Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh BOy What a week!

It was a rough week here in the Tops house... COUGH BARF WHINE.. need I say more? I was off for the better half of the week taking care... it was horrible.


Also a HUGE hug to MELLISA. Yesturday marked her dearly loved DD B-day as well. Sadly, she passed shortly after birth. I know she is blowing angel kisses to you everyday hun! Love to you and Kevin!

I also had a burst of energy yesturday too.... fever broke, so I spent the day cleaning and sorting my bedroom/scraproom. I still have a bit more work to do, but so far so good! I sorted all my things in little containers (thanks Katie, you totally inspired me)and have all my bins organized. I moved some stuff back into the basement and have decided I am going to work from a smaller stash, and switch it up every couple of months or so! Good way to use it up, and I'll feel like I just got some new stuff when I bring another load upstairs into the room. Hey man, it works for me k?? LOL

So not too much on the internet today (well truthfully I am not looking)! But here is a list of some things that interested me, and/or made me TEEHEE!

OMG LMAO.. I saw this and instantly thought of Katie! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, it's a toilet paper halloween costume!!!! Here is the link in case you are interested! LOL

Here is an awesome way to serve melon.. halloween style! LOL

I think this is too cool... check it out here!

Here are some instructions on how to make mini witches brooms... this looks like a fun craft!

EEEEEKKKKK.. I am so LOVING THESE! I wanna make one BAD! LOL

Here is a link to where she posted them.. I didn't scroll down or look around yet for the instructions! Hopefully there is some info there!

Wanna see a cool HALLOWEEN cocktail?? It's pretty gross looking! LOL

This one is called brain hemorrhage and there are links to some others! FUN HUH?? LOL

Hey TANYA.. this one is for you! Well maybe for Mellisa! LOL I found some sushi that she may eat!....WINK Check it out here!

Well that is it for now.. I want to get my room finished up and don't want to spend the whole day on the computer.. which if you know me is so easy to do! LOL

Oh one last thing... KATIE!!!! I must admit I sucked at this challenge thing this month.. turned out to be a crazy month! If I am gonna compete with you, I want to compete. I'm not even sure of you have done 1 LO either for these challenges! Would you like to defer it to November???? If you have done a lo then I'll still buy you lunch... but still want to compete for a SUPPER date?? LMAO Let me know girl!



Tanya said...

RACH...I so LOVE your internet finds!!! I am so going to try and make that sushi. And I am so doing a halloween party for Ab next year again..I love that melon brain.

Get better...I cannot have a sick girl at my house..I need you good and strong:)

luvs ya!

Stay funny said...

Welcome back darling! Thanks again for your internet little finds, love them!

have a wonderful week!

Kataroo said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm so where to go for lunch as I did do ONE LO :) LOL