Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Findings

Good morning everyone. Here is sit with my cup of java (arabian organice beans..yum yum yum) and going thru my e-mails and catching up on all my gossip and scrap stuff. I am a bit fuzzy headed this morning as I enjoyed a few coolers last night outside with the neighbours. Didn't wake up until my brother called me at

I have been such a good girl this week with my eating and exercise. I did a total of 20km this week in exercise and all of it outdoors. I power walked, ran, and did a rucksack march. It felt so However, I got a little brave with the pilates ball and did a bunch of ab crunches and I guess my posture wasn't what it should of been as I am having one heck of a time around today. My back is just killing me... What is that old saying... NO PAIN NO GAIN.. I think they are on crack!! LOL

So on with the findings........

Just purchased my The Kits Meow Princess July kit... YUMMY.. here is a pic

HEY KATIE... did you se the new FOOFALA Book that has just been released? Looks gorgeous!!

OH STEPH... did you notice that Heidi Swapp is opening her own kit club?? WAHOO BABY!

Be sure to check out SCRAP SCENE daily... or better yet, sub to their newsletter and the daily entries will be e-mailed to you. Since I have done this I have found thru them tons more of awesome blogs and projects.. Thanks SS!!!

Do you wear glasses? Do you have a case to carry them in? Well here is a cool glass case that you can make... very stylish.. and if you don't wear glasses, think sun glasses!! LOL Here is the pic and the tutorial is here!

My Friend Michelle has a tutorial on Cracked Glass on her blog.. Check it out here.

Is Nicole Richie preganant??? Read the article here.

This artist from GETTIN SKETCHY is killin me with all these gorgeous sketches. Here is the latest on that has been posted on the blog. There is a contest for a RAK using this sketch. Read all about it.

Frame it in Challenge from the KI memories Blog. Looks like fun!!

CPS #17 is posted and here it is.. ENJOY!!

Mellisa has some awesome stamping projects on her blog... JUST GORGEOUS LOVE!

Quote Share: LOVE THIS
Never does the human soul appear so strongas when it forgoes revenge,and dares to forgive an injury.~ E. H. Chapin

Imagination Project posted this mini project called "Sister Frame" on their bog. The instructions are here

My YAYA Tanya has posted a couple of her Los... She is also teaching at Multi-Crafts. Great job my sweets.. MMMMMMMMWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAA

Another amazing sketch just posted by my girlfriend Lucy.. She ventured into the 6x12 size and I dare to say she is gonne give Becky a run for her money..LOL Awesome sketch girl!

Making Memories blog challenge here - WHAT INSPIRES YOU?

On a final note I wanted to give a shout out to my girlfriends KARE BEAR and CHRIS S and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. have an awesome day!

Well I dare to say that is enough for now... I am tired after taking a robaxacet for my back.. I think I am going to lay my head down for a bit so that i have some energy for the evening! Hope you have a great Saturday!


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Anonymous said...

Hey babycakes, thanks for the birthday wishes, I was in Ottawa sucking back a few wobblies and some of those russian roulette shooters WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Kare Bear