Monday, July 27, 2009

Let's try this again! LOL

Laurie mentioned that the video below was set on private and that it couldn't be seen by my blog readers (thanks for the heads up girl)! So here it is again .. you should be okay to view it now!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is what happens when you mix teens with a 6 year old!

Oh I am such a proud mama and auntie right now .. INSERT ROLL EYES! So while I was sick in bed, my nieces got their meat hooks in my innocent daughter (that's a load of crappola if you know Alexa.. BTW - WINK. So Alexa decided to get jiggy with it, and I see a real future in exotic dancing for her .. OH DEAR NOT NOT NOT!!!!!! LMAO I for see some serious blackmail at her wedding though ....


OPPS forgot to mention that it's sideways for the majority of the time .... I don't know how to manipulate it! LOL


Friday, July 17, 2009

EASTPARK FUN! This is a long post! LOL

So yesturday we took the load of kids (the entire load that I am bringing home to to a place called East Park here in London ON. We had a freakin blast! We spent over 7 hours there and came home last night pleasantly exhausted!

I realized this morning going thru my pics that I must of had so much fun cuz I had forgotten to take pics of all of us in the waterpark! LMAO Man that pissed me off! LOL So I will just have to give you the play by play version! Grab a coffee or drink, cuz I am gonna blog big baby! LOL

So we get to my BILs place to pick up the older kids (Cody has been spending a lot of time with his cousins there as opposed to us stuffy old people) and after kicking some teenage arse to get moving, we were ready to go!

Here are the monkeys at the front of the park!

So John and I look at the price packages for entrance and proceed to snip and snark at each other cuz our communication skills with a wack of excited kids is something to be desired for! LOL All is well however and we decide on the waterpark with three extra activities each!

Here is Angelina and Cydney waiting to get in!

We decided that we were going to do the Go Karts first! Man that was so much fun! I drove with Angelina and John drove with Alexa while Cody, Morgan and Cydney drove themselves. I must admit that John and I had a little competition going on, and I beat his ass silly! BAHAHAHAHA! He doesn't call me Rachel Andretti for nothing ya know! HEEHEE!

Here are a few shots from the track!

Here are my girls and I getting ready to get into the cars! LOL

So like I mentioned above .. I didn't take any pics of us in the waterpark (I was having too much fun) but here are a couple of pics from the Go Kart track of the waterpark!

Cool huh? So before we head into the waterpark we decided to have a quick lunch. Then off we go! We find out that Alexa is big enough to ride all the slides but Angelina is only allowed to ride the one .. but hey it's not the kiddy ride so she is okay with that. We grab a mat, and up we go! I find out as we are getting ready to slide down that I can't ride with Angie. I ask her is she is okay with that and she say "YUP". I go down first so that I can at the bottom to make sure that she is okay and to maybe catch her is needed. I go down and I am so shocked as to just how bloody fast it is .. my legs are above my head, I can't sit up, we go thru a dark tunnel .. and all I am thinking is "OMG Ang is gonna freak out!" My anxiety is thru the roof at this point, the lifeguard tells me I can't stand at the bottom of the slide (like I listen .. sorry but that is my baby coming down, and it's her first time). John is there with me, and tells me to calm down and I am near panic at this point .. my heart is racing and I thinking of the worst case scenario .......... THEN...................................... here comes Angie, sliding slowly and happy on her mat, giggling her toushy off, happy as a pig in shit! I WAS FLOORED! She splashes in the 2 feet of water at the end of the slide, runs up the little stairs with her mat and goes for round number 2. I almost started to cry! MY BABY IS NOT A BABY ANYMORE .. and I had realized just how protective I am with her! I was so proud of her! Then Alexa comes down the slide full of giggles and laughter just like her sister .... she did so amazing too! John flies down next and is going so fast that he makes a splash like a whale at the bottom .. I LMAO so hard ... we then came to the conclusion that us fatty's must go super fast compared to the little ones .. although i totally thought it'd be the opposite! All the kids got stuck midway on the slide cuz it was so slow! BAHAHAHAHAHA! GO FIGURE!

John takes Alexa on the super big slide that you can ride double on ... and my goodness she really is a water baby! They went down several times, and each time just got faster!

The kids all played in the splash pad for a bit, then headed off to the arcade to play some games, win tickets and come home with a bunch of useless breakable trinkets! Man I miss being a kid! LOL

The lot decided to continue with the extra activities, so Angie, Cydney and Alexa went into the huge jungle gym to play around for a while, while the older kids (including my went rock clmibing. I got some shots before my camera started to poo poo out (what a shocker there huh?).

Here they are!

The girls in the ball pit and the jungle gym!

Then the group rock climbing!

Morgan and Cody

John and Cody

All of them climbing!

I used Morgans camera to snag a bunch of pics of the bumper cars and she got the funniest video of John on the rock wall, but I'll have to post them at a later time as I don't have her memory card!

So after a sun and fun filled day, we came home exhausted and insanely happy! It was worth every moment!

Today it is raining, and we are taking it easy! My niece Cassandra and my nephew Brody just arrived, and we haven't seen them in a year. I can't wait to cuddle them silly!


Thursday, July 16, 2009




So I bought this banner and background at the House of 3! Then after cursing my computer in HTML code, I decided to throw a poor pity me e-mail to my girl Laurie to get this straightened out for me. SHE DID! LOVE YOU BUNCHES BABE AND IT LOOKS AWESOME! Thanks for adding my name title to the header as well! IT'S PERFECT! I OWE YOU BIG BIG BIG! LOL

I still want to change my sidebars, but now that my blog looks inspiring to post on again, I can share with ya!

So I have some pics to post but will have to do it on my laptop a bit later (I am at my BIL's home computer right now), and much news to sahre. It's been a great trip here in London! So good that I am returning ith two more kids... lol MY nieces. Morgan is almost 16 and Cydney is 11. So between my 3 and then my two others, I am gonna have a hopping house! LMAO! I can't wait ... fun times!

So I will leave with this post now .. be back with stories and pics asap!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hijacked Rach's Blog...

Now don't go getting all excited that Rach actually posted THREE times in one week!!! I agreed to help her out a bit with the changes to her blog so I just HAD to hijack. I thought about posting some really brutal picture of her but a) i don't have any and b) I love her too much. But let's be honest - it's mostly because I don't have any (that I can think of)!!!

So instead I chose to post a picture of the two of us that I really love...

It was taken at the Vicki Boutin was the first time I ever roomed with Rach and believe me I WAS TERRIFIED!!! I've witnessed what she is like without her morning coffee tee hee. But as it turns out, I had NOTHING to worry about - we got along amazingly well and it was a great chance for us to bond.

Happy Retirement Lovely...I hope you are enjoying a fun, relaxing and HEALTHY week!

Love you tons (and I hope you like the new look)...

Diva Loca

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gonna have some changes ...

So if you are visiting and the blog looks wacky ... that's why! LOL



Yes cuz I am blogging! LOL I really didn't have a choice however, as I am sure that Laurie would of started to threaten my life had I not posted already! LMAO

So we are in London ON right now having a visit with my in laws. We arrived last night and had a great drive down! It's always a late night the first night as we are trying to cram a whole year of news into a few hours. We tend to forget that we have the whole week to catch up! LOL

So much has happened since I had last blogged but I will post all about in the next few posts ... otherwise I'd be here all day and my kids wouldn't tolerate that for a second! LOL

I also wanted to change the entire look of my blog as I was really never pleased with the outcome of this look! LOL

So I leave you know with a HAVE A RAWKIN DAY!


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