Monday, January 31, 2011

In just 3 DAYS!

Hi my name is Rachel and I AM AN INTERNET JUNKIE ADDICT!

Do you have any idea how serious hard that was for me to write?  I had a real eye opener this past week/weekend.  My anxiety was thru the roof .. I was in such a bad mood that I didn't want to chat with anyone .. didn't want to read e-mails ... all because I thought I was gonna go off at any minute!

Here is what I did .... I told the internet and phone to F OFF!  I didn't care what was happening in the world .. I gave up MY BELOVED INTERNET for 3 DAYS!  Wanna know what happened???

My anxiety went away .... I was creative (will post pics later), I played with my girls, I joked with my hubs, I took some alone time to read and indulge in trashy television.  I FELT GREAT!  No .. I FELT GREATER THAN GREAT!  I felt LIGHT!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on ... I was indulging in the net ALL DAY .. playing my stupid games ... looking for silly things and ignoring all I love!  THAT'S NOT HEALTHY!  HEALTH is my 2011 word ... and I frigged it up on the first month!

Resolved .... I recognize it ... will only play on the net as I can afford to .. and make sure that it's an enjoyable treat as opposed to MY CHOICE OF CRACK ... LOL  Check things off my list before letting myself savour internet life ... making sure that I have balance with regards to my family, creativity, friends and school!

I FEEL GREAT coming to this realization .. and I don't need the approval of anyone to solidify anything ... feels good that I came to this on my own!

Off to enjoy my day ... much to do now that the kids are better!  I am not gonna let the net get in my way today!  LOL


Monday, January 17, 2011

Tsk Tsk and a love of READING

I say to myself for not blogging .....tsk tsk .... LOL  I do not want to get into that habit once again!  It SUCKS!

So I admit I haven't been all that creative the past few days ... I had a couple of bad days in mind and soul and decided to lock myself in a room curled up with a novel.  Not much internet, just indulging in some good reading!

So if we are friends, you know that my love of books is vast ... !  I have a tad bit of an addiction, and yes I have tried the library and I hate it .. LOL I hate waiting ... when I decide it's time to read something I want it then and there!  LOL!

So I thought today post could be a quick share of what is on my nightstand (Tojo and ZipZap these will be heading your way soon if you want them)

I have a fondness of HOT SEXY PARANORMAL ROMANCE series.  They are in abundance out there, and I do partake!  I am currently reading a few of these series (yes all at once .. I have books laying all over the house  and I love that while the general outline may be similar, the story and the common characteristics of paranormal creatures are totally different.  Vampires, werewolves, demons, fairies, elfs, gouls, etc.. they are all differently portrayed in these novels.  I love how each author has their own spin!

I just started the 5th book of the Midnight Breed Series from Lara Adrien called "Veil of Midnight"
so far so good!

I am also indulging in my first ever shape shifter series, Feral Warriors by Pamela Palmer ... the first two books were page turners and I am now into the 3rd book called "Passion Untamed"  Another page turner me thinks .. LOL

Another Series that I just got into is the Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole .. I have maybe 50 pages left of the first book called "A Hunger Like No Other" and then I am going to dive into "No Rest for the Wicked"
I did start this series with the anthology that Kresley Cole wrote with two other authors.  It is a prequel to this series (which is now at 10 books), and I loved having that little extra insights to the story line. LOL

So ... yes I do love my smut, but it isn't all I read!  I love to curl up with some other kinds of books too .. be it non fiction, bios, or anything else!  I have on the go and tend to read by chapter is "The Autobiography of Henry VIII : with notes from his fool Wil Somers" !  I am a huge fan of this era, and I am fascinated with this King.  So much in fact, that I have a few more books in the wings waiting to come out (will share those on another post)!

My daughter Alexa and I have been enjoying Paranormal State on A&E.  I know some might think that she is too young for it .. but her mind really blows me away at times... she asks the smartest questions, and can relay back the storyline in a way that I may not have even thought of.  So, watching all of these episodes has be interested in the cast.  Ryan Buel is the founder of the paranormal society that is featured on this show and had recently released a book about his life dealing with the paranormal, his team and the cases they have dealt with!  So I had to get it .... WINK!  So looking forward to diving in!

My hubs and I loved the series The Pacific.  As we both have a strong military background, we also have a strong appreciation of the stories that are told with regards to war.  One that struck us in particular, is the soldier named Robert Leckie.  Robert was a journalist before Pearl Harbor was bombed, and quickly enlisted shortly there after.  He is a featured member in the series "The Pacific", and after the war went on to continue with his journalism.  He has written many books, accounting for his story as a soldier.  I have just picked up my first one called "Helmet for My Pillow". This story is rich .. that is the best way I can explain it!  When you read an authors up front and personal experience, especially over something you yourself are passionate about, you feel like in someway you are connected.  Reading his trials through his basic training have made me smirk, and the playful nature that one can have with a fellow soldier made me smile ... I almost wish that this story doesn't go where I know it does, because it's ugly!  What a brave man, to not just share but to be so vivid in description!   I am half way thru (and have been that way for the past couple of weeks), and can't fully commit to the book, because for me it is heavy!  I do recommend though!!!!!!!!

