Friday, January 7, 2011

A Quick Post and a Sneek Peek for Tojo

Just a quick post today!  I have been creating, but at a slower rate.  I think I may have a mild case of Fifth's, and it's attacking my hands and wrists.  I have had a mild fever all week, but it's the swelling in my hands that are driving me batty.  If I type too much or craft too long I tend to feel it!  Thank goodness for Advil is all I have to say!  LOL  Hopefully I will be able to share some LO's and more art journal work by the end of the weekend!

I did want to post a little sneek peek og my TOJO's Xmas gift for her.  All handmade (which in itself, is amazing I accomplished ... zip it Tojo!  LOL)  Her scrap room has a black and white modern look, which I love, so I made something that will match it and be useful to her! You'll get it in your hot little hands next time I see you .. likely  in just over a week's time!  WINK!  Enjoy sweets!

That should keep ya guessing love ... enjoy your week! :)


1 comment:

Kataroo said...

I think I know what it is :) A box of farts? am I right?