Saturday, March 10, 2007

Odds and Sods

Good morning... well still yuckies in our house but I think we are FINALLY on the mend!!! I managed to get to bed without meds in my system last night and I was up a few times hacking but after a few chugs of my water I was able to fall back asleep. I heard Alexa hacking often last night too... she also had her water which was empty this morning aswell. John and Ang seemed to sleep okay!!!

So this morning I am enjoying my cup of java... I can actually taste and going thru my e-mail and blogs...

Here is what I found!!

1 - Donna Downey made this cute little acrylic stamp storage album and I am loving it..... looks like it is so easy to make and very practical.. Have a look!!!

2 - New Effer Dare... use a photo taken today!!!

3 - Our own JAMM baby girl is growing so fast.... have a look at those gorgeous everyday pics that Jenn posted on her blog!

4 - My YAYA Tanya answered my TAG

5 - MY YAYA-BUGS.. pic taken at the Mega crop... thanks Marlene!

6 - Katie finished her MAYA ROAD album... considering it was fallin apart when she was sanding the papers to it, I'd say it turned out absolutely wonderful..LMAO As if it wouldn't have....LOL Luvs ya girlie!

7 - Speaking of Katie she made it to the TOP 30 for the MM Idol Contest.... SO SO PROUD OF YOU HUN!!! Be sure to vote for her on Monday for the next round!!!!

8 - Thanks to my YAYAs for the bestest we missed you gift.... I had tears in my eyes when they gave me this and I am so wearing this up in Alert. Your hearts are pure gold and I love you guys more than you know!!! MMMWWWWAAAA
Wasn't that sweet??? Thanks Kare Bear for the pics....
9 - New Sketch from my friend Lucy
another great one my friend!!
10 - I am so pleased that my friend Nat scrapped this..... isn't it gorgeous?
11 - YAH Melly has been scrappin too.... I am so inspired!!
12 - Steph posted her latest creations... GORGEOUS!!!
Well that is it for now... I have to get my day started... happy reading!!


Lucy Chesna said...


I hope you feel better soon ((HUGS))

Kataroo said...

THanks for the shout out :) Glad to hear you are on the mend!!

Barb said...

What a GREAT list... you know how much I LOVE lists! :D
Great photos, great links, and an awesome sketch!