Sunday, December 23, 2007


Yes, Xmas shopping that is.. I KNOW I KNOW... holy late batman... but I do have a reason! LOL

So John and I were some stressed for a while... about a week and a half ago, our car went "kaboom".. well it didn't really blow up but it oveheated while we froze our arses in the car.. Go figure. So off to the car repair man we go. We are told that this is a $1000 job, which we are okay with considering it's been a good car, and have had no major expenses with it either. Well that turned into another problem, which turned into a nother problem etc... until the final bill was $4250.. YES I AM NOT FIBBIN...LOL I was freakin! We had the money in savings, but that seriously hampered Xmas. My boy was flying in, and I had 2 girls who were seriously expecting that joly fat man to come down our non existent chimney. Well after a chat with my mom and dad they helped us out.


So John and I went out on friday and were pleasantly surprised at the lack of volume (I mean the rush of last minute shoppers is horrific) out there. Between Toys R Us and Walmart, we found everything. We also decided to forgo giving gifts to eachother and making it about the kids... That happens when you blow over $7000 in less than 2 weeks (remember we had to fly cody in, and drive all the way to Montreal to get him) LOL John and and I agreed to save for a new TV, and give it to eachother. Summer maybe??? LMAO

Anyways, Cody is here, my tree is up and smells wonderful, I am officially on holidays (scrapping and blog posting here I come) and I am just relaxing and waiting for the magic of Xmas. we will be heading to my mom and dad's tomorrow for a Xmas Eve feast, and of course Xmas day with Xmas dinner!

Have lots to check thru today but not too sure how much "findings" I'll post! But here we go!

First thing first a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my YAYA Katie... I love you with all my hear sweetie and I hope you're day is full of laughter, happiness, love and SEX! LMAO!!!!! MMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Here is a sweet OWL ORNAMENT pattern.. think felt!

Page Maps 2008 are out early as Becky is on Xmas vacation. Here is the link!

Did you see these fabric covered mini albums curtosy of Donna Downey... Super yummy!

Insightful blog. That describes my girlfriends Barb's blog... Check it out sometime!!!

New CPS sketch

Well folks I know it's not much but I am going to try and post as much as I can over the holidays!!! Have a great one!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love this song!

Crank your volume... here is one of my faves!



Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some PICS to Share

Here are some recent pics that I wanted to share!!!!

This is John and I at the Xmas party last weekend... should of snapped a few before we got into the wine..LMAO Our eyes are glassed right over and the hair has been a tad messed up. TOO FUNNY!

And here are some pics of the party!!

I also went to Alexa's open house ballet class yesturday. TOO CUTE! I can't post too many pics as they have lots of other girls in there, and I don't have time to blur them... so here are some that I got of just Alexa... keep in mind that I have the worlds worst digital camera and Alexa was dancing all over the place... hence the quality sucks!!! LOL

Alexa's Junior Kindergarden Picture

I have tons of pics I need to edit too... lots of Angelina an Alexa... I'llpost them when I get a chance... Thanks for stopping by and having a look!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Findings

YAWN... Good morning! I am so tired today, and have been nursing a headache all night... that sucks!!! LOL I just downloaded the entire third season of HOUSE, and think today may be a marathon day... just started downloading the third season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES to get ready for the holidays!

So the Xmas gifts I am making are moving along well... still a little slower than i would like, but I'll get them done.

Had an awesome night with my YAYA's last night. We went to Katie's and she made an awesome salad and these stuffed pasta shells (YUM YUM YUM). We also did our cookie exchange and I must say us ladies can bake.. Tanya and Mellisa surprised us with some gorgeous gifts... I'll have to check with Tanya if I can post the amazing clipboard she made... and I'll snap a pic of what Mel gave me... it was too perfect! We opted out of going to a movie and stayed in and watched one instead. All in all the evening went awesome... We even took some pics to celebrate the rareness of all 5 of us actually co-ordinating our calendars and being able to get together. Hard to get 5 busy women in the same room for a designated amount of

Anyways.. enough of my babbling.... on with my brief Saturday Findings

QUIZ OF THE WEEK (check the side of my blog for the link)

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.

"If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away."

My girlfriend Tracy just sent this thru e-mail with the title "This is why I still believe" Well thinking I am about to read a korny sappy e-mail, this is what I opened....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ...........

This is what Santa looks like without the beard and suit.
And you thought he would look like Grandpa!

God Bless your beautiful heart girl...LMAO

Some sweet Xmas ornaments were posted on the Heartfeltgreetings blog.