So there is my post for today ... I think I should do some book reviews on some books/series that I have read ... there are some great books out there and I know I am just scrapping the surface!



Tuesday, January 11, 2011


HOW FUN HAS THIS BEEN???????????  I can't even begin to explain it .. I have been missing my create groove for so long now .. and I dare say .. IT'S BACK BABY!  WOOT WOOT!

Before I post the pics, I just wanted to say thanks to my new blog readers that were referred here thru Art Journal everyday ... I am so excited to not just share my work but to see others work and be completely inspired!  I hope you like my next couple of pages! :)

So excuse the pics ... new camera that I haven't figured out settings on and crappy lighting ..!  LOL

So remember that insane rub-on page that I posted in my first Art journal post .. here is a pic if you don't know what I am talking about!
Well I turned into an art page about reading .... I am a HUGE READER .. I often have 4-5 books on a go at the same time, all scattered around my house .. so I am never without .. yah it's crazy .. you can think it!  LOL  To me, getting lost in a fabulously written story is right up there with dark chocolate, red wine, hot bath and great sex!  YES SERIOUSLY ... it's that much of a passion of mine!  So I gesso'd  just the center ... used all kinds of thickers and stickers, and here is what I was left with!

My next page is very warm and vintagey .... I love to collage .. and will try to collage anything and everything.  Thru swaps, purchases and great gifts I have a massive collection of vintage like ephemera.  So I started this page with just a warm quick coat of paint, slapped on some papers, more paint, more papers, some ephemera .. and after some time this is what I was left with!  There is no real significance to this page as far as a subject, I literally let each element happen where it may!  I had no design concept, just a paint brush and a desire! WINK!  LOL

I did start a third ... I was oogling over some watercolour crayons I had, and felt the urge to just doodle!  So I DID!  LOL  This was made with a black sharpie, and the crayons .. I mixed some colours together, left some alone .. and then went over and blended them with a brush!  I have no idea what i am gonna do with it .. but it's there when/if the urge comes over me to add to it!
 So that is where I am on my journal ... not bad for ten minutes a day huh?  BAHAHA, just kidding .. I did put in a lot more than 10 minutes a day .. but I know myself too and know that there will be days where I won't feel like doing anything creative .. likely cuz I am reading my book, in the hot bath, eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine  and wondering when my hubby is gonna get our girls to bed, so that he can get to ours ... WINK!

Thanks for popping in .. MMWWWWAAAAA!

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Quick Post and a Sneek Peek for Tojo

Just a quick post today!  I have been creating, but at a slower rate.  I think I may have a mild case of Fifth's, and it's attacking my hands and wrists.  I have had a mild fever all week, but it's the swelling in my hands that are driving me batty.  If I type too much or craft too long I tend to feel it!  Thank goodness for Advil is all I have to say!  LOL  Hopefully I will be able to share some LO's and more art journal work by the end of the weekend!

I did want to post a little sneek peek og my TOJO's Xmas gift for her.  All handmade (which in itself, is amazing I accomplished ... zip it Tojo!  LOL)  Her scrap room has a black and white modern look, which I love, so I made something that will match it and be useful to her! You'll get it in your hot little hands next time I see you .. likely  in just over a week's time!  WINK!  Enjoy sweets!

That should keep ya guessing love ... enjoy your week! :)


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LORDY Lordy look who's 40!

A BBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG Happy Birthday to  my sweet friend DORRIE!  Today she reaches a life milestone!  I milestone that brings forth mocking, denial and laughs (usually not for the one that celebrates).   SOOOO  I won't be the typical friend who pokes fun at her buddy by posting images like this .....

or maybe this ......

oh this one for sure ..

As I am very sensitive to life's undeniable .. ultimate harsh change as being 40 brings .... I'll just wish you a sweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


LOVE YOU GIRL .. Have a fabo day .. strut your stuff and show us how to do it proper!  LOL


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Journal - POST 1

Hi there!  WELL .. I ACTUALLY DID IT!  I didn't just talk about it, or didn't just add it to a list .. I DID IT!  I officially started me 1st ever ART JOURNAL!  Why in heavens name did I wait .. I literally have so many ideas flowing now that i have had to write them down!  I FEEL SO FREE and love that I have no idea what the start of a page will end up like!  All I know is that I am PUMPED to CREATE!  LOL

So Julie posted a whole wack of examples on the different approaches people take to an art journal.  I didn't focus in on too much truthfully, and will keep her prompts in mind when creating, but I just want to be left open and free to do what I want!  I decided I was going to create some backgrounds, so that those 10 mins creativity can be put to good use on the days that time is a factor!

So before I post the pages, I thought I'd share what kind of book I am using!  I don't have a clue if this is a good one or not (again .. learning curve) but I opted for a mixed media book.  I got it at Michaels for maybe $15.  Anyways .. will give this a try and then through trial and error will see if it works!  Please feel free to post any other types that are out there too!

