Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Little Drive around the Coast

Well I am now on my third day here in Halifax and I have not been disappointed at all. The weather has been absolutely scrumptious!

Yesturday, Karen and I took a drive up to Antigonish to this awesome little pottery store. Gorgeous handmade items. She is collecting an entire kitchen ensemble from them and I was astonished at the amount of moula she spent...LOL I was a cheapo and only bought the matching napkin ring holders for her collection as her B-day gift (4 rings cost me 25 I was gonna get me a huge mug but they didn't have any ready to sell yet... so I'll smooze Kare and see if she'd get me hooked up when they are ready! LOL

We took a gorgeous coastal drive after wards too and here are some pics that came out of that!

Oh before I post the coast pics... here is a funny one we took at the side of the highway... I have been to the North Pole.. and now I have been to the halfway mark.... where do you think I should go next to make this a complete experience??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

So we drove to Cape George which is a gorgeous point on the NS coast. Has an awesome lighthouse and the views were spectacular! Here are some pics that we took!

Some small little village on the coast!

The sweet sweet smell of salt air.. YUM!

Karen and I

Can you see the tiny sailboat behind me? LOL

Cape George Lighthouse

Karen taking in the scenery

Karen and I at her uncles house... It's been way too long since we have taken a pic together... Last time I was a lot skinnier! LOL Yes Kare.. you are a skinny biotch! LUVS YA!

We stopped for dinner in New Glascow NS, in this cute little pub. Had a drink and some fish for supper. Was very yummy. Chatted each others ears off for the entire 2 hour ride home. When we walked into the door at her place... shit hittith the fan. Her dog Jedi was a very very naughty pooch! He had eaten part of the uncooked turkey we had defrosting in the sink (we still don't know just how he got it out), and then ate a whole pack of expresso coffee beans.... well they didn't agree with him cuz next room there were 5 piles of doggie barf. May I add that they were 5 piles of coffee beans....LOL NOT DIGESTED! EEEEWWWWWWEEEEEEE. He didn't chew the damn things! He was a tad hyper last night while we were watching a movie.. HHHMMM I wonder why??? BAHAHAHAHAHA Always an adventure!

Today we are heading to Peggy's Cove. I'll post about that tomorrow if I get the chance!

HUgs to my babies... Mommy misses you.. and hugs to Johnny T! Glad you had a good time at moms!



Anonymous said...

Glad you are having such a great time and that Karen is doing some laughing!!! Good medicine to heal your soul!!! Love your pics!!! Isn't it beautiful over there!!! Bad dog!!!! Only you eh Rachel!!!! You still have 4 days left so enjoy to the fullest!!!


Diva Loca said...

ha ha ha - i would LOVE to see a dog on espresso!!! ha ha ha

i bet you secretly fed it to the dog - just to have another silly story!!!

keep having fun!


Tanya said...

hey Rach...we have a halfway sign like that about 30 mins from the house here. Looks beautiful out there..have a great time!

barb said...

Glad you're having a great time... love your pics... it makes me a wee bit homesick, but my mom and dad were here for a bit this weekend, so my yearning for NS isn't as strong as it normally would be. Hey, enjoy the rest of your visit! :)

Kataroo said...

looks like a blast man!!!

Stay funny said...

ohhhhh it looks like your having loads of fun!!! Enjoy your time and come back home safe! Big hugs sxx

scrap.girl said...

I finally found my long lost sister!!! hey MaMa.....I miss ya, I checked into BG yesterday, and read a message from wendy. Sorry I have'nt been around. But I can explain!!! Wendy told me about you're grandma and I'm so sorry, I'm glad though that she was able to have some time with her great Granddaughters! I'm gonna blow up the BG message boards later on tonight, I miss ya, and I'll ttyl....that is if you ever leave the north pole....Santa might not let you ;)
Love Ya,