Thursday, October 9, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

But not before I post some internet findings for my YAYA Steph...LOL

So I am heading off the Halifax in a few hours to see my bestest and dearest friend Karen. Karen and I have been friends for a very long time... and today is her B-day! She is also going thru a bit of a rough go, so after chatting with my hubby, he gave me his blessing to spend Thanksgiving with her! I am gonna miss being with my family (very much actually) but she is someone I'd miss my Thanksgiving weekend with my family for. That is how much I love her! So I'll be MIA for a while.... if I get the chance to blog then I will from Halifax.. just depends on what the schedule entails. I return next Wed!

Sadly I had to drop out of TD at Bad Girls. I have been insanely busy lately and had come to terms that this contest was creating me more stress than fun. So I made the decision to pull out and focus on what really matters. I am sad about it, as I was doing well, but felt a huge weight lifted when I made the decision.. so to me it was worth it. On a great note, Katie and Steph have moved on to the next round... GO GIRLS! It'd be awesome if one of my YAYA's was crowned!

I have a couple hours to do some internet surfing.. and here is what I have found!

Check out this cool needle felt book from Nina Makes blog. Can you see this being a cover to a scrapbook? Here is the link to her post!

Here is an awesome template to make a paper house! Compliments of Mike Wilson!

Have you ever wanted to recover a lampshade? I have one in my bedroom that I'd love to do. Check out this post by Reese Dixon.

OH WOW.. check out these cute little Xmas sweater ornaments... I LOVE THESE!

I am gonna try to make these! Aren't they amazing????

OK KATIE this one is for you..... check out this paper/bead necklace! TRES CUTE.. and I think it'd make a great stocking stuffer.. HINT HINT! LOL Be sure to check out the blog Folding Trees as well!

So my girls need to have their school shoes and their extra set of clothes in their cubbies in their classroom at all times. I came across this little bag and I thought what a great thing to make for this. I have so many pieces of fabric that could to be used for this. Check the pattern out at Pink Penguin Blog!

Speaking of fabric.. have you ever seen a PATCHWORK WREATH?? Imagine this with Xmas fabrics....

Okay readers this is all I have time for today! But I have tons of links bookmarked for future posts.... Hugs and wish me a smooth flight! LOL


OH .. one last thing! I had a dream about my MCYUMMY last night. I am watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy! Just wanted the whole world to know that my George was everything that I had hoped for!!! What an amazing kisser! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Stay funny said...

Thanks RACH!!!!!!
What agreat treat just before leaving for Halifax! Be safe but have loads of FUN!!!!! Tak to you once you get back!

Kataroo said...

eee so many yummies