Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MFS - Summer Challenge

So my good friend Lucy is hosting all kinds of Summer challenges on her forum Memories from Scrap. You can find the details here. I think this is a great motivational things to do and hopefully helps me get more pages done.... it's usually challenges that make me productive!! LOL

So she issued a blog challenge and here is my entry for it.

Blog Challenge

1. Post on your blog what you did this weekend

This weekend I had the time of my life with a group of my closest friends. We went to NAVCAN in Cornwall ON, to scrap, relax and just to enjoy eachothers company. I had a few wobbly pops, swam, and scrapped my arse off.... VERY FUN!

2. Tell us what are your plans will be for the month of June

Not too much actually. Definantely scrap more, and spend more time outdoors playing with my family. We were thinking of going to Omega Park to check out the wildlife.

3. Post your favorite Quote

"when God closes a door he always opens a window"
I live my life by this!!!

So just posting the answers to these 3 questions has earned me 25 Thanks Lucy!

Another exciting thing that has happened is I was asked to be one of Lucy Chesnas Sketch Divas. I am so honoured and can't wait to get to the sketches she has already sent me.. MMMMMMMMMWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAA my friend... I wil do you proud!

I also got tagged from my good friend Di aswell...

6 Summer Resolutions

1 - More time with my babies... with all the nice weather we have been having I wan to spend more time touching base ith my iner child. Meaning if I have to run thru the sprinkler then I More time going to the park and the pools too.

2 - BBQ more. We just indulged in a great BBQ and have made an agreement to enjoy it more. Food always tastes better when it has been BBQ'd, not to mention healthier.

3 - Exercise more. seeing as I am given the time to do it.. I really should participate more.

4 - Quit smoking... yes I smoke and haven't quit since I have been home from Alert. It is way beyond time that I do...LOL

5 - More one on one dating with DH. Since having our kids we have put all the focus on them. It's time to start lighting that fire again!

6 - Last but not least.. SCRAP SCRAP SCRAP!! LOL

I am tagging my girlfriends Barb and Michelle.



Lucy (scrapperqueen) said...

awesome and I am so honored for being one of my Divas. You rock girlie!!!!

Michelle said...

Just saw the tag! Off to answer it!

Michelle said...

Also, I did 2 of your challenges...check it out!