Saturday, May 26, 2007

WHAT an EXCITING day planned!!!

Well last night I went out Katie to do some clothes shopping. As we are looking thru the racks don't I hear a familiar voice... STEPH... EEEEKKKK it was so awesome. She was there for a bit beofre having to go to the Sportplex for Scrapfest. Had a great dinner at Kelseys, and then bought a few fun summer outfits. We treated to ourselves to some DQ after that, and then teI headed home exhausted.. VERY FUN!!!

Well today the day starts early... as i sit here typing it's just after 0630..YUCK...LOL In a few minutes my mom will be walking thru my door, ready to go.. LOL We are heading to the Scrapfest at the Nepean Sportsplex for the better half of the morning. Do some looking around, some shopping and just hanging out.

This afternoon I am taking my mom and my girls to the ballet Cinderella at Centrepointe Theatre. We took Alexa lasy year and she just loved it.. I am hoping that Ang takes to it too. LOL

After that we usually go to DQ (OMG twice in a, and then we'll be coming back to my place. John and I are hosting a BBQ for my parents and my brothers family tonight. So busy indeed!!!!

Tomorrow hopefully will be my rest day... I think after today I just may need it!!!




OMG what a fun and fabo day.. I am utterly exhausted... The scrapfest was fun and I only spent $100 which for me is Here are a couple of pics of us girls waiting to get in....

Pic #1 - left to right, Katies cousin Jen (ok she rocks), Katie, Me, Mellisa
Pic #2 - left to right, Jen, Katie, Me, Steph, Mellisa

The ballet also went so well and we had an absolute blast. My girls loved it... they got all dolled up in the dresses their Oma bought them too.. It was too sweet!! Here are a few pics of them!!!

Pic #1 - Alexa (have to photoshop out that
Pic#2 Ang in her carseat ready to go
Pic#3 - My girls and I in our seats at the theatre
Pic#4 - My ballerina Angelina
Pic#5 - My ballerina Alexa
Pic#6 - My ballerina Alexa
Thanks to my mom and my YAYAs for a fun day!!!!


Barb said...

What a great day you had yesterday! Thanks for posting pics... I love seeing them. :)

Marlene said...

Your girls looks so sweet. SOunds like you had a good day.