Monday, April 2, 2007

Only 3 more Mondays

No not including today but only 3 left until I am home baby! It's so funny how we make up different ways to make home seem that much closer. All in all though as of today I have 23 days left... 23 FREAKIN DAYS.. yehhhaaawwwwww... seems like just a little while ago I had 6 months.. Remember that???

So last week was quite a week for me. I performed my first ever minor surgery (and did pretty TOOT TOOT) and I also got my evaluation on my performance over the past 6 months. WOW WOW WOW... it completely floored me and was way above what I expected. Now I truely know that I am well on my way to my Physician assistants!!! WAHOO!

This weekend we had our Souper des Nobles. It is a fancy dinner for all the personnel departing in the next Month... So as I am departing in Apr, and it was 31 Mar, this was my Souper. There were 11 of us that were seated with the Commanding Officer and our Station Warrant Officer at the head table. We were all given handmade token gifts from our bosses that represented something from our tour. My boss got me pretty good. He made a plaque of sewing stuff and such to represent me being the sewing bitch of CFS Alert... LMAO Every walk down the linkway you can rest assured someone was asking me to sew something... I also had a bunch of batteries glued to it cause I fried one of our medical pieces of equipment.. BAHAHAHA it was only $15000....That's a story for some other time!! Finally I picked up a second gift and had to pause... I was pretty chocked up and then just gave way to the tears in front of my whole unit. My boss had made another plaque of my kids with a "we love you mommy" painted in primary colours.... Once I started to cry a few others shed tears. They all know how much I love my babies and how hard it was to be away! There are also many like me doing the same thing! I ran to my boss and gave hime the biggest hug in front of everybody... Oh Lord, it was nice!

So I am in the midst of packing and getting all ready to come home! I haven't scrapped a page (no time) and now that I am sending everything home I imagine it may be a while till I do... who knows though... I may leave a kit or two back!!

Have a good one!


Di Hickman said...

you'll soon be home! 3 weeks will go quick! love ya! smoochies!

Robyn~ said...

Can't wait til you're home! Hang in there!

The Karen said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it did go quick, I'll be soooo happy for you to come home even though I won't see you that much :( but just the thought knowing you are 2 hrs away gives me a warm feeling inside.

Congrats on all the toots, you rock sista!

Luv ya
Kare Bear