Monday, January 17, 2011

Tsk Tsk and a love of READING

I say to myself for not blogging .....tsk tsk .... LOL  I do not want to get into that habit once again!  It SUCKS!

So I admit I haven't been all that creative the past few days ... I had a couple of bad days in mind and soul and decided to lock myself in a room curled up with a novel.  Not much internet, just indulging in some good reading!

So if we are friends, you know that my love of books is vast ... !  I have a tad bit of an addiction, and yes I have tried the library and I hate it .. LOL I hate waiting ... when I decide it's time to read something I want it then and there!  LOL!

So I thought today post could be a quick share of what is on my nightstand (Tojo and ZipZap these will be heading your way soon if you want them)

I have a fondness of HOT SEXY PARANORMAL ROMANCE series.  They are in abundance out there, and I do partake!  I am currently reading a few of these series (yes all at once .. I have books laying all over the house  and I love that while the general outline may be similar, the story and the common characteristics of paranormal creatures are totally different.  Vampires, werewolves, demons, fairies, elfs, gouls, etc.. they are all differently portrayed in these novels.  I love how each author has their own spin!

I just started the 5th book of the Midnight Breed Series from Lara Adrien called "Veil of Midnight"
so far so good!

I am also indulging in my first ever shape shifter series, Feral Warriors by Pamela Palmer ... the first two books were page turners and I am now into the 3rd book called "Passion Untamed"  Another page turner me thinks .. LOL

Another Series that I just got into is the Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole .. I have maybe 50 pages left of the first book called "A Hunger Like No Other" and then I am going to dive into "No Rest for the Wicked"
I did start this series with the anthology that Kresley Cole wrote with two other authors.  It is a prequel to this series (which is now at 10 books), and I loved having that little extra insights to the story line. LOL

So ... yes I do love my smut, but it isn't all I read!  I love to curl up with some other kinds of books too .. be it non fiction, bios, or anything else!  I have on the go and tend to read by chapter is "The Autobiography of Henry VIII : with notes from his fool Wil Somers" !  I am a huge fan of this era, and I am fascinated with this King.  So much in fact, that I have a few more books in the wings waiting to come out (will share those on another post)!

My daughter Alexa and I have been enjoying Paranormal State on A&E.  I know some might think that she is too young for it .. but her mind really blows me away at times... she asks the smartest questions, and can relay back the storyline in a way that I may not have even thought of.  So, watching all of these episodes has be interested in the cast.  Ryan Buel is the founder of the paranormal society that is featured on this show and had recently released a book about his life dealing with the paranormal, his team and the cases they have dealt with!  So I had to get it .... WINK!  So looking forward to diving in!

My hubs and I loved the series The Pacific.  As we both have a strong military background, we also have a strong appreciation of the stories that are told with regards to war.  One that struck us in particular, is the soldier named Robert Leckie.  Robert was a journalist before Pearl Harbor was bombed, and quickly enlisted shortly there after.  He is a featured member in the series "The Pacific", and after the war went on to continue with his journalism.  He has written many books, accounting for his story as a soldier.  I have just picked up my first one called "Helmet for My Pillow". This story is rich .. that is the best way I can explain it!  When you read an authors up front and personal experience, especially over something you yourself are passionate about, you feel like in someway you are connected.  Reading his trials through his basic training have made me smirk, and the playful nature that one can have with a fellow soldier made me smile ... I almost wish that this story doesn't go where I know it does, because it's ugly!  What a brave man, to not just share but to be so vivid in description!   I am half way thru (and have been that way for the past couple of weeks), and can't fully commit to the book, because for me it is heavy!  I do recommend though!!!!!!!!

So there is my post for today ... I think I should do some book reviews on some books/series that I have read ... there are some great books out there and I know I am just scrapping the surface!




Kataroo said...

ZIP ZAP!!!! I clicked on the link to see who that was...LOL Nice:) :) :) I remember that :)

HeidiD said...

Hey, another series you should try is by Kelley Armstrong! She is Canadian and her Otherworld series is fantastic! The first book is called Bitten ,definitely addicting LOL. I know what you mean about reading, sometimes I will read all day, "in the zone", if you know what I mean ;)

Anonymous said...

i read bitten and really liked it! i just downloaded the second book in the series!