Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TOPS Girls SUMMERFIT 2011 begins!


I have to admit .. I have not been loving the blogging world the past few months .. I have gone into hermit mode and didn't feel like reading and writing all about life!  I have kept much of myself (creatively and personally) private!  I haven't felt the urgent need to share all that I have done and I have to say I kinda liked it!  It's like savouring a piece of yourself that no one else knows! In today's world .. everything about one self can be out there .. and I just felt the need to hold back a little and be true to why I do some things ... I do it for me and no one else! :) I don't need pats on the back or approval .. and I am not saying that is why people share their stuff at all .. just saying this was a BIG reason why I did!  Chances are there is only going to be one person who will get this .. you know who you are .. COUGH, Katie Squires, COUGH!  LMAO!  Thanks girl for just letting me be me, and thanks for the long deep chats, the quiet understanding, watching me bump into the wall and then leap over it ... I swear you are the only person who truly gets me 100% .. Cut from the same stone sweets!!!!!!  WINK!

Alright .. sappy shit over with!

So what brings me back to blog land is the fact that I am starting a new journey in my life .... with my girls .. and I want to document it, share it and maybe inspire along the way, and be inspired!

When I first became a mom, I have to admit it wasn't what I thought!  I am likely one of the few women in life who disliked the baby stage!  I know how horrible that sounds .. but it's honest!  My hubs rocked at it ... I swear we are so stereotypically challenged .. but now my girls are 8 and 7 and I have definantely found my motherly groove!  I'm actually gonna toot my horn and say I am RAWKING IT!  :)

The girls and I are doing a ten week program called SUMMER FIT!  I found the books on amazon and have to say ... WOOT WOOT!

This is Alexa's book Summer Fit Gr 2-3

This is Angelinas's book Summer Fit Gr 1-2

The entire idea of these books is too keep the girls sharp over the summer and make the transition from one grade into another as smooth as possible!  It also fills a portion of our days, keeps us active, and ultimately (and my fave) bonds us!

Everyday the girls do a mind activity (can be math, story, puzzle. etc) and a body activity (aerobics one day and strength another), and a values exercise highlighting famous people who have left their mark on the world (ie Mother Theresa).  There is a full online version and community for the girls to watch videos on how to do certain movements, play games and additional worksheets!  I have to say the girls are loving that mommy is moving her rear end with them .. I have done the exercises with them and we have already had a couple of good laughs!

So the catch is that John and I sign a incentive contract each week agreeing to reward the girls if they complete their week.  This week for instance, we have agreed to take the girls to Dairy Queen.

I have to say we are off to a strong start ... they are waking up excited, and eager to start their days.  I am hoping to add additional fun times like mini excursions, play dates, cooking ans whatever else tickles our fancy!

Here's to going strong, and staying strong! :)



HeatherFeather said...

Glad you are back!! Emotions, and truths et al....Those program books look great! Can't wait to read all about it!

Mom said...

I hope that I am one of those incentives.....;0)

Kataroo said...

Lord love you and I do get you :)

Ps. I am loving your summer fit program :) and you girls ACED it today while having a blast :) Such a great example for your kids.