Here is another Xmas ornament that I thought was awesome... pretty simple yet a lil different. The link is here


Vintage Button Wreath....OH MY I ADORE THIS
Craftapalooza's made this beautiful vintage button wreath in array of the most delightful mix of red and white buttons.

Check out the KI Memories blog... they have posted a challenge using the lace cardstock

Well folks that is about all for now...have a super day!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's fun when the babysitter is sick...LMAO

OK... not fun for her (I luvs ya Henny), but today I got the day off as she is now battling that awful cold that went thru my home. So I get to catch up on some fun e-mails and scrapping stuff. I actually plan to scrap today too... gonna pull out the girls scrapping bin so that they'll have their own scrapping to do aswell!!! Maybe that way, I'll actually get my own stuff done...LMAO

I came across this this morning and LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For teetotalers it takes years to practice this asana, but boozers can do the same with 8-10 pegs only. One more reason to say cheers!!!!


Looking for some information on George Bush. Just type 'miserable failure' in and see the full detail...


Ever wondered why Italic fonts are always tilted? Here's how it all started....

Check out this cute FELT GINGERBREAD HOUSE. The link is here

LIFETIME MOMENTS is having a RUB ON sale and a PEN sale.

OH I have so much to do..time to get off the computer and get me arse moving!!! LOL

Have a great day!


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Welcome December



Welcome December.... I cannot believe that Xmas is literally just around the corner. Where did the time go?

So last night I had my annual Xmas Party at the Junior Ranks mess, and I had a blast. John and I ducked out VERY EARLY though, as we didn't have any kids in our house last night and we actually got to do married couple things... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... That and we got a chacnce to cuddle anf watch a movie..LOL It was amazing! I'll post some pics soon, as I dressed up and actually looked like a girl...LOL

So once again I have been a bad little blogger. Probably will be until the New year seeing as I don't have one day on my calendar that is free. Also trying to make some Xmas gifts for my inlaws (my FIL funeral albums)so that is filling up whatever free time that I do have.. LOL

Today however, I will post a few finds seeing as I am already on my computer, and in dire need to catch up... here we go!



The SCRAP-ROOM another great kit!

SCRAP MAGIE ... too many to post so have a look at the link.... so yummy!

Jenni Bowlin... paper and project kits.












So there you have it for now. Hope you enjoy!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Screwing around with the Layout

You'll notice my blog will look different every few minutes...LOL I am just trying to create a header and figure out the placement. I promise I'll stop fartin and fiddlin as son as possible..LOL


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finally.. Scanned

Hey folks... it's been some crazy busy in my lil life lately, but I was forced to slow it down when i got hit by the nasty virus that has plagued my family for the past 3 weeks. It came on pretty fast too. So I have no voice (dh is doing the happy dance), I am coughing like crazy, my left ear is so full it's painful, and I am dead tired. Can you believe that my kids are just starting to get over this bug. It's a nasty one this year I tell you, lasting around 3-4 weeks. Make sure you wash your hands guys... cause you don't want this believe me!! LOL

Just to let you guys know... Bad Girl Kits is hosting a Xmas Workshop this weekend, posting some awesome classes for gift ideas etc... these gals are super talented, so do yourself a favour and check em out... especially if your into the vintage/shabby chic look!

So I finally scanned in some of the LO's I did in NAVCAN in October... thanks for having a look!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a 12x12 of my girls (aren't they getting so big???), using my Oct 07 Jenni Bowlin kit.

This is a 12x12 of Alexa. I still don't care for this LO all that much, but was reassured by my YAYAs that it was great... I love my bestest friends when they lie to me .... LMAO

Man this scan does this LO no justice. I think it is by far one of my faves of all time. So I have this HP photo creating program that allows me to print off a zillion pics on one sheet, and then I can make multi photo LO's. So that is what I did with this one! I am not too sure if you can tell, but I pop dotted a few on the smaller ones off the page to give them the 3D effect. Very Cool. A 12x12 of my girls and my niece and nephew at my sitters.

A 12x12 of my baby girl Angelina when she was just a baby..LOL I love these pics of her... if you have met my youngest dd, then you know this is so her personality. So a funny about this LO.. I had added all kinds of dots with my stickles... but then just hated the look of it. So I took a kleenex and wiped all the stickles all over the page before they dried. Now my entire page is sparkly and sweet!! REMEMBER THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN SCRAPPIN..LOL

Wasn't too pleased with this one either, and the scan makes it look funny..LOL I couldn't get it to photomerge with PSE, so I manually did (I was too lazy to rescan) it, and it looks like Angies head is bashed in. IMPORTANT.. no child was harmed in the scanning of this image... A 12x12 of my girls.

