Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last Day in Halifax

Well today is my last day with Karen here in Halifax! SIGH! I am having an awesome time here, but I am a tad homesick already. I miss my kids and my hubby! YA... I miss the YAYAs too! LOL Oh and I better say I miss my mom before she jumps thru the computer and kicks me arse! LOL

Today we plan on going down to the Halifax Harbor Front to take in the action.. if there is any, and shop around the little shops around there!

Yesturday we had a nice turkey dinner, and Karen's friend Carla came over with her son Jacob. Jacob had to be the funniest 8 y/o I have ever met... they are true Newfies! Everything from the personality to the speech was hard core Newfie.... and OMG SO MUCH FUN FUN FUN! LOL

Sunday Karen and I went shopping locally for odds and ends, and then headed down to Peggy's Cove, and took a nice drive along the coast again (a different coast then the day before..LOL)

Here are some pics of Peggy's Cove.

From the edge of Peggy's Cove villiage

What a gorgeous day to do this.

Karen by one of the massive rocks.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse.

Gorgeous texture of the water and seaweed.

Karen taking in the rays.. Isn't she gorgeous?

One of the many breathtaking sights.

There were a bunch of kids all decked in colour jumping across the rocks. It looked so cool against the taupe/brown colours!

The terrain just before the actual coastal rocks.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic!

Peggy's Cove villiage.

The last time I was at Peggy's cove was three weeks prior to the Swiss Air Flight 111 crash. I remember hearing about it on the news, and getting chills as the camera panned across areas and rocks I had just stood on. The military (more so our Navy) had really taken a front line to the recovery of bodies and plane pieces. There are still many sailors and soldiers that have trouble digesting all these images that they had to deal with. I just couldn't imagine!

Here is a report from Wikepedia that pretty much has all the details about this crash! The whole story is heart wrenching. SWISS AIR FLIGHT 111

Here are pictures of the Memorial at Peggy's Cove (which was less than a km down the coast from the lighthouse). If you have read the article then you'll know that there are two memorials. The other one is at Bayswater, across the water, and this had all the passengers names. These pictures are from the memorial at Peggy's Cove!

The construction was brilliantly made.

When you come across the memorial (a couple of pics down) you'll see the way this was constructed. The memorials were triangulated to each other and the crash sight. When you look out at the horizon from the line of the memorial, that is where the crash had occured.. directly to the left was the second memorial. I was beyond impressed with the sheer physics os this.

From the memorial site.. that lighthouse is Peggy's Cove less than a km down the road.


This is the tip of the triangle from the first memorial. Follow both rocks at their angles and there you have the crash site and the other memorial.

Karen I thought maybe these three markings were the emblem of Swiss Air? We couldn't be sure.. but people wished upon it regardless.

Beautiful! This was at the entrance of the memorial!

As you can see it's absolutely breathtaking and I think these memorials did the families of the deceased proud. It was haunting being there!

Well that is about all for now... I have to go take my shower and wait for Karen to return (she had to go into work this am), so that we can get going and start our last day together!



Stay funny said...

One other great day in NS! I'm so happy that you girls also enjoyed the amazing views of the coast!

Miss ya losty and hope you have asafe way back home!

Kataroo said...

your pictures are breath taking, you've really captured the feeling of being there :)

ania said...

This looks so great - beautiful and serene!

barb said...

Such wonderful pictures... all the touristy shots and the ones of the memorial to SwissAir 111. Thanks for sharing!

And really, I'm thinking it's been waaaaaaay too long since we've met for coffee or whatever. Miss ya lots!

Mellisa said...

After super quick glances, I am finally able to spend more time on your blog and catch up.

First and foremost ... WOOT WOOT Madame Medic. How awesome that you were able to help out on the plane like that. I can visualize you jumping into action. Thankfully it was 'only' a seizure and nothing more like a heart attack or stroke. I'm so proud!

Looks like you have a great time in Halifax. I am glad you were able to have a mini vacay that wasnt training related. Nova Scotia is beyond gorgeous ... I wish we had spent more time there when we went. Your pictures are beautiful. You captured the essence of NS well.

HUGS & <3

Marlene said...

Looks like you had a really nice time with you friend in Halifax Rachel. Your pictures are awesome - brings back memories of the time we have spent there. It is such a gorgeous city!