Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 - I AM NOT SAD to see you GO!

I'm not .. honestly! It's not been a great year! While yes I have retired from the military, it wasn't without heartache and dismay! I have had people come and go in my life, I have had fights, and weeping and internal anguish. I have had family business, relationship ups and downs, friends who aren't really friends ... I have had to step back more than once to reevaluate my life. This isn't a sob post .. it's a post of truths! It's a time .. more symbolic I suppose with the new year, to readjust and to chuck what doesn't fit ... in all realms of my life! It's time for a clean slate, and I'm allowing myself that self indulgence. I am who I am and I owe no one. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

I am blessed ... I have a beautiful family, beautiful friends, a hobby I indulge in, other talents that I need to revisit, a chance to indulge my children's youth, and participate in their lives more so than many moms. I have a roof over my head, and food in my belly. I have a husband whom I adore (even while there are times I think I don't, a best friend like no other, a group of friends that make me laugh, and I have a big heart! I am seriously not wanting fro anything.

Any emptiness and concern I feel, is really of my own making! So I ring in 2010 with no real resolutions .. because that sets me up to fail. I ring in 2010 and with a clean slate, a clean slate for myself, and will only place my energy into something that is derserving of it. There is not much to want in my life! Sometimes I just need to remind myself of that ...LOL

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may 2010 be a year of love, wealth in all, and happiness!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shamelessly Addicted ... RIDICULOUS!

I should of listened to the warnings .. but I didn't and got playing Farmville via facebook! Now it has consumed so much time it's ridiculous ... I have neglected my daily tasks ... my to do list .. and I can't afford to do that! LMAO

TODAY I PLEDGE .... I can't play anymore until I cross some things off the list! SO SAD and certainly embarrassing! LMAO

On the home front .. not much happening! I went to bed last night with a wicked headache (probably too much computer) and woke up this morning to find my living room rearranged! LMAO John was a busy beaver! I guess he wanted to get a jump on our family decorating. We are getting our tree this weekend, and doing our annual family decorating ... setting up our mini villiage, and odds and sods around the house! I'm really looking forward to it!

I am going to do some baking with the girls too ... we went to the bulk barn and bought some sprinkles and cookie toppers for their cut out sugar cookies. Making some peanut butter chocolate balls today!

I've finished some Xmas gifts .. but obviously can't post them yet .. so I'll do it in the New Year!

Katie and I made a pact that we are going to train together starting January for the May Ottawa run. I am hoping we'll do the 10km, but will be just as happy to do the 5km! I think this will be a good partnership as we are always so highly competitive (in a good way), so why not use that to our advantage and get healthy and lose some pounds! I am writing it here for all to read so that we are held to it by our friends! LMAO

Anyways .. justa quick update ... will try and post some internet findings later this week!