Tuesday, September 14, 2010


You betcha .. I'm a quitter ... and while most of the time this isn't a title I like to express ... this kind of quitting is something that I am VERY PROUD OF!

I can't tell you exactly how many days but it's been at least 3 weeks give a day or two, that I have given up my dear cigarettes.  They were dear to me too!  You see .. I am a freak cuz I REALLY LIKE TO SMOKE!  I like it after a meal, it's my crutch, it's my escape .... and while I think I am awfully considerate to others with regards to my habit .. the straw that broke that camels back was my girls ... when they begged me to stop, and reminded me how horrible of a habit it is, and how it's gonna kill me!  Well when my 7 and 6 y/o girls put it that way .. what's a mama to do!  They teach in school awfully early .. and thank goodness!  This mama decided TO QUIT!

Yes ... while I was definantely "spoken" to by my girls .. I really was ready in more ways than one!  I was feeling sluggish, coughing too much, headaches ... just not so good.  AND SICK ... my goodness ... was I ever sick (and my latest illness was the jumping stone as it was a nasty chest cold and it hurt to try and smoke) ... so that's it!  Let's see if this makes a difference!

I've been handling it pretty good .. yes I went thru SERIOUS BITCH stage .. YES BITCHIER THAN NORMAL TOJO!  LOL  My poor John having to deal with that!  My cravings seem to come when certain thing happen ... which at this point leads to believe they were derived more from habit.  I have moments when the habit tries to bite me ... but so far so good!  I have been chatted thru some serious ones (thanks friends)! 

I will admit ... I got a little more than loopy on my birthday and I came home and had a smoke ... IT WAS AWFUL .. tasted like ass, and made me cough like crazy!  The next morning I almost threw up because my chest felt horrible and heavy!  Always a good reminder when the habit rears its ugly head!

 For now .. day by day .. hour by hour ... minute by minute!  I say goodbye to a long relied upon "friend" ... you are gonna be missed ... I hate to admit that but better to be honest about it!

On a positive, I am putting away some moula every two weeks .. and maybe I'll just have to treat myself to something pretty big!  WINK!  LOL


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Looking forward to spending the day with you .. we are gonna get our scrap on!  But to tie you over until then ... here are some wishes we want you to see!


From your grandbabies!

From John and I! 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Fun 2010

Morning!  Just thought I'd share a few of my fave pics from this summer!  It really was a great one! :)  Grab a cuppa cuz there are quite a few here!  LOL


Hunky Hubby and I

My brothers gorgeous Chocolate Lab and I having a friendly swim .. LOL
The Tops family getting ready for a Canoe trip
John taking a load off with his girls!
My dad enjoying a glass of vino!
My pretty babygirl!
The CREATURE OF CORDOVA LAKE!  LMAO .. don't tell me I can't poke fun at myself!  LOL
The results of day 1!  OUCH!
Tops Family going for a ride!
My nephew Noah caught this off the dock .. we were all in awe!  He was so proud .. LOL!
My dad and my brother Mike with my dad's much wanted catch! 
My GORGEOUS niece Morgan with my Alexa fooling around with the web cam!
The girls at the Museum
This was only half of the cottage .. there was another building for more sleeping quarters!  I am in complete awe of how gorgeous this place is!
A Little mid day family dock fishing (ppssst .. I caught a fish too!)
Puppy played hard, and rested hard .. LOL
Even in the rain we had  fun!  Toy Story BINGO! :)
When did my babies grow up?  They look so big here!  SIGH
My DIVA DOG wasn't quite sure about all that sand!  LOL
My brother with his first catch
My HANDSOME teen Cody and I .. seriously, he's so not a kid anymore!
I don't know how many times we had to kick them off these chairs .. they'd of spent their entire vacay there if we'd of let them!  LOL