Sunday, March 18, 2007

ARRIVED and hating it..LOL

Well I have arrived safe and sound here in CFS Alert. Once again another adventure!

So John and I made it into Trenton on Wed and enjoyed a nice evening out. He drove me to the airport to catch my plane! After a heartfelt good-bye (ten times easier than the one I had with my kids) we boarded our plane.

Now most of you know that we take a Herc (big cold cargo up to the North. Not the most comfortable means of travelling let me tell you..but we had a treat in store for us this time. DND had contracted a chartered 737 for this flight thru Canada North. Pretty much it's a normal plane that was gutted (except the back which left approx 20 seats) and we had palates of supplies in the front and of course our seating in the back. Now instead of the red cargo netted seats we normally have... we had nice cushioned normal airplane seats.... AND WARM!!!! LOL

Next out comes the Globe and mail from our uniformed beautiful flight attendents. Then the pillows, blankets and amazing hot meal.. (again as opposed to the infamous yuckie box lunches we normally have). WHAT A FUN AND AMAZING WAY TO GET THE THE NORTH POLE.

Then the other shoe dropped. Well unlike out Hercs (which can fly in almost anything) this flight was suppose to make a stop in Iqualiwet (sp?). Well they had a massive snow squall going on so we had to make a stop in Kujowak QB. I still have no idea where this palce was. LMAO. Anyways a very tiny airport.. I mean small.... and all us cramped together for 6 hours of a delay. We couldn't take a direct flight to Alert as we were chartered with the civis and they had to do a manditory crew change according to their policy. So I tried to go to sleep and ended up on the conveyer belt praying it wouldn't turn on. OH YA LAUGH IT UP.. you can so picture me on this right?? BAHAHAHAHA

So FINALLY, after what seemed like forever, and I was ready to eat my feet, we took off and landed where we were suppose to and the crew changed, and we were fed, warmed... etc... Slept all the way to ALERT!

It was nice to see everyone again and many new faces which just reminds you that you are that much closer to leaving.. I was given huge hugs from my CO and Sergeant Major, and from my friends I was picked up and bear hugged to death. Nice to see I was missed!! LOL

I had a couple Fri night but must admit I passed out early and slept until.... 1845 the next day. I slept for over 20 hours.... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? I almost fell down when I figured that out. Guess being sick and being a mom again really took much out of me. I was too spoiled up here with rest I guess huh? LOL

Went out for a bit last night, but again took it easy... slept in till 1000.

I miss home... and am counting the days!!!



Kataroo said...

i love your stories :)

Robyn~ said...

My hat is once again, off TO YOU.....bless your heart. You are an incredibly strong woman and your kids will be better for it....I know it seems tough right now but you are so committed to your work! I'm so impressed.....thinking of you.

Barb said...

Wow, what an adventure! I seriously LOLed when I read the conveyor belt story... and then your comment! rofl. Had to explain to dh what was so funny. :P

Anyway, I'm glad you arrived safely, and I hope the next few weeks zoom by for you. Miss ya already!

The Karen said...

So glad that you got there in style girl, I remember ol' to well those hercules planes, never flew in one but would buy parts for them way back when.

Nice to see you were missed, but heck we missed you more than they will ever miss you.

You looked beautiful when I saw you, such a glow about ya, I can't wait till you arrive home again and I possibly get a visit from your family up in my North end lol.

Luv ya babycakes! Get home soon k!

Kimberly said...

Wow what an adventure! I'm glad you arrived safely...conveyor belt & all. I had a picture in my head of you sleeping and it turned on and you were just going round & round. Too funny!