Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weird Stories

I get a chuckle out of these kind of stories...lol
Curtosy of ArcaMax pub.

Toddler destroys Buddhist sand painting
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) -- An unattended toddler destroyed a sand painting that Tibetan monks had spent two days creating on the floor of Union Station in Kansas City, Mo. The Kansas City Star said the monks "simply smiled and started over." "It teaches us that nothing is permanent," said Staci Olsen, a volunteer at the Rime Buddhist Center in Kansas City. Security cameras captured the little boy dancing on top of the intricate design Tuesday while his mother was in the post office inside Union Station. A security manager said the woman did not report the incident. "She summarily picked the child up and boogied," said Bob Smock. The monks are on a yearlong tour of the United States and Canada to raise money for their monastery, the newspaper said. Copyright 2007 by United Press International

Panty thief caught in Fort Collins, Colo.
DENVER (UPI) -- A man has been arrested in Fort Collins, Colo., for allegedly stealing more than 1,300 pieces of women's clothing from laundry facilities. Chih Hsien Wu has been placed at the scene of numerous panty thefts near Colorado State University, Denver's KMGH-TV reported Sunday. Fort Collins police are calling for any women who have noticed their undergarments missing to come into the station and identify their lost panties, bras and pantyhose. Police want more victims to come forward to solidify their case. One woman said, after sorting through the items police had taken as evidence, that Wu stole at least 10 pairs of her panties. She said she had seen Wu in her laundry room. "He was in the laundry room when I came back to switch my clothes from the washer to the dryer," said CSU senior Christina Watanuki. "He just kept his head down and wouldn't move, so I kind of had to scoot around him and I thought that was kinda weird. I didn't notice until later that all my undergarments were missing." Copyright 2007 by United Press International


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