Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Internet findings

Well I have had comments that many of you like these kinds of posts and it has been over a week since I have done one...I have my java, and here we go!!

1 - Ali Edwards blog has two challenges from her latest E-ZINE... I love these and I'm adding them my list! You can find them here

2 - CPS #12.... I love that they leave the cards so open for design.. I mean they give you the basics and you can determine just how much you want to fancy it up... if at all


3 - ALPHABET SOUP CHALLENGE.... do you have some of that yummy alphabet soup from KI?? Well KIs blog has posted a challenge to use them up.. you can find details here

4 - Kid Sites.... this is the best link I have ever come by...
All the yummies you find in there from games to colouring pages, craft ideas, recipies... AND it'll all parent approved. LOVE IT!!!!!!

5 - Imagination Project blog ... they have contests and project ideas posted alwyas... it's a great place to see creative way to use up those embellishments we've stashed away!

6 - Neve Campbell gets married.. You can read the article here.. I am so happy for her.. she seems to have a good life.

7 - Marlene just bought a new lense for her fantastic camera. Truth be told that she is the envy of our little scrapping group ...lol You can see the pics she took with her new baby on her blog here

8 - Nat Vs latest post on her blog made me smile. I love that her dd isn't afraid to get dirty and help her dad with "dirty chores". I had posted that this is the making of a strong independant woman... she should be so proud!!!

9 - Becky Flecks newest HALF MAPS have me very intrigues. I am going to attempt this size and see what happens. I am getting bored of the 12x12 now.. and still scrap the occasional 9x9/8.5x8.5/8x8. Just time to change things up!!!!

10 - Speaking of sketches... here is the latest creation from Pencil Sketches... #31

11 - My YAYA Stephs latest work... I am in complete awe of this girls talent... SIMPLY AMAZING!

12 - OH .... I so want to make this.... what a fun and funky little camera case. Now if you happen to have one of those big honkin cameras... you'll have to get a lot of fabric.. LOL You can find the instructions here
Well that is it for now. John and I are going laptop shopping this afternoon and I am very excited!!!! Have a good one!

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Lucy (aka scrapperqueen) said...

great stuff girlie...its great that you are back..(((Smooches))