Sunday, April 15, 2007

I so wanna

Well seeing as my last few entries and have been on the rather somber side I thought I'd post happy happy today!! LOL

I SO WANNA SCRAP.... but all my stuff is now boxed up and sent home. I have been knitting my second scarf, and have a X-stitch that I am working on, just to passs the time. I think I'll do some sketches too so I am that much closer to putting a page or two together when I get home!


1. Page Maps is hosting a one year anniversary sketch contest. Starts 15 Apr 07 and ends 23 May 07. That gives everyone lots of time to get it done. HHHMMMM maybe even me!! LOL Details are here

2. Found this quote today and I love it
"Love is a fruit in season at all times,and in reach of every hand."~ Mother Teresa

3. PubCalls April Calender of pub calls and contests

4. Barb got published in Simple Scrapbooks... WAHOO and congrats girlie

5. Love this project from Creative Imaginations, instructions here

6. Be sure to check out A Peek into Yesterdays daily sales. I love this place, and I have always had wonderful customer service

7. LOVE this LO by Tracy Austin.. so feminine and soft. And her dd is absolutely adorable!

8. Saw this on Katies blog this morning and I almost PIMP

"Scrapping is almost like puking. I know, it sounds absurd, but hear me out. Once you feel that urge, your muscles take over and just start contracting, whether you want them to or not. It seems there is nothing that can stop it untill it is out. And that is exactally how I feel about creating. Like it just spews out of me at random. Busting out page after a madwoman. And then it's gone, as quickly as it came. Nothing else left inside. But the warm fuzzy glow of letting it all out. It really is therapy."

9. Card Positioning System #9 Design - simple and leaves much room for interpretation

10. Guitar Pick Jewlery... I don't know why but I absolutely LOVE THIS!!! Instructions here

11. For all you mini album scrappers check this out!! It's called JAPENESE BOOK BINDING

12. Michelle you are one amazing card maker girl... I love checking out your blog and your gallery. You are so inspiring. Have a look here for some of Michs work.

13. 2008 MMM Contest once again.... details here I know of a few scrappers who best get their butts moving and enter!!! LOL

14. Die Cut Mobile... I have been trying to decide whether I llike this or not. I seem to be retuning to it often, but something about it bugs me too.. What do you think???

15. NEW KIT SITE... The Kits Meow and I love my kits...LOL
Well that's enough for now..... enjoy....


Michelle said...

There are some great sites there (thanks for linking my blog and my gallery!) I LOVE the Kits great a name is that?
Less than 2 weeks now, Rachel!

Kataroo said...

i love the die cuts mobile!!