Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well tomorrow is the BIG DAY! I am pretty much all packed, my room is so bare. My replacement is on her own and now it's just a matter of time.

We are leaving tomorrow morning at 0500... so I'll be up around 0330.. YUCK but hey I am coming home and can sleep on the plane! There is rumour however that we may be leaving today and spending the night in Greenland after all. I'd like my last night to be here with my friends...

John is meeting me in Trenton, and then we are spending the night. Leaving early Thursday to go and get my babies!

So this will be my last post on here until I am home safe and sound. Send me happy plane vibes please...lol



Robyn~ said...

Safe, happy plane prayers comin your way!

Lucy (aka scrapperqueen) said...

prayers for a safe journey and cant wait to chat with you again