Monday, May 21, 2007

LO/Findings to share!

I actually got to scrap yesturday... I did 3 LOs, 1 card and started a project! I can share one LO right now but can't share the others until the newsletters are out!!!

I did this one of my YAYAs, based on a sketch challenge at Scrapbook Centrale. I have meaning to scrap these pics forever. Katie was very preggers here... and I love that this was one of our typical "natural" days, we just showed up and scrapped...LOL

So I am on my second cup of java, already had breakie... and just surfing. Here are some finds! Notice they are all craft related.. OH BOY!! LOL

Doncha love this idea... it's just a basic ikea storage box that was wallpapered.. Stunning. Can you imagine the creative ideas with the billions of sheets of pattern papers we all have in our stash! A great decorative place for all those trinkets.. Did I meantion I LOVE TRINKETS...LOL Here is the link to the artists blog

OH I LOVE THESE KNITTED SOCKS!!! I am making them as soon as I can! Here is the link (with full instructions/pattern) if you are interested! They shouldn't take too long either!!!! ENJOY!

Oh another YUMMY project. How many times have you gone to a flea market or an antique based store, garage sale etc, where you find a piece of furniture that you'd love to get your hands on. Well this has inspired me! I love this, especially the abstract feel to it. I could see this in my home...LOL Keep your eyes peeled for some prospective pieces folks! Here is the link with step by step instructions... which I will be printing..LOL

How very ELSIE...LOL I adore this and hey it's creative... think of all the funky colours that you can use!! LOL Link here

Well off to my moms for a BBQ today. I guess Fallingbrook mall has the mini amusement park today so we'll be taking the kids!! Should be fun!



Kataroo said...

I love that LO!!! Its so funky and really does a good job of fixing the washed out colours in the pic....I think all our makeup free faces made for a pale pic LOL!!! Next photo shoot make up gals!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok that IKEA storage is FREAKIN COOL Rach!!! Must look into that, I also love that little table with the idea of putting some paper on top, there is a huge garage sale here this weekend and I bet there will be alot of those, in fact I see them in the garbage all the time!!

Great blog girlfriend!

Kare Bear