Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't watch if you get Offended Easily!

So this morning I got to sleep in a tad as I am working until 10 tonight. Have to be in for noon hour. I'm looking forward to the next few days as I am on my Advanced Trauma Life Support Course. I am so pumped for this. I am on this with some of the best Docs in the city, and I am going to be like a huge sponge just absorbing all they have to teach. I'll be doing chest tubes, intubation, IV's, blood gasses, Xrays, pericardialcentesis, pneomothorax and hemothorax releases, cathetars etc... YES I know it sounds gross, and most of this is done in a lab (I won't get into those details for those with a sensitive stomach), and is so necessary for the science of medicine. It is a wonderful opportunity for me. Anyways I work this afternoon into tonight, all day tomorrow and Saturday! I think Sunday will be a lazy day! LOL

Anyways, I have some LOs to share, but haven't snagged any pics yet, so they'll have to wait! LOL

In the meantime, I came across these videos, and if you are a Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel fan, be prepared to LYAO! LOL


And then there was Jimmy Kimmel's response to her!

BAHAHAHAHAHA... I had tears streaming down my face after watching those... God luv F#$ked Up Comedy! LMAO

Have a good one!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

LO Share

Hey blog readers... did some scrapping on sunday. Sorry for the crummy pics, but that is life with a crummy camera. LOL

Anyways here are the LOs I managed to get done!

Made with the Bad Girl Feb Kit... loved the Prima chipboard letter and the burlapish material...

Based on one of Hillary H's sketches... my girls with the other kids that they are babysat with sometimes.

My all time fave this weekend goes to this LO. I used the 12x12 Prima chipboard, went crazy with the pink glimmer mist, and then distressed over with Rangers tea dye ink. It looks so cool IRL!

This was made with the BG Feb kit too... I used the walnut gold glimmer mist on the red CS.. I mean I soaked it... so it looks quite aged Then i just went to town with the rest..LOL This looks so distressed IRL!

I used one of my page kits from Scrap-room for this LO.. The vellum flowers are from a seller at Etsy... love the handmade look of them.

So that's it in a nutshell.. I have to finish another LO sometime this week, and then crack out some more of the stash and keep on scrapping. Been on hell of a productive year so far! LOL



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some internet YUMMIES

What an absolute horrible day yesturday was. LOL I was so weepy and sad, and was listening to the saddest music, was unbelievably bagged (only 2 hours of sleep after playing musical beds... bad night for the the girls) was sick the whole week with a nasty gastro.... Poor hubby... he came home after taking Alexa to her dance class, asked me if I wanted lunch and I just started bawling... and I mean bawling! It lasted for well over an hour. They say sometimes you just need to cry, maybe it's just that release (I prefer to I've been super stressed at work lately, other stuff going on, and I just haven't reached out a chatted about it. I got a great e-mail from Barb yesturday that made me chuckle (thanks girl, and I'll call you for coffee soonest). Anyways, after a great night of much needed sleep, I do feel better. I had me a great dream about George too... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm hopeless.. WINK!

It's been a while since I have posted any of my internet findings. Seeing as my hubby is stil in bed, I can't get scrapping yet, so off surfing I go!

Check out this cool patterned key rack.. link here

So Teresa Collins made her debut at CHA... from my scrapping internet pals that went to CHA, I guess this stuff is to die for. Sad thing though, Teresa had some of her projects stolen... Very sad!

A few interesting things up on Scrap Scene lately...

Here is a cute inspirational frame... oh I want to make one of these..LOVE IT
link is here

Love this buterfly collage from Ali Edwards blog...

Chandalier die cut alert... LOVE THIS... very brilliant!

DO YOU WANT TO BE FEATURED ON MM BLOG?? PERHAPS WIN SOME NOTEWORTHY YUMMIES? Check out the details here (Steph, you had better jump all over this

So I just got my Bad Girls Feb kit in the mail.. and I can't wait to create... Wendy out did herself again!

Came across this blog called "Crazy About Mini albums"

Well hubby just got up.... so I am off to snag a shower, and get scapping. Have two LO's to finish up before I start on any more. LOL

Have a great Sunday... and for those living in Ottawa, there is a freezing rain warning out there... hard to believe I know, as it looks nice out right now! Be careful just the same!


Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm in LOVE with George O'Malley

So I admit it... I have a high school crush... to a fictitious character. I mean yes, I am married to my perfect man (isn't that what I am suppose to say? LOL) Just kidding!!!!

