Monday, June 4, 2007

Challenge Sunday #4

I am a day late with this scrappers, but posting just the same. So here are your challenges!!!!

Challenge #1
Buttons Galore. I know you have tons of them in your stash...use them up. Remember you can usse then as a finish accent, the centre of a fower, as a border etc. The possibilities are endless!

Challenge #2
Card Sketch from this blog

Challenge #3
Scrap a black and white photo.

Challenge #4
Is scrapping the only craft you have taken too? If not then scrap about the other hobbies/crafts that have been or still are of interest to you.

Challenge #5
CRACK out your stamps. If you are anything like me then your stash of stamps are absolutely ridiculous....LOL So crack them out and use them on a card or lo...



Michelle said...

hey, I can do these! In fact, I can use Maria's sketch WITH my stamps AND add buttons! A three-fer! LOL!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

OK, here's my card:

Lucy (scrapperqueen) said...

great challenges

Barb said...

You always post such great challenges. I just never seem to find the time to scrap any of them. :S

Hey, are you ready to share any of your projects from your weekend away?! :D