Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Tough Love this kid!

Well I finally got what the term "Tough Love" means last night!  It was horrible, and I know I am going to have to face it again but I felt like I was mommy monster .. I hate that feeling!

Remember this pic???

How about this one?

Well this costume describes my dear daughter Angelina to a T!  Half angel .. HALF DEVIL!

Now if you know my daughter you will know that she is hard headed, stubborn, a natural born leader, confident, good at everything she tries and well liked by all her peers.  What you don't know is that she reserves all her bad behaviour for home!  Let me tell you, she is really pushing buttons and testing boundaries!  Well John and I reached our breaking point with her last night and the battle began!

In all fairness it's probably better if I admit that John and I do not always follow through with our discipline methods.  We'll ground her and then let her off for good behaviour .. well she got wide to us .. so in her mind she thinks "I can be bad, be grounded for like 5 min.. and then carry on like nothing happened!"  NOT LAST NIGHT!

So Ang comes home .. knows she has to write out her words and starts with the attitude.  She talks back, jokes around and has blatant disrespect for us.  Well she got grounded to her room.  She starts with the tears and the door slamming and once she calms down, comes downstairs with apologies (which are only to get off her grounding .. because the minute she is let off .. her behaviour begins again).  She is given permission to come down to complete her homework and have dinner then back upstairs.  Well here comes the tears ... the door slamming, the disrespect .. the apologies, the bargaining .. AND WE DIDN'T GIVE IN!  She spent every minute of her free time last night in her room .. pissed off and utterly surprised she couldn't weasel her way out of it!

John and I were beside ourselves .. I tell you it was harder on us than it was on her, and for the first time I really understand where my parents were coming from when they had to go through this!

I tell you .. in Angelina's future, her strong personality will help her get through many things.  I think John and I need to figure out how to teach her there is time and a place to use it .. and being defiant for no good reason certainly isn't one of them!  LOL

I suspect there will be many more posts like this in the not so distant future .. but at least John and I have now have a follow through plan and our little angel/devil .. and she knows that her parents mean business!  LOL


Monday, September 12, 2011

Balzer Designs - Stencil 101 Free Class

Just wanted to share that I am going to participate on a free online stencil class that one of my fave artists out there is hosting!  Julie Fei-Fan Balzer will be hosting a class called Stencil 101 (based on her new Crafters Workshop stencils) starting 19 Sep 11.  There will be a total of 8 lessons!

For more information click here!  Youhave to send her an e-mail for class access!

Here is a peek of what will be created! :)  VERY EXCITED!

ENJOY and share the wealth! :)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Struck A Cord

 Morning!  Been quiet on my blog and don't want to get back into that funk!  LOL  Much to share on how July went so far but have other things to do today .. so I will blog this Brave Girl message today!  I have to admit .. there are times when I feel annoyed by some of these messages .. it can be laid on so thick .. but then there are other times they really hit me!  Today .. this one struck a cord and made me feel absolute!  ENJOY!


Monday, July 18, 2011

School Award Day!


Woke up this morning with headache (must be weather related), popped an Excedrin and now settling in for my morning coffee.  The kids are still sleeping, I have the news on and savouring the quiet before the storm (perhaps literally today

I want to post that Summer Fit is going strong 100% .. but my kids are telling me they are getting bored.  Honestly I think it's the way I am delivering it right .. more like a drill sergeant lately as opposed to a fun mommy!  They are looking at it like homework and a chore .. so I have to get creative to respark the love they started with!  WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON THIS!  Way toooooo important (I feel better making that a public statement! .. LMAO)!  WINK!

So I have been cleaning out my camera, and my dad placed a wack of pics from his camera onto a CD for me.. and thought .. man I have lots to share!  LOL

Today's post will be all about Angelina's actual birthday date at school and Alexa's award assembly!

Mom and dad joined us that day to see Alexa receive her award, and before the assembly, I wanted to stop off at Angelina's class to hand over some birthday cupcakes that I had baked for them.  Well her teacher was so pleased to have us there she revamped her morning schedule so we could see a Grade 1 lesson in action!  It was a real treat!  Also, whenever a child has a birthday, they stand up in front of the class with the "earth", spin the earth and have a friend mock the "sun" .. they then circle the "Sun" the amount of years they are celebrating for their birthday!  LOVE THIS .. mini lesson while celebrating! :)

Angie at her desk
Working hard

Getting ready for her "earth rotation"

5th time around

My big girl


Calendar lesson

Great teacher!

Birthday girl becomes the weather girl!  LOL
 So once Angelina's class had shared their lesson with us, we headed off to the gym to get ready for the Award Assembly.  As many of you know, Alexa started her year off with much difficulty.  She went under evaluation for a potential learning disability, was very much behind on her reading and skills in her grade and was so low on her self esteem and confidence, that John and I were really heartbroken for her and her struggles.  We dealt with many nights of tears, illness, several nights of confidence boosting .. it was the first time we had to deal with our kids heartache!

