Monday, July 18, 2011

School Award Day!


Woke up this morning with headache (must be weather related), popped an Excedrin and now settling in for my morning coffee.  The kids are still sleeping, I have the news on and savouring the quiet before the storm (perhaps literally today

I want to post that Summer Fit is going strong 100% .. but my kids are telling me they are getting bored.  Honestly I think it's the way I am delivering it right .. more like a drill sergeant lately as opposed to a fun mommy!  They are looking at it like homework and a chore .. so I have to get creative to respark the love they started with!  WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON THIS!  Way toooooo important (I feel better making that a public statement! .. LMAO)!  WINK!

So I have been cleaning out my camera, and my dad placed a wack of pics from his camera onto a CD for me.. and thought .. man I have lots to share!  LOL

Today's post will be all about Angelina's actual birthday date at school and Alexa's award assembly!

Mom and dad joined us that day to see Alexa receive her award, and before the assembly, I wanted to stop off at Angelina's class to hand over some birthday cupcakes that I had baked for them.  Well her teacher was so pleased to have us there she revamped her morning schedule so we could see a Grade 1 lesson in action!  It was a real treat!  Also, whenever a child has a birthday, they stand up in front of the class with the "earth", spin the earth and have a friend mock the "sun" .. they then circle the "Sun" the amount of years they are celebrating for their birthday!  LOVE THIS .. mini lesson while celebrating! :)

Angie at her desk
Working hard

Getting ready for her "earth rotation"

5th time around

My big girl


Calendar lesson

Great teacher!

Birthday girl becomes the weather girl!  LOL
 So once Angelina's class had shared their lesson with us, we headed off to the gym to get ready for the Award Assembly.  As many of you know, Alexa started her year off with much difficulty.  She went under evaluation for a potential learning disability, was very much behind on her reading and skills in her grade and was so low on her self esteem and confidence, that John and I were really heartbroken for her and her struggles.  We dealt with many nights of tears, illness, several nights of confidence boosting .. it was the first time we had to deal with our kids heartache!

Well .... Alexa joined a homework club at school, underwent a reading program and went on and Individual Education Plan to see where we could help her improve.  BEST THING EVER!  We learned a great study method for her, really focused much energy and time, and she just decided to switch it on .. it was like she ready!  She jumped 16 levels of reading (and now has a love for books like her mama, really came into her own on her spelling, math and science tests, and ACED her major final assignment.  Her confidence boosted high .. she was in love with school again ... and to reward all that hard work .. SHE RECEIVED "MOST IMPROVED"!  To her .. this was the "Oscar" of grade two!  LOL  Quite frankly it was to us too .. because she REALLY DESERVED IT!
Heading into the assembly .. she was so HAPPY to see us!

Daddy Hugs

See ya inside

Making sure we are still there!

Up she goes!

Far left!  SO PROUD! :)

PAPA hugs
Yes I was bawling .. SO PROUD! :)
 We also went to Angelina's picnic afternoon with her class, but those pics must be on another camera card cuz they weren't on this on .. LOL  I'm a dork!

GREAT DAY .. had a very proud mommy day for sure!



HeatherFeather said...

perfect last day of school, birthday and an award!! Way to go Alexa!!!

I am sure you will figure out how to motivate them again....maybe different times of the day, they get to pick one day, you the next??

Keep us posted!

Kataroo said...

ok the pics of john and you with Alexa had me tearing....

Summer fit about the 20 min challenge at the running room this wed at 6...20 min walk the whole family can do it and you get a free hat! We're going, even lazy Kasey :) LOL

Princess said...

my oldest had an IEP in public school and I was surprised she made it through that. just graduated high school with honours and was accepted for all 3 university applications she applied for so it does help and your not alone.