So I have heard for some time all about Grey's Anatomy and how it is the most hiliarious and fun drama on TV these days, and well I downloaded a few episodes and had a look. I was hooked after the first episode. So recently I have been on a Grey's Anantomy marathon and have watched every single episode since day one... Now I am pissed about the strike..LMAO I have to wait until April perhaps May for some new episodes.

So George O'Malley... SIGH.. I am such a sucker for a geek. I mean he is a geek all the way. He's clumsy, and he says the wrong things, but he's so fun loving and cute, and clumsy.... did I mention clumsy. As the seasons progressed and was more and more taken with him.. and then he hooked up with Izzie. Well that's actress Katherine Heigl and she is absolutely gorgeous and talented (and ironically if I was gay, I'd be totally crushing on Well George and Izzie are the best thing to happen to that show... (sorry Callie).. and after reading reviews off the Grey's Anatomy sites it seems fans are quite split on this coupling!!! Well I am all for it. I hope these two get it together and find their timing/chemistry and good sex. They are way too cute!

Anyways TR Knight (who is the actor of my beloved) is perfect for this part... and even after reading he is gay in real life, he's still my George.. my cute clumsy George.. Sigh, just like a pre teen with the Cory's pics up on my wall...LMAO Ya think John would say anything if I put a pic or TR up on my wall??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyways here are some pics.... and it turns out TR and Katherine are close friend IRL too...

I know you probably think I am wacked... but this McYummy (have you seen Ellen?) will always do it for me! LOL


Monday, February 11, 2008

CHA - Overwhelmed or Excited?

Well CHA is going on now in Cali, and I am finding myself constantly questioning myself about whether I am overwhelmed or whether I am excited. I think more excited as opposed to overwhelmed because I have really gotten over that whole "must own every part of every line every manufactured". I am finding now I either really like it or really couldn't be bothered... and I use to hate to admit that one of my fave coy's produced something horrific. now that's dedication ... LMAO I guess in some ways I have grown up... as has my credit card, and the NO MORE CC from hubby... I use to dread CHA because all I could think was "Oh WOW... how much money am I going to get in crap for spending..." Then it'd sit around for the longest time, collecting dust, and eventually forgotten about all together, and now is in the "to get rid of pile" You so know what I am talking about doncha?? LOL

Well while I am tempted to buy it all up, I now have asked myself if can see me scrapping with in the near future. Considering all the other "near futures" I have this is a very heavy question to weigh.

I find I am looking for a certain style, a certain look, maybe even certain colours. I have given myself permission to just buy one sheet of paper of an entire line cause it would look good with another line. I find a lot of the stuff looks the same...

So I am not so overwhelmed anymore. If I like it, I consider it... and I have to really like something right away to buy it right away. If I oh and ah and hum and ho, then chances are I don't need it! LOL

Rather mature of me isn't it.... where the hell was this Rachel a few years ago??? Would of saved me a bundle!!!!! Oh well live and learn and Ebay!


Thursday, February 7, 2008


So today on the way to the babysitters, it turned 0653 (time of Alexa's birth). I say to her.."So Alexa, this time 5 years ago you came out of mommy's belly" She proceeds to tell me "NO I DIDN'T MOMMY".. She is quite set that this is untrue. So I tell her it's true. She then says "NO MOMMY I CAME OUT OF YOUR VAGINA!"

When did my baby grow up enough to know she was indeed right...??? LOL

Happy 5th Birthday my princess.... I love you so much, and feel so blessed that you are a part of me. You are a true blessing and one of the best things I ever did with my life!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

LO Share

Alright Katie... here ya go girlfriend...LOL These are the two LO's I did last night. Planning to scrap more today too!!! SO MUCH FUN!

Alexa with her Papa... I just adore this pic. I used my Bad Girls January Kit. I was a tad unsure as to how to use the purple mesh material, but once I got it in my hands and started playing with it, it was so great to use. I literally twisted it and help in it place with just some glue dots.

My girls waiting at their sitters for mommy and daddy to come and pick them up. LOL This was for a black and whute challenge and I was allowed to use one more colour. Obvious choice.. PINK..LOL Have I mentioned how much I love my stickles... The one used on this LO was the black diamond... VERY VERY NICE!

Well wish me luck... scrapping some more while watching several Barbie movies with the girls...LOL AAAAHHH Isn't life grand! LOL