Well .... Alexa joined a homework club at school, underwent a reading program and went on and Individual Education Plan to see where we could help her improve.  BEST THING EVER!  We learned a great study method for her, really focused much energy and time, and she just decided to switch it on .. it was like she ready!  She jumped 16 levels of reading (and now has a love for books like her mama, really came into her own on her spelling, math and science tests, and ACED her major final assignment.  Her confidence boosted high .. she was in love with school again ... and to reward all that hard work .. SHE RECEIVED "MOST IMPROVED"!  To her .. this was the "Oscar" of grade two!  LOL  Quite frankly it was to us too .. because she REALLY DESERVED IT!
Heading into the assembly .. she was so HAPPY to see us!

Daddy Hugs

See ya inside

Making sure we are still there!

Up she goes!

Far left!  SO PROUD! :)

PAPA hugs
Yes I was bawling .. SO PROUD! :)
 We also went to Angelina's picnic afternoon with her class, but those pics must be on another camera card cuz they weren't on this on .. LOL  I'm a dork!

GREAT DAY .. had a very proud mommy day for sure!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 1 almost complete!

It's been a great week .. a deliciously tiring, productive week! So much more on the horizon! :)

Our summer fit is going perfectly so far!  We have eased in, enjoyed some together time without over doing it.  The girls have completed all their mind exercises, be it thru math questions or english of some sort.  They have been introduced to new things (kind of nice to be the one to introduce things), and have been enthusiastic throughout the entire week.

Tuesday we spent the day with the Squires and Yorke family.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had a wonderful afternoon full of swimming, snacking and amazing company.  My girls reached some amazing milestones with regards to their swimming too .. both jumped off the diving board and slid down a huge slide for the first time.  A couple hours later, they were peeling off their life jackets and taking on the deeper waters with no fear.  I hate to admit it .. but I think I may have been the one holding them back a little with mommy fear ... they can now officially swim quite nicely!  LOL

Alexa and Mommy!
This pic cracks me up ... the timing is hilarious .. if you know Katie .. you'll get why .. WINK!
Beautiful Riley and Kasey! 
I couldn't believe how well Kayleigh swam all on her own!
My sweet friend Katie
Gabe .. Angelina's new BFF!
First time on a diving board!
Really tried getting Alexa on her fave .. the slide!
Beautiful water ,,,,, HEAVEN!
The group of us here taking in the rays and water!
Amazing shot!

So as you can see .. SO MUCH FUN! 

Wednesday we took it somewhat easy .. we were all dragging from so much sun the day before, and some rain showers made us feel a little lazy, so we indulged in some tele, Wii but not before we danced our rear ends off while cleaning our main floor. We also got on the floor and did many leg scissors which I am still feeling .. think I overdid it on my hip flexors (I have to remember I am not a young in shape soldier anymore) .. LOL

Thursday we had a impromtu date with my friend and neighbour Manon.  She treated us to a breakie and the girls had hair cuts.  We stopped at the book market and the girls picked up a couple of books for their summer reading!  Alexa picked up two goosebump novels by RL Stein, and we read the first chapter together last night (I can't believe her reading right now .. BLOWS ME AWAY)!

Today we are prepping for Angelina's B-day party tomorrow.  Our Summer fit takes us on an Honesty lesson (part of the values aspect).  I think we will engage in an open dialogue about "crying wolf", and how honesty makes you feel better about yourself, and makes you a good person.  We'll see where things go!

One thing I have added to their books, is everyday if they have done a chore or were exceptionally behaved, helped me out etc .. I have written it on the top of the page.  For every entry they receive, they get a quarter for their piggy banks.  This way if they wish to make additional purchases, they are learning the value of earning, and saving for something.

I can HONESTLY say (LOL) that there will be a trip to Dairy Queen on Sunday!  The girls have worked hard and are off to an amazing start to their summer! :)  As a mom, it's been so amazing spending this time with them and we have so much more planned!  I have been watching my eating and drinking more water as well ... just trying to live healthier!  BABY STEPS!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TOPS Girls SUMMERFIT 2011 begins!


I have to admit .. I have not been loving the blogging world the past few months .. I have gone into hermit mode and didn't feel like reading and writing all about life!  I have kept much of myself (creatively and personally) private!  I haven't felt the urgent need to share all that I have done and I have to say I kinda liked it!  It's like savouring a piece of yourself that no one else knows! In today's world .. everything about one self can be out there .. and I just felt the need to hold back a little and be true to why I do some things ... I do it for me and no one else! :) I don't need pats on the back or approval .. and I am not saying that is why people share their stuff at all .. just saying this was a BIG reason why I did!  Chances are there is only going to be one person who will get this .. you know who you are .. COUGH, Katie Squires, COUGH!  LMAO!  Thanks girl for just letting me be me, and thanks for the long deep chats, the quiet understanding, watching me bump into the wall and then leap over it ... I swear you are the only person who truly gets me 100% .. Cut from the same stone sweets!!!!!!  WINK!

