Sunday, June 17, 2007

Challenge Sunday #6 - Fathers day

It's Challenge Sunday... Hope you find time to scrap this weekend!
Here we go

So there cleary is no secret that I love sketches, and today's challenges is all about the sketches... You will get five of them from assorted sketch artists and a bonus..

1 - Gettin Sketchy.. one of my fave artists

2 - Another of my faves.. Lucy Chesna... a 2 pager

3 - Pencil sketches #34. These girls are amazing!!!!

4 - Sketch This from Janelle Richmond... another great artist

5 - Sketch It from Erica Hildebrand

AND BONUS SKETCH IS... Di Hickman and Rachel Tops (ME!!!).. YEAH.. so I did the original design and then had Di fix it up for me. She aded a few of her own details and turned it into a digital template... I love it.. it turned out awesome and has received some awesome feedback. Thank you friend... I see a few more our future.
And here are our LO's from this sketch
Di Hickmans Digital LO

Rachel Tops Paper LO

Hope these sketches inspire you and be sure to let me know if you complete any of them so that I can feature you on the blog. Also be sure to give the sketch artist appropriate credit and if you have the time click on their blogs and let them know!



To my dad!!! I love you, and am glad we are spending the day together as a family. Be there

To my handsome, smart sexy hubby John. He is more than any girl can ask for.... and I am thankful everyday for him. He is an awesome daddy to our kids and that was tested when I went away for 6 months. His patience and dedication to our family amaze each and every day. He is a wonderful husband who every now and then still surprises me with little trinkets and flowers. He always takes care of me when I am am sick, and celebrates with me when big things happen in our lives. He encourages me to be the best I can be, and gives me time to study for my career progression, and gives me time to be creative in my hobbies. I often say that I struck gold the day i married him... truer words have never been spoken.

I know we aren't celebrating this weekend, but next weekend it's all about you babies. I love you more and more every day!!


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Anonymous said...

Those sketches kick ass!!! I love that you take the time to look up all this juicy stuff for us babycakes! You are the queen of the surf lol.

and I hope that John got a chuckle out of the Father's Day card I sent electronically :)

Kare Bear