Oh how I love the simplicity of this LO. I used an Xacto knife on a glass mat (awesome idea Tanya) and it was smooth like a hot knife in butter. I cut out some of the PP image and layered it on top of my pic and under some flower embellishments. Great way to let the PP talk for itself. 12x12 of my gals!

I was very happy with this LO... My Melly suggested the Acetate Stars outlined with paint as the finishing touch and I'd have to agree that it was perfect. Thanks girl! A 12x12 of who else... my girls..LMAO

I did this LO for Steph as we drew names to swap pics, and I got hers. This is her and her handsome hubby Stephane. I used Rusty pickle, and finally cracked into my Biggest Board chipboard... I was happy with how it turned out and I think she was pleased too! A 12x12.

Thanks for having a look. I need to scan in all the YAYA's pages that they did for me... I can't wait to show them off!!!!!

One last thing... a good chuck of my layouts were based off of sketched thru LM's Oct sketch challenge. I didn't get them scanned in on time but I sure was inspired so a shout out of thanks to them!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Back from Winnipeg

Hey everyone.. well I have landed safe and sound and am home cuddling with the family. I forgot to post that I was going out of town for a few days this week for work. I did get to visit with my aunt and uncle and cousins however, and I had an absolute blast... it's too bad I didn't get the chance to stay longer!!

In my absence, John was dealing with some pretty nasty yuckies here in our home. He was some sick last week fighting this head cold, and then of course it hit Lexa pretty bad. Now it has claimed Angie's immune system, and she is not at all happy about So anyways, time to give John some time off and take over for a while letting him rest up. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't get me..LOL

Anyways, off tomorrow, and will have a chance to get caught up on the bigillion e-mails and sites/blog reads... I think we are in for a quiet weekend (thank


Friday, November 2, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm a bad lil findings

Oh my... have I sucked this month or what huh? LOL Well all is well in my world, Alexa is loving school and ballet, Angelina hates ballet (we're looking into soccer for her), Cody will be with us for Xmas, John just finished another one of his security computer courses, I had a blast at NAVCAN and I am now looking foward to getting caught up on some internet reading and findings... ENJOY!

Looking for some daily inspiration?? The Sisterhood of Scrap blog is a great blog with something new posted everyday. They feature a new sketch artist every week. Check them out!

Want some Halloween project ideas... check out the paper salon blog here

Great layering tutorial here and a mini album that I think is just scrumptious.... the site is called Studio Calico and here the link

My girlfriend Barb has been at home nursing a yucky cold... nice to see it hasn't hindered her Check out these awesome lo's she's done.

Blog I came across and I think it ROCKS... it's called Lessons from the Scrapbook Page

Looking for some bath treats for the cold winter that is coming? Well check out LUSH. Every time around this year I get ready for my mini shopping spree at Lush and I love that they are in mini gift packages too... I STRONGLY RECOMMEND them!!!!! LOL

KI Memories has a Focus on Halloween challenge up!

Please do yourselves a favour and have a read at my girlfriends Chris's blog. Her latest entry about the rain totally made me smile.. she is one amazig insightful woman!

Came across this spooky Halloween frame... you can go ahead and leave the frame coloured as shown in the pic below. Or look further into the tutorial and see how you can paint it to make it look more eerie!! Here is the link

There is a new challenge blog out there in scrap land... It is called "Global Perspectives" and it is a group of scrapping friends from around the world. Kind of a pretty great idea. The Canadian Kellie is an old scrap land friend of mine and is ubber talented... Check em out here!

Speaking of new blogs... I found this blog called the "The Journaling Junkie". I know that I need more work on my journalling and I think these challenges may actually inspire me to do so!


New sketch alert from Pencil Lines.

Queen & Coy posted this awesome idea about stitching on their floral felt ribbon (can you imagine how great this would look on the swirl felt ribbon too) Check out the post here.

Want a quick gift idea??? Check this out.....

I have really been enjoying reading Heidi Swapp's blog lately. She seems to be adopting her new life in a new country quite nicely. Check her entries out here

Daisy D's is holding a DT call... You have until 30 Nov 07 to submit your "scrap resume"... Here are the details!

You Are Scary

You even scare scary people sometimes!

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and
strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
- - - H. P. Lovecraft

Love this mini tutorial on how to make a fabric panel!!!!!! I think this is way too cool.

Exploding Box tutorial found on this blog

Love this double pouch gift bags... here is the tutorial!

I adore this mini maze book... here are the step by step instructions.

ACETATE GIFT BOX... I love this.... I alredy have a wicked idea in my head for this! LOL Here are the instructions.

Well folks that's about it for now.... I am tired and gonna call it quits. Enjoy the read!