Alright .. sappy shit over with!

So what brings me back to blog land is the fact that I am starting a new journey in my life .... with my girls .. and I want to document it, share it and maybe inspire along the way, and be inspired!

When I first became a mom, I have to admit it wasn't what I thought!  I am likely one of the few women in life who disliked the baby stage!  I know how horrible that sounds .. but it's honest!  My hubs rocked at it ... I swear we are so stereotypically challenged .. but now my girls are 8 and 7 and I have definantely found my motherly groove!  I'm actually gonna toot my horn and say I am RAWKING IT!  :)

The girls and I are doing a ten week program called SUMMER FIT!  I found the books on amazon and have to say ... WOOT WOOT!

This is Alexa's book Summer Fit Gr 2-3

This is Angelinas's book Summer Fit Gr 1-2

The entire idea of these books is too keep the girls sharp over the summer and make the transition from one grade into another as smooth as possible!  It also fills a portion of our days, keeps us active, and ultimately (and my fave) bonds us!

Everyday the girls do a mind activity (can be math, story, puzzle. etc) and a body activity (aerobics one day and strength another), and a values exercise highlighting famous people who have left their mark on the world (ie Mother Theresa).  There is a full online version and community for the girls to watch videos on how to do certain movements, play games and additional worksheets!  I have to say the girls are loving that mommy is moving her rear end with them .. I have done the exercises with them and we have already had a couple of good laughs!

So the catch is that John and I sign a incentive contract each week agreeing to reward the girls if they complete their week.  This week for instance, we have agreed to take the girls to Dairy Queen.

I have to say we are off to a strong start ... they are waking up excited, and eager to start their days.  I am hoping to add additional fun times like mini excursions, play dates, cooking ans whatever else tickles our fancy!

Here's to going strong, and staying strong! :)


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paying it Forward Katieroo Style!

I have an amazing blog post to share today! An amazing gesture!

As many of you know, Christy Tomlinson is offering her "She" Workshop for the next few weeks. Let me tell you .. I have been drooling and so excited to take this! Well unfortunantly after crunching numbers this past weekend, and being true to our budget, this month we just couldn't make it happen. I was so sad! I had my list all ready to go, I was eager .... then other expenses came up that trumped my hobby!

So my dear friend Katie won a spot on this workshop thru a pay it forward post that Christy had done on her blog (I had no idea that was happening)! I was so happy for her, called her and we had a great chat! Next thing I know .. Katie calls me back and says that she is giving me her spot on the workshop! I WAS COMPLETELY FLOORED! Here I am in the middle of eating my mashed taters, in front of my family with tears streaming down my face! At first I was like "No way .. you can't do that .. you won"! She didn't give me the choice .. she had already e-mailed Christy! Within 5 min I have a password and e-mail welcoming me to the workshop!

THE BEST PART IS ... when Katie e-mailed Christy to give me her spot, Christy was so touched about what Katie did .....that she gave Katie a spot too! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Just goes to show you, that kindness is often rewarded!

Here we were last night, squealing like little school girls! The excitement was palpable!

TY TY TY from the bottom of my heart Katie ... I am not sure if you will ever truely know how much this means to me! You did this so selflessly and from a beautiful place in your heart. I will do you proud and pay it forward to someone else in my own way! YOU KNOW I WILL! :)

Here's to many days of creativity, and being a part of circle of our dearest friends who are also participating, sharing our stories and work .. all of us together!



Monday, April 11, 2011


Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1)Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book! It would of been a 5 out of 5 except for the fact that there was much anticipation of the dangerous ex-husband, and in my honest opinion, his character did not deliver!

I loved that this book revolves around a hardcore metal rock band. I have yet to come across a series like this! I loved the self doubt of the strong willed lead female and the persistence of the lead male. I loved reading how they both fought some internal struggles, yet remained very loyal to eachother! MY FAVE part of this book ... THE HUMOUR! I found myself laughing out loud several times at the one liners!

This book is full of hot smut .. serious HOT SMUT .. and I loved every minute of it!

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Monday, April 4, 2011


Desire Untamed (Feral Warriors, #1)Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Desire Untamed was my first shape shifter book/series ever, and I have to tell you, Pamela Palmer did not let me down!

