Thursday, October 2, 2008



For the entire month of October, Lifetime Moments is hosting what is called SCRAPTOBERFEST!

The idea is to do a LO a day for the entire 31 days of Oct. You do not have to do the LO's on that specific day (thank goodness or I'd never play), but must have them all completed by the 31st Oct. These LO's are challenged based, (simple simple challenges)!

So I was chatting with my gal MISS KATIE, and decided I was going to challenge her... (let's be honest.. it's just motivation to get me to scrap Besides, Katie and I have this fun competitive thingie going on, one in which makes me really push my creativity. So why the hell not give this a go!

On the table..... THE WINNER get to be taken to a nice restaurant for a nice lunch paid for by the LOSER!!!! If we both do all 31, then, we still go out to lunch and have to surprise the other with a little something something to say congrats!

So my fine scrappy friend.. do you accept this challenge.. or are you chicken shit???? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Only time will tell!

First challenge is to use stars... second one will be posted soon!



Kataroo said...

you TURD!!!!!! I have to get busy!!!! mmmmm what restaurant would i like.....maybe a little fusion Thai???

Kataroo said...

oh and don't forget I challenged you back, you have to update your blog at least twice a week!!!

Anonymous said...

yes you have to update your blog cause I always come by to read it!!! LOL!!!\\


ania said...

Being a real Bad Girl are we uh?? LOL :D 31 layouts in 31 days, hm, good luck you both haha :D

Stay funny said...

mmmm can't wait to see the 31 layouts! FYI - thanks for not including me on this... I 'm really not sure where I would have find the time to make them!
HUGS... call me in saturday morning! Coffee or not!

barb said...

Oh, I am totally ROFL with this one. Rach, you are such a TRASH TALKER! I'm certain your Mom didn't raise you like that! *gasp*

Good luck to the two of you. No matter who finishes the challenge, we blog readers are the winners because there will be LOTSA eye-candy for us to drool over when you post your LOs. :D