Monday, March 26, 2007

Mellisa and Tanya... I feel your pain!

Good morning... so Melly and Tanya I am feeling your pain.. meaning that this station internet is freakin slow and hard to have patience for. Hence why I haven't been blogging the way I was at home. It's certainly not for lack of time... it's lack of patience.

I am so freaking ready to come home... I have had enough. I didn't even go to any of the parties this weekend (very unlike me), but it seems that those of us that are coming to the end of our tours are like this also. I am partied out.. my a f^%& factor is a big fat zero, zip, ziltch. LOL I opted instead for work.

I didn't even get to scrap thise weekend. I ended up working. INSERT ROLL EYES!!

On a positive note... I got my 30 day wire... which is a huge morale booster up here. It's just a piece of paper that is taped on your door telling you, you have 30 days left in your tour and that you must attend a scheduled appointment to finalize your bookings home. I was absolutely thrilled this morning when I woke up and saw that!!!

WEll as a final note.... please vote for KATIE today!!!!! I am so proud of you my sweets and pray you go all the way!!!!



Robyn~ said...

Aw Honey...thinking of you today. Hoping the time goes F A S T. Will be glad when you're home.

Love Robyn~

The Karen said...

Awe my poor babycakes :( I can understand being partied out, guess you'll come home even thinner lol!!!

30 day wire??? whats this, does this mean you'll be home in 30 days??? naaaaaaaaaaaaa not possible.

Still missing ya, maybe I should find some good cheer me up jokes to send you way :)

It'll be spring when you arrive, WOO HOO.

Kare Bear

Michelle said...

Aw, 30 days will go by so fast!

Lucy Chesna said...

almost girlie so you can get back and have scrapping with us...miss you

Kataroo said...

30 Day Wire...I love the terminology you guys have :) I think you should do a LO on it..all the diff terms.