This Feral book stars the chief feral Lyon and his soon to be radiant Kara. What I loved about this book was the spiritual/primitive connection to the earth these feral warriors have. The enemy of this series is certainly a force for the ferals to reckon with, and the way this authors described the history that makes the enemy the enemy was thorough. I loved seeing the romance blossom, with that typical much loved big tough man angst I enjoy from the lead man, and the internal and often external fight of attraction and romance from both lead characters.

In conclusion, a great read, and a great introduction to what I deem to be one of my fave series ever! Well done Pamela! :)

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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Kiss of the Rose (The Tudor Vampire Chronicles, #1)Kiss of the Rose by Kate Pearce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW WOW WOW! First off let me tell you I was drawn in far before cracking this book. Any author that can smash together two of my fave reading preferences is an A++ in my books!

I couldn't put this book down! I loved that there was reference made of Tudor history but that the non fiction aspect didn't dominate the book. I loved how the paranormal story was weaved into the history! Kate Pearce was extremely creative with storyline, and captured the true nature to King Henry VIII and the angst that Queen Katherine, while making me swoon over the hot chemistry between Rosalind and Christopher. I have to tell you I love the best friend Rhys and can't wait to read more about him!

I have immediately dived into the sequel Blood of the Rose (Anne Boleyn is my absolute fave Queen), and I am already completely captivated!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some Scrappy Fun and a CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!

Hi ya readers! :)  So I am battling another cold or whatever it is going to evolve into!  I had been nursing my youngest this past weekend so it was inevitable!  Started with a sour tummy .. but I took some meds and went to bed early last night .. wasn't up pukey so it worked!  Will rest as best as I can today, push the fluids and see if I can nip this in the bud!  WINK!

So I had a fabo Saturday with my scrappy friends at the Box.  Love the laughs and giggles, got to go out to lunch with one of my besties, and just bask in the estrogen fever!  LMAO

I did manage to create a couple of LOs ... which is amazing for me as I had lost my scrapbook mojo (damn art journalling .. lol) and I have tons of scrap stash and pics begging to be toyed with.  I indeed TOYED! :)

So the first LO was the one that was featured yesturday!  And the other LO was one I had done with some OLD STASH!  Remember Scenic Route Sumner?  Here is a pic to remind you .. it was a few years ago that it was released!

Here is the LO I created with it! :)  Thank you Tojo for the die cut flowers .. they were perfect for this LO!

On another note .. I was a DT Feature on the Hello Cutie Challenge Blog the weekend before last!  I did a mini interview, and shared my all time FAVE LO EVER! :)  Have a read here!  Here is a pic of that LO!

You can read all about my fellow DT team member CASS there too!

While trying to decide which LO I wanted to share as my Fave .. I had the chance to go back into my blog and see older posts and the work I use to create!  It really inspired me to go back to my multi layered roots!  I wanted to post a few of my other faves!  Then perhaps ... post a challenge for YOU!

This was a LO that I had made for a white space challenge!  I had NOT USED ANY PP .. only white cardstock and of course the embellies!  Doesn't hurt that the pic is kinda sweet too!  LOL

This was my first attempt at an ATC .. I creates a pocket so I could insert a journal card!

Recent project ... a series of Picture Frames for my parents mantle.  Went a little Prima crazy here! :)

This LO won me my BAD GIRL KITS swarovski crystal apron .. but the bigger prize .... I DID NIP THAT GROSS HABIT!!!!  Over 6 months and counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOT WOOT!

If memory serves correct this was a lift from Heidi Swapp ... I think .. been years!  My hunky hubby and a few words that make me think of him! :)

I am not a journaller .. and it is something I really need to work on!  This was a LO that I went crazy on the journalling .. maybe because it there was such a wonderful story to tell!  This is my boy Cody when he was a baby! :)

A LO of my beautiful girls and I!  I have to remember and go back and do another quote with the bigillion mini letter stickers I own!  LOL

I love that tree .. I had flocked it and stickled it ... Xacto knifed the PP ... I just remember this being really fun to make!

OMG .... I chuckled putting this LO together!  I love that it is a pictureless LO (as is my ciggy one)!  Sometimes it's just fun to play with your stash!!!!  :)

This LO went from A to B while I laughed my arse off!  The products were just so young and playful .. so the Lo went in that direction as well!  A whole lot of crazy going on here! :)

So a little self indulging there .. but hey IT'S MY BLOG .. and I'LL INDULGE IF I WANT TOO!  BAHAHAHAH!

THE CHALLENGE!  SCRAPLIFT ME!!!!!!!  Have a look at the LO's I have posted and lift one of them!  That easy!  I will RAK EVERYONE WHO PLAYS!  If you know me .. my RAKs ... WELL WORTH IT!  WINK!  I will give this till next Sunday night .. meaning have your LO completed by midnight on Sunday night (all times work .. will not be getting to this till Monday morning)!