Here is the cover

So a couple of months ago I started a basic background at Katies!  It was a mixture of water colour paints and other paints that I can't remember!  What I did learn though, with this type of book, I need to lightly prime my paper with gesso.  Other wise the paper can get very soft ... very quick!  Water colour paper is likely the most ideal, but again .. I have no clue what I am making .. so the mixed media seemed to be a better choice!  WINK

Katie suggested I take the stick of the paint brush and do some swirly lines .. so I did!  I LOVE IT!  I am seeing this as an underwater funky fish page!  LOL  I had to snap the next pic too, as i am loving that my spirals are getting gummed up now too ... I bet that'll look so cool at the end .. will have to keep a close eye that I can actually turn my pages though!  LOL

I started a collage background with all kinds of paper scraps that I have had lying around!  I used some funky edged scissors to cut them and used a matte gel medium to adhere them to the page!  I glued on the book and the scrap paper and over the paper.  These babies aren't moving!  LOL 

I love that none of these papers really match each other but when they come together it just works!  LOL  Here is a close up!

Now on to my fave so far!  So I was going thru some stash stuff and I have a ridiculous amount of rub-ons .. which I rarely use.  ALPHA RUB ONS .. oh why did I indulge in so many?  In 2004-2006 it was all rave .... and guess what???  RUB ONS DON'T LAST FOREVER!  LMAO  No worries .. I found a solution for the crazy ................  TAAADAAAAAA!

I have everything from Making Memories, L'il Davis, KI, Doodlebug, Foofala, MME and Mustard Moon .. and likely a few more!  They rub-ons were CACA .. meaning they were sticking to the the packaging, ripping when they were placed .. so screw it .. oh the page you go the way you want to go!  I am thinking of a lil gesso wash in the center with some quotes or books .. OR OR ..... I'll figure it out!  LOL

SO there you have it .. off to a good start I think!  I am loving this .... and I am loving that my girl Katie sends me e-mails and posts to keep blogging!  Thanks for reading sweetie and encouraging me to share!  I forgot how much I have loved this world!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

TOJO let's Sketch/Art Journal Everyday

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  WELCOME 2011 .. I am happy you are here and I have been waiting for you.  I have high hopes for you this year!  LOL

A couple of things to blog about today with regards to some creativity aspirations. I want to create SO MUCH MORE in 2011 than I did in 2010!  I hardly did anything in 2010, mostly because I have too much crap and no organized space!  So John struck me a deal, get my stash place sorted/cleaned and organized by the end of January and I get a mini spa day!  NOW HE'S TALKING!  Can't remember the last time I've had my piggies painted and polished, a massage and a DEARLY LOVED facial!  So aside from a sense of accomplishment, I get a great gift too!  INCENTIVE INDEED!

So I have been on the lookout for a challenge sketch blog!  I really needed to find something that had some diversity (we all know how I rock those two pagers INSERT HUGE ROLL EYES), and I found this site!


This site has just been launched, and so far I am enjoying it.  I love the diversity in the sketches, being a one page, two page, card or add on!  If you are shaking your head at the "add on", go have a read and it'll make sense!  I have a biggillionnillionfillion pictures that I am dying to get scrapped and the stash to do it!!  I have to stop using the excuse that I am not inspired ... that I just don't feel like it!   If the sketch is there, the it takes away the design concept excuse ...LOL  TIME TO SCRAP!

These sketches will get me off to a great start .. and now that I have publicly announced that I want my Tojo to do this with me .. I HAVE TO DO IT TOO!  She is shameless when it comes to calling me out .. (secretly it's what I love the most about her

So what do you say chicka .. YOU IN?  We can work out terms when you come for air (the bitch is leaving me to go to Mexico with her family .. the fricken nerve  PSSSTTT .. that may be the only way I get a head start ... BAHAHAHAHAHA!  She isn't the only one who is shameless!  BAHAHAHA

Tomorrow the first sketch is up!  I am looking froward to seeing what it'll be! :)

The other half of my creative aspirations deals with what I love the most .. eclectic, funky, dirty, go with your mood ART!  I came across a challenge blog that blew me away!  if you have never heard of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, do yourself a favour and check her out here!  This lady rawks my mixed media world!

So Julie created a FREE class/challenge/prompts called ART JOURNAL EVERYDAY.  The idea is to put aside 10 minutes a day and CREATE!  That's it ... 10 MINUTES!  Creating in anyway you want!  You don't have to commit to making an art journal, but I am!  I bought one a couple of months ago, and started making backgrounds prepped for impromtu creative moments.  Now it's time to use these pages up!  Julie will post s list of prompts that will inspire you grab the creative bull by the horn ... it's so inspiring all ready to me!  I am excited to jump in and see what I learn!

If you are interested, find all the information here!

 So there you have it!  Two places that will become part of my daily routine .. I am hoping that by doing these two challenge sites, it gets me back into my creative groove!  I can only imagine that this will open a door to much more .. I sure hope it does!

If you have any other suggestions or ideas I would love to hear all about them!