating! Talk about feeding the soul! :) Hopefully one day I can go to this .. and my girl Heather made mention that if I quit smoking I could put my ciggy money in a jar and save ... So that kind of gives me some motivation too ... LOL We'll see! WINK!

So I NEVER buy stamps .. cuz I find then so expensive for something that I may use once .. I am also not a stamper ... truth be told .. I don't really know a lot about stamping and inks and all that jazz! I never really listened and tried to understand stamping .. it never "spoke" to me really! Not so long ago, I took a tag class at my LSS The Scrapbox and indulged in the likes of Tim Holtz stamps . They were a tad pricey so I never invested. Then I found an ebay auction (shocking I know) and won a few packs of them at next to nothing! I was very pleased! To top it off ... I was referred to a particular set by my friend Dorrie ... I literally GASPED when I saw them!
I indulged, broke down and bought them ....The project I have in mind ... Oh HURRY STAMPS! LOL

I have been bitten by the cooking bug a little .. and have found so many yummy things to make .. here are some of the recipies!
Picante Chicken Rice Burritos

Cheddar Burgers and Crispy Oven Fries

Easy Cheesy Frittata (I already made this .. OH MY .. if you love basil and tomatos .. you will love this)

Sugar Topped Molasses Spice Cookies (this recipe is hosted on an amazing blog called Good Eats ' n Sweet Treats

I am loving the idea of LIVE WITH PRIMA! This project is my fave ... Oh I wish I could do it!

I asked John to get me a subscription to Somerset Studio for Mother's Day and he said YES! WOOT WOOT! LOL

The TUDORS .. OH MY ... I am hooked! HOOKED! If you are a history buff (even if you aren't) do yourself a favour and indulge in King Henry VIII life and his six wives! What a story! I am now reading all kinds of fiction and non-fiction about this era .. here are some books I bought recently!

The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers (Paperback)

She is my FAVE WIFE!

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn: 'The Most Happy' [Illustrated] (Paperback)

This speaks for itself!

Six Wives: The Queens Of Henry Viii (Paperback)

Lots of great summer reads ... that (and many a smut book TEEHEE) and I am finishing the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (seriously hot sexy vamp action there), and the latest book was just released .... SO EXCITED! I have the Sookie Stackhouse series patiently waiting for my attention! I have fallen back in love with reading!

Tammy Tutterow (I love her name) has an awesome tutorial on Dyed Book Binding here! She uses the yummiest Glimmer mist! Also you can sign up for her daily e-mail and she usually provides you with a gorgeous vintage image free to download! BIG FAN!

NIKKI SIVILS DT CALL! I have some talented friends who should consider applying! HINT HINT! LOL Cut off is 31 May!

HAMBLY DT CALL! Be sure to check out the PDF file at the link I have provided! :)

I am a duvet lover .. but find that the covers out there suck! So instead of buying all new bedding, why not just change the actual duvet cover itself! Here is an awesome tutorial on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN DUVET COVER! Here is a photo of one that was made .. GORGEOUS!

Doily Stencil with a SHARPIE! Read here!


Do not take lightly small good deeds,
Believing they can hardly help.
For drops of water, one by one,
In time, can fill a giant pot.
~ Patrul Rinpoche

Well .. I do have tons more to post .. but I guess I can pace myself a little! LOL Hope you enjoy the read! Tonight, I am out for a movie date ... so looking forward to it!

Have a great one!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


And no that does not stand for tits and ASS! LMAO Gutter minds you! HEEHEE

So Tattered Angels (insert happy smilie face) is celebrating National scrapbook MONTH starting today and ending 31 May! A month full of challenges and product and technique tutorials ... OH MY!

Anyways .. seeing that they are by far one of my fave companies and seem to always pop up in my work .. I thought I'd follow along and see what happens to get inspired along the way! :) I really want to learn more and push the envelope on my creativity! I am hoping to do that thru some of these challenges!

So .. off to read the first challenge and to watch some videos .. and hopefully I'll have someone join me (EEERRR Miss Heather??) LMAO

Here are some site links that you can find some info ref all of this fun!

TA Site

TA facebook page

TA Blog

Have fun .. and hopefully tomorrow I will have a project to post ... and have to chance to say CHALLENGE 1 = DONE! LOL