Sunday, May 27, 2007

Challenge Sunday #3

Good morning scrappers/stampers! I trust your weekend has gone well so far. I hope my US friends are kicking back and enjoying their long weekend, and my Ottawa group is shaking their heads over the ridiculous amount of money they had spent yesturday at scrapfest!! LOL

The weather isn't looking too nice here today... looks like it may rain... so AH NUTS... guess I have to scrap..LMAO

Here is your third week of challenges.... there is never an expiry date on these and please e-mail me if you complete any of them and I will ensure that you're work is posted on my blog here. So here's hoping you feel inspired!!

Maria Bell is a lady that just does the most amazing work. She owns two blogs .... Cards Inspired by Maria and Stampin Inspirations by Maria. I came across this tutorial for a "mini project" accordian file. The link for the instructions is here. Here is a sample picture of what the finished accordian file would look like....

So print off the tutorial and you are challenged to give this a try. Be sure to go back and leave Maria comments on her blog, if you complete this...

Scraps..scraps.. scraps... Oh you know what I am talking about. i have tons and I know you do too!! LOL USE EM UP!!!! Make a card, mini project, mix and match em, do another LO. JUST USE SOME!!!!!!!

Art Challenge... this is one of my all time fave kind of chalenge because interpretation is so varied. So here is your art image, compliments of . Use the colours, the design, anything... whatever inspires you!

BOM Challenge
"If I could ______, I would ______!"
You fill in the blanks. Now be personal. this is a challenge for your book of me!!

Making Memories Challenge. I know you have tons in your stash... so splash your LO/Card/Project full of MM...

Hope you enjoy... HAVE FUN!!!


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Barb said...

Very cool ideas... it's always nice to have launching points when I'm stuck for ideas. Thanks for doing this... even if I don't do these challenges this week, I'll be sure to check back when I do have time. :)