Thursday, March 1, 2007

The first of the month!

I love the first of every month. It's like a new mini start and with my organization skills it's a blessed welcome. LOL

I love going thru all the different sites and seeing the new challenges posted, the new products, and of course my FAVE the NEW KITS!!! LOL

I think I am going to start highlighting some of the challenges that I'd like to take on... maybe by committing here I can actually get most of them done. This also gives you "not so keen on surfing" scrappers a chance to go right to the challenge source if this is what you're looking for. Also featured my fave sites and some new and old friends!

Let's face it, we all like to get pages/projects and cards done, so here's hoping you find inspiration here!!


1. MY ABSOLUTE FAVE......... Becky Fleck Mar 07
Page Maps and Card Maps

These jumped out at me.... I challenge YOU!
Mar 07 Card Map Mar 07 Page Map

2 - Memories From Scrap a fun site that my friend Lucy Chesna owns has a monthly contest on the go. She is one of the friendliest gals I have come across online and I ask that you spread her name around. She is sponsered so have a look at the great prize when you check out the March 07 Contest. The contest theme is. "WHY YOU ARE LUCKY"

Lucy also sketches and loves to share them. She posts bi-weekly LO and card sketches and here are her first half of March sketches. Thanks friend.... you are an inspiration!
Upload layout here!
Upload Card here!

3 - Another good friend of mine DI HICKMAN has a card sketch challenge out! Great sketch Di!!! She posts new Card sketches every Wednesday and if you wish to be a "sketch go to girl" let me know and I'll make sure you get her e-mail. Or better yet it's on her blog! LOL

4 - KITS KITS KITS... Oh how I love them!!!! Horrible addiction really but one I have just the same!!!! Coming in the mail I have...
Medley Kit from Back Porch Memories
Monthly Kit Mar 07 from The Scrap Room

Mar 07 Sugar Daddy "kitty lou" 3 Scrappy Boys
Chaser and Ribbon Kits from Tie One On
I am so spoiled...LOL! Anyways enjoy for now!!! See if you can get a few of these challenges done!! I'll add more to my Blog as I come across them!!! OFF TO SCRAP!


Lucy Chesna said...

thanks girlie and I want all yoor kits!!! LOL

Michelle said...

Those sketches are awesome! TFS!