Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who needs to scrap when you have BIG FISH

BIG FISH games that is... LMAO

So I am a mahjong junkie to begin with and have really been getting somewhat tired of it lately. So yesturday I am on BIG FISH GAMES and come across this game called AZADA. It's a huge puzzle game that enables you to figure out mini puzzles to get past each chapter of this magical book that solves the grand puzzle. I am on Chapter 3 (I'm not too sure how many chapters there are to go) but I am loving it...LOL It's like opening up a huge variety puzzle book (which I love) and just going page to page. If you like puzzle games this one is good... kids and adults alike will enjoy it... now in saying that.. kindly let me remind you I have alot more kid in me than I do adult.. TEEHEE

So I guess I am seeing a puzzle scrap page in my future... lord knows I have to light this fire of creativity under my arse sooner or later... the stash is still looking the maybe if I cut up my patern paper and try to make it in a puzzle.. I'll find my mojo... (insert roll eyes right here)


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