Friday, October 10, 2008


Well I arrived safe and sound, but not without adventure... COME ON... this is me we are talking about.. I am always having things happen to me...LMAO

So the flight was off to a rocky start. I must admit I am not the best flyer, but for the first 20 minutes of the flight it was quite bumpy. My stomach felt like it was almost in my throat and my adrenaline was just a pumping! Once we got thru the clouds we were fine though... and I settled in with my People Magazine. Well I was about a quarter of the way thru when I noticed that some people were standing in the isles and the flight attendants were rushing back and forth. Then they asked that if there was any medical staff on board, to please raise their hands. For the record.. this has happened to me before on a flight to BC.

I raised my hand and was brought over to this lady who had not only vomited all over herself, but was looking rather ashen. I took her pulse and a history and it turned out she had a siezure on the plane. I told the attendants to get their O2, and their med bags for me. Well she was what we medical people call post-ictal (post seizure) which leaves then very tired and drained. I got a heart monitor on her, and stayed with her for the remainder of the flight. I had to give the report to the paramedics (we were the first to leave the plane), and off she went to the hospital! I was on the phone with the medical staff on ground during the entire flight too.. so that calmed my nerves... nothing like feeling helpless due to the fact that you cannot go anywhere. I was asked if I thought the flight should make an emergency landing by the med staff and I said truthfully no. She was okay.. just a lil out of it! I would of like to have had some kind of contact to see how she is today. I hate that!

So yes.. never a dull moment for me huh?? LOL

Then after I was done with the paramedics.. I took out my B-day wrapping paper to wrap myself up in for my girlfriend Karen's B-day (I was her Here I am coming down the escalator looking like a total arse.. (SHUT UP KATIE).. everyone is staring at me and smiling.. I smiled back. Well I am looking and looking and cannot find Karen anywhere!! SHIT! Not only do I look like a fool in this bright pink kitty wrapping paper.. but my freaking BFF is no where to be found! EEEEEKKKKK! So I walk around for about 5 min.. until I hear her voice yell RACHEL ANN! BAHAHAHAHAHA! She was sitting the entire time somewhere else thinking I was coming down a different escalator... LOL I look at her and told her politely to please tear opened her present so people can stop looking at me funny! LMAO She had a good chuckle at my expense! BIOTCH!

Off we go for a nice steak dinner out to celebrate my arrival and her B-day! IT WAS YUMMILICIOUS!

We head on to her place which is on the base here in a suburb just outside of Halifax called Shearwater. In I go and her babies (her dogs) jump me at the door full of hair and kisses! We chat for a bit.. enjoy a glass of wine... and then she gets a call from a family member. Well she has this gorgeous chocolate brown suede couch in her living room, that has this plastic sheet on it! I am thinking it for the dogs, so they don't get hair all over her couch in the event that they jump up.. MY BAD! I sit down where I proceed to feel all these little needle like shocks all over my ASS! I am screaming OUCH OUCH and jump off and then Karen almost pisses her pants LHAO at my expense... well that plastic sheet that I thought was a protective cover.. is a protective cover that delivers shocks to the dogs when they jump on her expensive couch.... I GOT MY ASS ZAPPED LIKE I WAS A DOG!!!! OMG the tears flowing off our faces from laughing was too much! LOL I am typing this LMAO!

So half a day in Halifax and I am already full of the stories.. LOL Karen has to work today.. so I get to chill out for the day! Then tonight I am gonna make my spaghetti squash lazagna and pick up a bottle of red... SIGH!!! Tomorrow we are going for a drive.. I'll be sure to post more about my adventures. I forgot how the two of us together always equals to some funnies! LOL



Kataroo said...

I am so proud of you!! I love when you do your thing girl!! I would truly love to see you in your element one day. ok and I laughed so hard at you getting your arse zapped!!

Stay funny said...

wow Rach... good thing you were on the plane!

same here! The Arse zaper made me really laugh!!!!

Enjoy your w-end!
Hugs Sxx

barb said...

Oh wow, never a dull moment for you! This kind of stuff happens to my friend who's a nurse... follows her EVERYwhere, the last time being on vacation, visiting a winery, taking a cooking class... and another tourist collapses for no apparent reason in the winery. Yikes. The woman was okay in the end, but geesh, my friend missed the better part of her cooking class! :S

Anyway, kudos to you for remaining calm and lending a hand. :)

Happy birthday to your friend! Have a good time in Halifax!