Saturday, August 4, 2007

Harry Potter is weird/Let's talk Kits

So since my boy has been down I have taken an avid interest in Harry Potter. I mean I saw the first movie when it came out, thought it was ok and haven't seen any of the others. Well with this whole fiasco of the latest book coming out and the 5th movie in the theatres, I decided to try and take an interest in it again, as it doesn't only really intrigue Cody.. but my girls are also going nutso over it. I have come to the conclusion thay Mr HP is right weird....LOL I never was into fantasy, and never really got the intrigue in it... but these movies have really impressed me. The special effects are wonderful... and while I find myself all too many times wondering what just happened and having my 10 year old have to recap cause I can't get my mind wrapped around it, I would have to give it an absolute thumbs I have the first book and I think I just may indulge and see if I find it equally entertaining!!! LOL

That being said... I know that my YAYA Katie had been asking about kits and what ones were good. Well I do get quite a few of them and have been around the block here and there where kits are concerned... Here are few things I am expecting at my door this month... CAN'T WAIT!

Some Jenni Bowlin

Back Porch Memories

Tie One On


I know quite ridiculous isn't it...LOL But I rarely go to my LSS as I love coming home from a hard day at work and finding a box of goodies waiting for me!!! LOL I am a nut!

One of my FAVE sites to check out kits is actually the TOP 50 Kit site... All links are there and you can pick and choose! I am also a fan of Willow Traders, who has a listing of all kits, and some peoples reviews etc. Christina also does a Kit of the Month, and New Kit on the Block. Mondays are coys advertising days! My girl Lucy's site Memories from Scrap also lists all kind of kits. So check em out!

Here are some August kits from various companies out there!







You can imagine I am sure just how many are out there, and I could be here all day! LOL So if your looking into kits.... that's where you start. I change it up all the time so happy browsing... and now I attack the July kits that I have drooled over but haven't cut into yet!! LMAO


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barb said...

Great kits! Wow, you're making me re-think this whole "no kits for me!" thing. lol