Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Weekend starts

How excited I am! I am now off until next Tuesday, and lovin every minute of it! LOL

Tonight I need to pack for my weekend away and my mom is picking me up early tomorrow. We have a few errands to run which could include EM we'll see. I know Michaels will be on that list though. Then off to Navcan for a weekend of some wobbly pops, great snacks, sleeping, watching hockey, swimming and oh yes SCRAPPING!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!! Adding in my bestest friends!

I can't wait... it's been forever since I have seen my YAYA-BUGS!!



Barb said...

Have a GREAT time... wish I could go to Nav Can with y'all. :(

Michelle said...

Have fun! Is a trip to Auntie Em's on that list? I'll be scrapping there on Saturday...would love to see you guys! Plus, you know you want to check out her new, BIGGER, store!

Jennifer said...

Wish my week-end was that exciting. I boring. And they were long, drawn out, boring shifts. You know the kind you wish someone had something exciting happen to them like blood pouring out of

Hope you enjoyed your week-end!